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    Hello ladies ,
    I am 7 weeks post op after am lap full hyst
    I started to suffer drastic menopause symptoms around week 5 .
    I now have patches but still only getting 3 hours sleep a night and severe sweats night and day even on my limbs .
    I am feeling like just shutting myself away .
    Does anyone recommend any supplementary treatments to go alongside patches .
    I am 47 and otherwise fit .



    Hi Sarah,
    I’m 13 weeks post op and 44. Started hrt patch evorel 50 a few days after surgery. I started getting severe joint pain among other symptoms and patches are now increased to 75.
    I think you need to give the patches 3 months to work and then review and if still symptomatic you may need an increased dose. What dose are you on now?
    I take menopace vitamins, if you look on holland and Barrett website the reviews are quite good. A friend of mine said that they helped with her night sweats. May be worth a try?
    Have you looked at the menopause matters website/forum? That has some useful information
    Best wishes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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