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    Hi all,

    I had a LAVH on 20th Nov last year and am now over 4 months po. Healing and recovery went well and I am definitely feeling the benefits. I kept my ovaries and have had a few symptoms but nothing too bad.

    I’m struggling now though with my belly / lower abdomen. I knew to expect ‘swelly belly’ but does it get painful? I’ve had a busy time with work over the last while and the pain has got worse with that. I’m pretty shattered and feel myself reverting back to the bent over posture I have for the first few weeks post op. I definitely have some ovary pain, but am feeling a lot of discomfort in the general area and sneezing is super painful. I also still have some discharge which is a bit smelly (like there’s blood in it) but there’s no redness. I’m thinking that I’m doing too much and need to stop a bit, but also slightly worried in case something’s a bit wrong. Anyone else have this / feel like this? Would be so grateful of any advice.

    Thank you,




    Hi Ruby,

    4 months post up is still early days, as I’m discovering! I’m just over 3 months and haven’t even been able to go back to work yet. Maybe you’ve been overdoing it, as you say you’ve been busy at work.
    Also possibly you have an infection if you have some smelly discharge, I would definately see your gp asap and try to slow down a bit. I know it’s so frustrating, I thought I’d be back to normal by now!
    Best wishes



    Hi Rubycat, I think I remember you from November group 😀 I’m also 4 months post op.
    It does sound like you may have overdone it if the pain has developed recently? I have had on and off heavy dragging sensations since getting back on my feet really, it comes on at the end of each day when I am tired but generally resets itself with rest overnight so I am fine in the mornings. It’s not sharp pain at all just an aching heavy feeling above the wound. I agree with Clare that you should go to the doc and get yourself checked out just to be sure. In the meantime, take it easy, rest seems to be the best medicine for this recovery phase we are in xx



    Hi RubyCat

    I was a November lady too! TAH+BSO.

    I seem have had a few steps forward and a few steps backwards in my recovery tbh. Four weeks ago my scar started to open and bleed in a few places (not smelling though) and didn’t seem to be healing properly. It turned out I had a infection and ended having two different lots of antibiotics. Thankfully it’s looking much better now. I agree it’s a slow process and yes, very frustrating!
    I get very uncomfortable and a (more) swelly belly in the afternoon / evening especially if I’ve had a busy morning. I’m planning on going back to work in 2 weeks time on a phased return but wonder how I’m going to cope!
    If things are getting worse and you’re still having discharge I’d definitely get it checked out in case of infection.
    As Clare and Louise say we need to take things slowly and rest up, but sometimes it’s easier sad than done.
    Take care all x



    Hi all,

    Thanks very much for replying, you have put my mind at ease a bit and I will def go to the docs as soon as I can get an appointment.

    Fizzier and Louise I’m glad you’re both doing ok, although Fizzer it sounds like you’ve had a rough time with your scar, I hope that keeps healing and getting better and going back to work isn’t too awful for you. I went back far too early but luckily then had a break over Christmas to rest again.

    I felt a bit bad coming back to the forum so far after op, but really glad I did. Really comforting. Thank you, and Clare, I hope your recovery continues well.

    Ruby x



    It definitely helps to share experiences doesn’t it . And to be honest, I’ve stayed on the forum the whole time, partly because my recovery was so delayed and painful ( I had a wound infection which required second surgery a week after the first and then had to live with an open wound for eight weeks while it all healed up naturally!😳) and so it was useful to still share with others the ups and downs of life. It was hearing from others on the forum that made me realise that I was definitely suffering menopause symptoms even though I hoped not to (one ovary left behind but obviously failed) so eventually went to GP for HRT which has transformed how I feel and definitely speeded up the recovery after such a slow start.
    Do let us know how you get on at GP and have a restful weekend x



    Oh no Louise, that sounds pretty tough going. I hope you’re feeling a bit better now and can start getting back to normal where you can.

    I’m going to go back over some of the old posts and see how everyone has been getting on too. Take care,

    Ruby x



    Hi everyone,

    I also had my op in November, 27th. I certainly know when I’ve done too much, it’s frustratingly not that much either! I especially feel it in my back. Fatigue and lack of stamina still an issue but I have noticed an improvement albeit slow.

    Here’s to our ongoing recovery ladies.

    Keep smiling.




