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    Hi girls !
    @marie @nervousnow @jazz44 @lxil19 @seasidesue @valybobs sorry if I’ve missed you.
    I’ve started a new thread as the last one is closed.
    Hope everyone s has had a good day.



    Hello rach thanks for starting this off I’ve been away from home all day and didn’t notice it was closed to replies. ⚽️😀

    Hope all you April ladies are resting and behaving yourself 😉 have a good evening xx



    Ah if only I had been behaving myself… I felt great this morning, so subsequently walked too far, stood too long, washed dishes (WHY?) and then felt horrible pain… So in bed for 3 hours flat on back reading was a necessity.
    Now feeling a bit more human 🙂



    Hi all, I did post something this morning but not sure where it’s went.
    Was asking when people started coming off painkillers ? I’ve been in my room since Thursday and was so looking forward to going down stairs. For lunch with the family .I only lasted 2 mins sitting. Then I couldn’t get up the stairs . I’m day 6 today.i know we are all different but I can just make it to the toilet and back. I need to get my expectations in order as it even hurts to cry. I need not to set myself up .and accept things as they are but am I normal?



    Hi @hopeful 11

    Your doing great. I had a TAH and only came out of hospital on day 6.

    Stay on the painkillers till you don’t need them…that may be weeks but that’s fine. Stay where you’re comfortable. Going to the loo does hurt but don’t try to hold it in, it will make it worse.

    There isn’t a normal but I was still crap at week 5. I’m 8 wk on Tuesday and now just ok. Take your time, rest rest rest and please don’t beat yourself up. We’re here if you need us xx

    Sorry everyone I’ve been quiet this weekend, yesterday was ok, today I’ve been to the pub watching football. It was a good day till I made a comment about OH being quiet for a week after champions league matches (I’m LFC and he’s man city) and he totally flipped and said I was ungreatful cause he was knackered…. Yep I don’t get it either.

    I’m off to drs tomorrow to see how much weight I lost and a hormone blood test. Lunch with daughter and granddaughter then over to mum’s for an hour.

    Hope everyone is well x



    Ok well my post was there, I edited it and then it disappears completely, I think copied it, here goes! Hello lovely ladies!!
    I lost you, for some reason I didn’t get the new postings even though I see my name there!
    I will try and catch up, sorry in advance for long posting.
    @nervousnow, you are doing amazing, can’t believe all you’ve done, I know the bordom is just ridiculous, I can’t seem to read or get into anything yet. I need to learn more about these shows you watch, the Chase and I think @rach74 said she likes tipping point, they haven’t made their way to my Netflix yet, I’m watching a Spanish tv show now which I love, but I think I’m almost at end of season 3, gasp! I’ve done a little online shopping, it is way too easy these days! I was showing things to my OH and he was saying that’s nice or no, blah blah and then I was like ok I think that’s enough, he was like are you really going to buy that stuff, I looked at him and said hell yes i am, and maybe I’ll buy more later, he giggled. I buy used online jewelry and clothing, we aren’t taking about breaking the bank girls, and we don’t share those expenses;).
    @valybobs, it is so hard not to want to do more when you feel good, the easy thing for me is that OH is back working and it’s been raining non stop or I think I might do the same. Painting sounds amazing, I used to draw in my younger years and bought some sketch pads and graphite, just waiting for my body to handle the position I need to be in to draw and I can’t wait to try. My OH was like wait you draw? As if I were shooting purple Stars out my backside.
    @marie, alas, wine makes me super sensitive, as I will share later, I do not understand his FB post, and I guess I’m the other side of it because I’m the one with the ex, we have a son together. He lives in his home country and hasn’t seen his son in 6 years, my OH has pretty much raised him, but that said he texts all the time, to check in, he doesn’t xx or anything, but I know it bothers my oh because he has no real relationship with his son and it rubs him. We are not friends on FB, we both decided we can just tag our son to share things. Now, if my OH had an ex who were texting him, yeah I’d be raging jealous;)! I know, I know I’m a hypocrite!
    @jazz44, I cannot wait to hear about it adventure, I hope you had a great time!
    @hopeful11, my posts have disappeared too, it was horrible! I am going to start copying mine before I hit submit to be safe. Good you found better pain meds, I am off mine, at the moment, day 9, but that doesn’t mean anything. I am stubborn and don’t like taking any medicine. I am still in pain, my OH is a surgeon and he says you take it until you feel you don’t need it, don’t try to be brave and push through as that can hurt your recovery. I will likely have some Tylenol tonight to sleep as my back is killing me from all this, umm relaxing! Also remember that we each had slightly different procedures and you had a lot done, I bet you are still in a fair amount of pain, hang in there and be good to yourself. This recovery is as your said a healthy dose of mental as well as physical, so do what you can to help yourself!
    @rach74, I’ve had those twinges also, I get them more at night, and more bloated also. My spotting is currently stopped, for day and half, but I worry each time I go to bathroom.
    @valybob, did you check out the operation!? I would but I swear I have the largest bellybutton phobia on the planet, the fact that they went in there alone makes me queezy just thinking about it. I’ve participated in two C-sections and a tubal ligation, and delivered many babies, but bring something out of a damn bellybutton and I’m a jellyfish on the floor, ewe just squirming as I write this!
    Changing subject, @seasidesue, sounds like you are doing amazing, take your time and be good to yourself. I did read that your surgery had a quicker recovery time, but don’t do too much!
    @daphne917, thanks for your words re your recoveries, sounds like you are doing well, good luck going back to work!
    So, I alluded earlier that I had some wine, well I did, not enough to get saucy, but it was enough to loosen my tongue, and I gave the OH a little piece of my mind Thursday night, after he came back from his trip. I wasn’t wrong in what I said, for the most part, but I got emotional and went down a bad rabbit hole. Went to bed fighting, in our separate rooms. Woke up, he heard me and came upstairs and was very attentive, usually things don’t work like that for me, but he spent Friday taking care of me before he started his evening shift. I have been feeling better and better but the spotting just brings me down so quick. And when I have pains close to the injury they caused I get scared. But, that said, Friday OH and I went out, my first outing, wait for it ladies, we went to the thrift store just down the street!! Oh yes, our secret vise, I was able to walk in clutching his hand pretty good, he gave me a cart and I processed through that store like a grocery cart bag lady without any bags. All hunched over and pushing really slow. I can’t remember who said they are still wearing their gown, I might be a step above that, but fashion goddess, no I was not! But lucky for me, in the thrift store you can wear anything and no one thinks twice! I made it through two aisles and was done, I was proud of myself, OH going a brand new set of wine goblets for a steal, all in all a great day. Saturday, woke up feeling even better, boys did yard work and I walked around the yard for a bit and would sit and do it again, we had a brief period without rain so we made the most of it. Today lots of random pains but my spirits are up, my friend came over and we watched an important football match, well in Turkey;). Our team lost, but still, good day, looking at the little things at this point to feel successful!
    Ok enough of this book, hugs and happy Sunday, though you may all be fast asleep by now!
    PS, Saturday my OH asked if I got taller,I said well I have been hunched over for the last week and we both giggled, yep, standing up a little straighter!



