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Please take note of our good conduct guide, these aren’t a set of rules as such, just a way of behaving that makes this a great place for everyone.

Be nice

Being civil and polite is simple. And remember, not everyone has experience in this kind of group so please don’t be offended by things people say. Sometimes it’s hard to say what you mean, especially if you aren’t good at spelling, grammar or if English isn’t your first language.

Remember, everyone’s opinion is valid, even if it’s different to your’s. If you have a problem with something someone is saying then you can either deal with it in private or report it to a moderator.

Stay on topic

This is a forum for women who have gynaecological problems and who may, or may not have a hysterectomy. They may also have other types of surgery as well. As a result there are some topics are extremely popular and visited by lots of members; others are less popular because the issues raised affect fewer people. Don’t be discouraged if your topic doesn’t get many replies; having one or two that are highly relevant, is better than several dozen that are off-topic.

With that in mind, make sure you pick your forum area carefully and, if you want to have a topic completely unrelated to women’s health, use the Gossip Central forum – it was created for exactly this reason.

Be kind to newcomers

We’ve all been the Newbie, who isn’t familiar with the way things work, who may ask the same questions everyone else has, they may even ask the wrong questions, and they may be stating what’s now become obvious to you. It helps to remember what it was like for you when you started on your hysterectomy journey and be kind. So, whilst you don’t have to suffer anyone gladly, it is OK to help them by pointing out existing information in a helpful way.

Read the rules

We don’t have many rules, so it’s worth remembering we do enforce them … you can read them in our Forums Terms and Conditions page.

Report spam

Every topic and reply has a Spam button, you can use this to highlight a topic or reply that breaks the forums rules or is, indeed, posted by a spammer or a troll. The things to pay attention to are spam, advertising inappropriate items, trolling or discrimination. Please don’t use this to report things like topics in the wrong forum, you can just mention that as a reply to the topic.

Spam and trolling are a blight we face on a daily basis and it would be fair to say that no-one likes it. Despite our best efforts, you may occasionally see spam on these forums. Examples of spam might be people selling kitchens, gibberish or posts with lots of external links in them. Don’t engage and especially don’t feed the trolls. If you see spam, rather than try to deal with it yourself, mark it as Spam for the moderators to deal with.

Stuck? Search for answers

We’ve had lots of women (and some men) on our forums over the years and that means many topics have been covered before. If you have a question, it’s a good idea to see if you can find what else has been said first.

You can find the Search box on the home page of the forums here:

Avoid bringing old topics back to life

When we moved the forums from their old home to their new we moved over 250,000 topics. The reason for this is because they contain lots of useful information that can help our members. But, it’s like the person who started the topic and those who replied have now moved on with their lives and aren’t active. Whilst a new reply will appear in the activity stream and also on the right hand side ‘recent topics’ area, it’s rarely helpful to revive the topic itself with new information.

For topics where the last reply was more than 6 months ago that you think is relevant, start a new topic and link it back to the original ‘for information’.

How much is too much?

Few of us have the concentration span to read reams of text on a screen and, whilst you may have a story to tell, it may be better in our Your Stories blog posts than on the forums. Concise is usually better, and if you stick to one issue then more people will be able to help you. Trying to cover everything all in one long topic makes it difficult for other members to pick out the most important parts.


You are welcome to upload a profile image and a cover image. However, if images are too large they will clog up our servers very quickly, slowing everything down. So keep the file sizes small. If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can find more information online here:

You can also use a service called (run by the lovely people at WordPress) and add a profile photo to your email address instead.

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