    Hi ladies,
    It’s so nice to hear other people are also recovering slowly ( or maybe normally!)
    After reading leaflets and other information, saying that basically you’re back to normal life after 6 weeks, was very frustrating, when you’re no where near! Also having it laparoscopically, people assume you recover that much quicker.
    I’m finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!😂 and it will be worth it eventually!
    Anyone watch emmerdale? One of the characters has had a hysterectomy and gone back to work after 5 weeks, as a vet, driving carrying heavy bags… with me ranting at the tv!😂😂
    We will get there eventually! Xx



    Hi Rubycat, just wondered how you’re doing now and whether the symptoms all settled down a bit? Did you get to the GP ?
    I did my longest car journey since the op ( 5 hours down to Devon) yesterday and boy did I know it ! Tummy was hard and balloon like last night 😳 not good. Has settled a lot overnight but think I will be taking it very easy the next couple of days. Why does this happen? What causes the swelling and discomfort so long after the op ? I wish I knew. And when it will stop happening……
    Anyway happy Easter all, enjoy the sun ☀️



    Hi Louise,

    I haven’t managed to get a docs appointment yet- have to wait another week- it’s so hard to get an appt here!

    My aching is feeling a bit better as I’ve really rested over the last week. I’ve been feeling absolutely exhausted and slept so much, I’m actually worried about going back to work after Easter as I still feel just wiped out. I think I’ll take some iron and see if it helps.

    I was a wee bit niggled thinking I might have a hernia as I had terrible constipation after my op, and I have IBS anyway so bowel function is an issue anyway. Does anyone know anything about this? I’ll be asking to doctor when I go, but am feeling a bit anxious.

    Hope you all manage to have a lovely Easter- Vickie, good to hear from you too- I think I definitely forgot that the internal healing from LAVH is still pretty significant and have done far too much too soon! Learning my lesson slowly.

    Take care everyone- chocolate is good for us!

    Ruby xx



    Hi all, hope you had a good Easter weekend. I’m pretty fed up and weepy at the moment. Didn’t want to post on the March and April groups as they are all doing so well and are so positive and bouncing back fast. Hoping you ladies that are a bit further down the line might have some words of wisdom for me.
    This last week or so, I’ve gone back to my tummy being really swollen and uncomfortable if I do pretty much anything other than lie down. It feels like such a step backwards as I was doing ok (despite the really slow recovery I have had). I was up to about 5000 steps a day and was coping with a day in the office although very tired and back aching like mad by the end of it.
    Now I feel like I’ve reverted to about 2 months post op rather than 5 months. The tummy does go down overnight each time but rapidly swells again next day if I get up and spend any time on my feet or sitting upright at a desk or in a car. Can this still just be the healing process or is something more sinister going on ? One ovary was left behind but was severely impacted as it had a large cyst on it which had to be removed, I’m worried maybe that the ovary is misbehaving in there. There’s no acute pain and no other symptoms, just discomfort and swelling.
    Or have I just got to be patient and accept that I am a real slowcoach when it comes to getting back to pre-op fitness and ability ? My husband has been a total hero throughout these long 5 months but we can’t carry on indefinitely with me being as pathetic as I feel right now.
    I know the answer is probably to go to the GP or the consultant to ask some questions, but I just don’t want them to look at me like I’m making a fuss or making it up. I’ve been a nightmare patient – although caused by the wound infection rather than anything I did or didn’t do.
    Anyway, hope you are all plodding along and doing better these days xx



    Aw Louise, I’m so sorry you’re feeling rubbish and I completely sympathise. You’re not making a fuss in the slightest, it’s really hard, and I think more so at this stage as we feel like we should be better and healed. You, in particular have had a really tough recovery so you need to be kind to yourself and know it’s ok to stop and rest.

    I’m also having a really swollen belly. I had LAVH and a good recovery, which was really lucky, but I’m definitely still healing. As a kind of guide to myself I can still see the mark where the canula went in the back of my hand, and I think if I can still see one small needle mark, what must it be like inside!

    I am really reluctant to go to the GP, partly because it feels like a step back and partly because my GP was so absolutely useless with any kind of help or diagnosis that I ended up going private. I still feel mad about it.

    I’m having pain. I kept both ovaries but they are playing up. I have ovary pain, mild bladder issues (a bit of incontinence that is a bit of a shocker I have to say). And some hormonal stuff including a nasty case of spots! Feel like a teenager. Also some stomach issues but don’t know if that’s connected.

    Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, you’re not alone in struggling. I’m so sorry you’re having a bad time. Please be kind to yourself and allow yourself to rest. I don’t know if you’ve tried homeopathic remedies at all, but they have massively helped my healing and I’m going to try them again to help with this phase of recovery.

