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    Following an endometrial ablation which was carried out in 2018 but has not proved successful, I have been advised by a Consultant Gynaecologist that I require a hysterectomy due to extremely heavy and prolonged periods. He has put me on the waiting list which is two or three months long, so I’m probably looking at October or November time. He also said I could have a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy at the same time, if I wish.

    My head is whizzing around with so many worries, concerns and questions and I have no idea which way to turn. I have made a list of the pros and cons and also a list of questions that I have, but I am still so uncertain about what to do.

    How on earth do you decide whether to go ahead with it or whether to plod on for another 3-4 years (I’m 49) and wait for the menopause to kick in naturally, knowing that the periods are only going to get worse and not better?

    I have so many worries about afterwards: the healing process; my mental state; my sex life, etc. I currently have a fantastic sex life with my partner and I don’t want to ruin it, but I have read about people’s bad experiences following hysterectomy as well as good experiences.

    Apologies for the rambling post…….



    Awwwwww i hear your angst and conundrum and my heart goes out to you.

    i have no fairy wand but just some thoughts for you.
    -Get all your questions answered before you make a decision and if that means you have to pause your place on the list, do it.
    -Roam all over this site and all the forum categories old and new. you will read loads of scenarios, opinions and decisions.
    -Speak to everyone you know and trust who has had a hysterectomy.
    -have you exhausted all medication options? progesterone mini pill managed my bleeding really well.
    -have you exhausted all surgical options?
    -Speak to a GP you trust.
    -get a second surgical opinion if required, within your hospital or a new team. i did. i asked to see urogyneacology within my hospital when an off the cuff comment from the reg was ,’im surprised who haven’t been seen by the pelvic floor team.’ !!!!!!! this did delay my op for 13 months in the end. not great but i was more sure of my decision.
    -go back to the consultant for further discussion if you feel you didnt fully explore all options. the door is open if decision re ovaries etc is undecided.
    -ask for copies of your clinic letters so you can reflect on the details of the discussion.
    -if you choose to go ahead with a hysterectomy yes decide what options you have re all the bits. it may be possible keeping the cervix if that is important to you.
    -There was no discussion re sexual response post hysterectomy at any point pre op. i equally didn’t ask. i googled and found info here. this is currently untested by me post op….
    -do nothing and wait and go back is an option.

    i do need to say though you still make a leap of faith in the end. you cant know/control everything in the op or post op recovery. i didnt get to speak to the surgeon performing my op until the day. but she answered all my questions and i trusted her to make decisions on my behalf during the op…..such as if the ovaries were not looking good to take them, to do the best hooking everything up as i knew pelvic floor was poor, if the uterus couldn’t be removed through the vagina she would make the smallest abdominal cut she could but she would need room. honestly i didnt really give consent until that conversation. hubby half expected me to bail on the day.

    keep reading and keep asking and keep talking. you can see form the forums its all so individual a decision.
    best wishes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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