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    Good morning
    I had the above op along with a vaginal hyst, anterior and posterior repairs on Friday 19 October. I’m recovering well generally but I am struggling with peeing. It takes so long and it’s only ever a dribble.
    I wondered if there was anyone else here who had similar problems or could give me any advice/support.
    I think I’m still leaking urine although it might be blood from my vagina and the internal stitches rather than my badder. I haven’t had any infection and I do seem to be emptying my bladder properly.
    I had an appointment with the uro-gynae team for this Thursday but they’ve postponed it to 15 November.
    I’m just hoping that things improve and that I wont always have to take between 5 and 10 minutes to have a ‘quick’ pee!
    I’m hopeful that someone else on here has had similar procedures and I really look forward to discussing them with you and not feeling quite so isolated.
    Have a good day everyone.


    Jane b

    Hi Sal
    I’ve just joined this forum as I had the same op as you on 8th Nov. Its so reasssuring to find someone else with the same issues. I wish I’d found you before my op!
    I too think I’m probably ok but do seem to be weeing quite slowly. I’m wondering whether its all just still a bit swollen and tight around the tape…
    I still seem to have a discharge which I think is from the internal stitches etc. When I sit upright for long periods I feel pressure in my backside but I’m wondering if this is my piles playing up! I was very bruised around my backside following the op but not sure why…
    My consultant was pleased with the way the op went and I can’t fault the care of the hospital staff although I was very sick for 2 days afterwards and forgot to ask all the questions I needed answers to, so I’m hoping all this is just normal but like you I’ve felt very isolated and not sure who to ask for advice. I’m scared to death of doing too much and spoiling all the good work…
    Hope you’re feeling better now and if you can offer any advice/reassurance I would be very grateful 🙂


    54 TVH + pelvic floor repair for rectocele/cystocele/uterine prolapse + TVT
    Married + 3 lovely kids 27, 25,22



    Hi Jane
    I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner – the message didn’t show in my inbox.
    Anyway – I’ve been seen at the hospital. The Dr. kept saying ‘early days, early days’. I was only 4 weeks post-op. He said the stitches were healing well and that sometimes women had problems peeing afterwards. He did an internal examination and says the tape seems to be in the right place. I also had a flow test and they sent the urine off for testing.
    I went to the GP last week and he’s given me another fortnight off work, taking me up to 8 weeks. He also thought it was too early to start worrying and said the problems I’m having with voiding could be due to the stitches healing and tightening of the stitches/skin.
    Well, I have discovered a way of peeing but it involves squatting over the loo, not sitting on it at all, and leaning forward. Relax and it all comes out – I can’t stop it!! If I sit on the loo normally it just trickles or drips out and stings a bit.
    I’ve been stitched like the episiotomy I had when I had the babies and that’s a little sore, that might be what’s hurting you too, they are the only stitches on the outside. I’ve been sewn up so tight I couldn’t even get a finger in at first to explore!! TMI!! The doctor used a speculum to check everything so I know there’s still a hole there!!
    Let me know how you’re getting on, I certainly hope things have resolved or at least are getting more comfortable.
    In future I’ll keep an eye on this thread too, I’m usually on the October Otters board.
    All the best


    Jane b

    Hi Sal
    Good to hear from you and sounds like you’re on the way to recovery now. Its all very scary but hopefully will make such a difference eventually. My weeing is variable now, sometimes seems reasonable and other times a trickle, bit painful towards the end as well. I’ve not had a really good rout around yet (TMI LOL) as unsure about the stitches. Can you feel them inside or do they just disappear like magic? Still uncomfortable around the backside and delicate when I sit down, hope its not anything to worry about…but at least the bruising has gone now! Dunno what that was all about. Trying very hard not to get constipated because of the posterior repair… Still slight discharge, my appointment with consultant is after 7 weeks so ages off yet but seeing GP practice nurse for a blood test later this week as was anaemic after op. Guess I can ask her….
    Take care and thanks for your support
    Jane x



    Good evening
    I had a gentle feel around a couple of weeks ago and I don’t think I could feel stitches (only the ones on the outside) it did feel all puckered up tho so I’m not sure what that was exactly! The thing I’m concerned with at the moment is vaginal wind!! Where else could we talk about stuff like this!!? I’ve googled it tonight and says it can be experienced after surgery. I’m not sexually active (to coin a technical term) so it’s not that. I’m going to keep an eye on it (so to speak) and hope that it improves. I’ve been a bit windy altogether recently so over the past couple of days I’m trying to exclude culprits. I’ve given up the prune juice and stopped taking probiotics – both conducive to wind.
    Anyway, thank you for listening – thank goodness for this website. All the best for the blood tests later this week. What else have you got planned? I’m back to work in a fortnight so I’m getting out every day and trying to do more. Next week I’m going to start getting up early at 6.45 – the normal time I get up for work. Otherwise it’ll be a huge shock on Monday 17 December!
    Speak again soon.
    Sal x


    Jane b

    Exactly, where else could we talk like this :). Haven’t got vaginal wind yet! Maybe thats something else to look forward to…. had a bad day with the rectal type discomfort again.. otherwise I feel fine really. Did you have any discharge? Seems quite watery and creamy brown..
    My consultant said I’ll be off at least 3 months because of my job which is quite physically demanding, I’ a radiographer/mammographer so it’ll be February before I’m back which seems an absolute age off. Just have to enjoy the time off. Doing really well at the mo for people taking me out for lunch… could get used to it. Will feel better when I can drive and shop etc but consultant told me not to until he’d seen me again. You’ll have to let me know how it feels going back, I expect you’ll be really tired at first. Hopefully the wind will be cured by then hee hee… could make for interesting conversation in the office!
    Keep in touch
    Jane xx


    Jane b

    Hi Sal
    Hope you’ve had a good Christmas. Been thinking about you…how was going back to work? I hope everything has settled down well for you. I had my post-op check on Thursday, had to have silver nitrate treatment to get rid of some granulation tissue in the vagina, so back again in four weeks time. Drove today and hoovered but think it was too much as now aching like anything oops….
    Jane xx



    Hi, I had a anterior and posterior repair and a TOT bladder sling thingy on the 27th December. I’ve come home after major bleeding after the surgery and now on day 12 I still have very heavy bleeding. I’m on 2 different types of antibiotics and I’m hoping that when I go back to gp on Thursday everything will have settled down! I’m concerned about the bleeding and wondered if this was normal? I’m so fed up and I’m not doing anything at all, just sitting or laying down!
    Thanks Jo x


    Jane b

    Hi Jo
    It is normal to bleed for a few weeks but my info said no more than a period and to see someone if it was, so def tell your GP. I too felt very fed up for 2-3 weeks even though I had really wanted the surgery. I think some of it is to do with anaesthetic and surgery. Its really hard when you’re used to being active, but very important not to do anything physical at all at this stage. I found it all a big shock to the system. Did you have a TVH as well?
    Big hugs
    Jane xxx



    Hello ladies, I had a tvto fitted 6 years ago. I do not want to go into all the details, but you need to persevere with your consultants if there are problems. There are some additional ‘mesh’ support groups if you need some help. Do not be fobbed off by your gynaes and if you have a problem please report it to the MHRA who are currently asking ladies to report any tvto, tvt, tot problems love Lizzy x

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