    Thinking of you and hoping things improve,

    Ruby x



    Hi Louise
    I do really understand how you feel. I’m 15 weeks post lavh and had no complications post op such as infection and I’m still finding it difficult at times.
    Not pain as such, more discomfort and swollen belly. I still haven’t gone back to work , fortunately with sick leave and annual leave I’ve got another 3 weeks but the time goes past a lot quicker than my recovery!
    The longest car journey I’ve done is 1 and a half hours, 5 hours would definately be challenging!
    I don’t know if it will help you, but i purchased a stomach support belt from Amazon last week and it has helped me do a bit more. I actually mowed the lawn and did some gardening on Monday, which i was ecstatic about!! Might be worth a try?
    Sounds like you had a difficult recovery and infection will set you back weeks, I’ve just found it frustrating, as, following the general recovery guide,that 6 weeks you generally are back to normal activities. I used to swim 40 lengths before,i tried going at 8 weeks, which put me back about 4 weeks with pain and I’m apprehensive to go for a while yet.
    Apologies for rambling on but just wanted to let you know you’re not on your own.
    I’ve resigned myself to 6 months to a year for a full recovery. Menopause symptoms are also a challenge, I’m sure it will all be worth it in the long run!
    Take care and keep posting, it definately helps to share.
    Clare xx



    Hi Ladies,

    Louise, just wanted to say you have helped me loads! I like the fact that you are honest in your posts. I was late into the March forum so didn’t build a rapor with them and obviously it’s early days for the April ladies, A lot of them are doing really well which is brilliant but I think initially people are relieved that the surgery is over. Some of them probably will come across problems.

    For me, although I don’t like to admit it the whole process is worse than I expected and I’ve been pretty much lucky apart from my UTI,s. My reason is because it’s so much slower than I thought it would be. I know I’m only week 5 but I have a long long way to go. My husband still does nearly everything. I do a little meal prep and get around the house, potter a little. I can walk for quite a while. But real life is a long way away. So for me…even though I’m upset for you it’s a relief to hear about someone else’s struggles. I can see this is a 6 month rather than 6 week process.

    My positive from this is I have immense respect for my husband who has more than shown his love for me throughout this. I’m no expert and I guess it could be that blighted ovary causing you issues….there’s no harm in seeing someone. But my guess is that the combination of work and trying to increase your steps has just been too much at this stage. I’m sure if you look back you have made massive progress. Maybe you just need to ease off and accept that just being back at work is enough? You did have a tough time with that infection after all xx My mum who is a strong as an Ox and had this op years ago said it was a year before she felt herself again.

    Lots of love and keep posting😉🤓



    Hi Ruby, Clare and Mabelblu, I knew you ladies would pick me up and dust me down. Thank you so so much for all your supportive words and thoughts. I’m feeling more positive today (generally start out ok in the mornings) and I shall take on board your suggestions and hang in there. It’s so good to know we’re not alone in this long journey.
    I knew I would be giving up spin classes and energetic things like that for a good long time but I did expect to be back to brisk walking, gentle swimming and a little Pilates by now. It’s so frustrating to find anything more than gentle walking and some pelvic floor exercises is still a challenge. But you’re right that I am a whole lot further on than I was in January so I guess it’s all about adjusting the expectations again and having more realistic goals.
    I’ll keep an eye on things for the next few days now I’m back home again, and hopefully see the GP next week. It will be my 3 month HRT review at that point anyway. That bit has at least worked for me, menopause symptoms eased off completely once I started the HRT tablets.
    Thanks again for the support, hope your symptoms each settle down too and let’s definitely keep in touch xx



    Hello ladies, so good to have this forum. I’m a tearful mess this morning and it’s so reassuring to know not alone. woke up and thought really need to use forum. Such a relief to see names I know. Hi Louise and Rubycat xxx sending hugs

    I was December, all was a breeze op and recovery wise. I’m a hormonal tearful mess now though. Hrt is working ( both ovaries came out too) ,no flushes or such like but I am definitely different. My patience levels are zero and I’m a weepy lunatic. Annoyed too as despite being back exercising and watching intake in not losing an ounce of weight.

    Fed up with random swelling belly which is back with a vengeance this weekend. I’ve been back training, back up to 2k swims and 20miles on bike. Do simple 5k walk yesterday and belly kicks in. For me it’s my right side kinda near where ovary was I guess. Gets sore then back pain kicks in too. only option then is to rest and let it recover. Been seeing physio who says it’s all just stomach muscles. Left side all fine and external scar all good but right side is getting me down. Have to admit right side was where I used to suffer hip and lower back pain pre surgery ( and long before knew had flipping huge fibroids which looking back probably been causing symptoms for years) . I suspect that side was maybe a bit more sticky so more scar tissue but just so fed up. Need to be outside and exercising to stay calm.

    Being 4 months in I feel others think you should be back to normal as look normal, back at work, having a life. Then they ask how long will it take? They just don’t understand. Swimming coach understands, physio understands, partner gets it but most others just dont. I’m due to do charity cycle ride in a month’s time, I’ll be gutted if belly decided that weekend to be on bad behaviour. Just want to be back to normal again.

    On the positive side though I feel so much better as no longer anaemic. Cycle rides used to kick off all sorts of issues as exertion caused bleeding. I can breathe better as have more space in diaphragm. Feel much better emotionally having posted this. Started typing I was in floods of tears. I just be more patient x



    Hi Felcity,

    I’m a March lady. Firstly, I think you are doing amazingly well after 4 months. That’s probs not what you want to hear. However, your expectations are probably higher than people who have never been as physically active as you. My mum who had everything removed said to me that she improved over time but-when when she really analysed it …it took a year to be back to her normal self. I agree with you that very few people get it and that makes me quite down. They keep telling me how well I look 😯….but I know at 5 weeks I’m way way off where I need to be. I’m always a very busy lady…not necessarily in a physical way but I can’t imagine when I will be ready to be back to how I want to be……

    Just a couple of things to think about…are you actually trying to push it too hard…hence belly swelling because you are worried you will never be back to how you want to be…maybe just take your foot of the gas a bit and go back to building up more slowly?

    I’m on HRT too but sometimes the dose isn’t enough…it could be that you need a higher dose? I’m only on 50 patches but sometimes on the day before I change it I get the gitters. I’m going to discuss this with the consultant.

    I’m am positive you will return to full health and all the other things that used to hold you back will be gone but maybe you just expected it sooner as I know I did. I thought I would be whooping and bouncing around by now!!!

    Hugs and I’m sure a good blubber and off load has done wonders.



    Hi Felicity, really good to hear from you. I agree with Mabelblu that it sounds like overall you’re doing really well (I’d give anything to feel like I would be ok on a bike again) but it’s all relative and if I’ve learnt anything through this process, it’s that every single person is different and will experience different things at different times. So you feeling rubbish is because you feel like you’re going backwards from where you were – even if that’s far ahead of the rest of us !
    But we do all have something in common in that we understand what it is like to go through what is major surgery and that there will be times where we all struggle and feel like we are not where we want to be.
    I definitely had one of those weekends last weekend so I completely understand about the tears and the frustration and when will this ever get better ?
    But we will – I had to rest huge amounts last week and slowly got back to a base level again. I even managed to help run a charity car wash yesterday morning, tried to stay cautious and not get too involved but lots of walking about and bending/stretching. My tummy was very sore in the afternoon (feels like a stitch or pulled muscle but it’s to both sides of the wound) and had to do nothing for the rest of the day – but I did it, and I’m feeling broadly ok today. So another little tick in the box.
    I’m interested to hear about the physio as I have been wondering if that would help me ? What type of physio have you been to ? I think it would help to know what is tummy, back related or something else and whether it is safe to push on through the discomfort sometimes or not.
    Anyway sending big hugs, hope you feel a bit better after a day of rest and don’t give up, we will all get there and as you say, be better off than we were before we had the op xxxx



    Hi all, and especially Felicity, good to hear from you.

    I think everyone will get back to physical activity at a different rate- especially if you were used to being very active before the must be frustrating not being able to be as fit as you were previously.

    I went on quite a health kick before the surgery, but more on a healthy eating plan and lost almost a stone. I’ve done running previously, but it was getting too painful with the fibroids. I’ve put quite a bit of the weight back on now, especially with the swelling. I’ve also not gone back to a lot of exercise yet. I’d like to get training to run 10K (I previously did the 5K) but even walking small distances really gets painful and makes me swell up massively, so I’m a bit frustrated but trying to be patient. My pain is mostly in the left, again like a stitch and I think where my ovary is. It seems to flare up monthly or if I’ve done anything strenuous.

    I’d love to lose the weight again and be more active, but my mental state isn’t too strong and I just swell like a balloon. I get really really tired too.

    The above seems like a massive moan, but it is a slow process. We’re all going to manage different things and we have to listen to our bodies and try to be patient. Easier said than done I think! Sending you all healing thoughts- keep in touch.

    Ruby x

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