    Good morning everyone
    So it’s been 17 days since my hysterectomy and so far so good. Been able to enjoy time with my family and get out for walks and some shopping, no bag carrying!! Getting tired easily but my pain is well under control. The scar is getting very itchy and my bowel movements hurt so on a small dose of lactolose to help. I’m just so grateful for all the support, I know it will help me deal with may be to come with the menopause symptoms and emotions. Sending big healing hugs 💛❤😊
    Carrie71 💛💜💙💚



    Hi @carrie71,
    So good to see your post, was wondering how you were doing! Hugs back to you!



    I still take some paracetamol now I’m day 22 .
    I took it religiously for two weeks. Don’t worry you’re doing great. I only lied on the sofa for most of the first week just getting up the toilet. I then would try walk 30 steps round living room each time I got up. Gradually building I up. I think day 8 I took about 20 steps outside. I really didn’t do much and still had a lot of pain. Everyone is different so please don’t get upset. But it really is early days x



    @ Marie
    Sounds like you’ve got a great day today with your family. Enjoy.
    Wow! You’ve been busy. Sounds like you’re recovering really well. I wish my spotting would stop!
    Good to hear from you can’t believe you’re day 17. Sounds like you’re well on the mend and getting out and about. Has your incision healed up nicely now? Mines still weeping a little. Driving me mad.
    You all sound like you’re very arty! I don’t have the patience or concentration to draw sew or anything like that! My sons pretty good at drawing though. Anyone else find having a wee long process? It still takes me a while to go and I have to do it in like two stages. Hope this will get better over time. Any ideas for emptying the bladder girls?!!
    See you all later. Have lovely days xx



    Sorry about typo!!!



    Morning everyone ,thanks for your kind words . Will take advice onboard , wonder what this week holds for us all. There’s one thing for sure, that over time we get better even if it isn’t the rate we want. 💓



    Hi @hopefull11

    Yep, things do get better 🙂 sometimes it won feel like it but remember that it does. As Rach says, take the painkillers till you don’t need them. I’ve been off them for a while but when I walked the dog on Saturday he pulled and hurt. Needless to say the paracetamol came out x



    Good morning all
    I had my lavh with bso on 10th April and have been lurking on this board ever since! Finally decided to put money where mouth is and sign up!
    It’s been brilliant reading of everyone’s recoverys – all different but you have unknowingly reasurrred me several times in last weeks so many thanks for that!
    Three weeks in and I’m still v tired and doing v little, trying to potter about house a bit more but mainly sofa bound! Went out for a wander around garden centre at weekend and felt awful after 30 mins – shaky banging headache. Anyone else having this? Am I doing too little?



    Morning lovelies, thanks for new thread @rach74 I was lost for a bit here & actually panicked!
    My roast at parents yesterday was spot on and much needed! I had a good day and felt almost back to normal so when we came back I did some hoovering and put the online shop away- complete with bending down & reaching up – BIG mistake..! Felt awful all night, very tired , sore wound and stomach ache.. Back to doing nothing today again 😩
    The Chase awaits me later though 😉😂 – I’ll prob ‘do the double’ and watch Tipping point first though! Be thinking of you Rach!! (Ben Sheppard!)
    TBH @lxill19 you aren’t missing much! It’s not on Netflix as far as I know as it’s a kind of uk teatime gameshow.. quite fun when stuck at home but wouldn’t usually watch otherwise- it’s not a box set type thing!!
    @hopeful11 – don’t worry about pain or meds.. take what you need. I’m not usually one who likes taking painkillers but I came out of hospital on day 5 and still very much needed them for about 5 days after. After that I only took at bedtime and for the last week or so I haven’t really taken any.. only if I’ve had a strenuous day! Day 5 & 6 is still very early on- take what you need to heal..& yes, I was still very sore & uncomfortable at that stage. It’s getting a bit easier now- noticed that yesterday but still far from healed (as I found out!) I’m still not even in my every day clothes – yep, it’s me still in my gown! 👍🏼😂
    Won’t be going out today as the weather here is awful- raining and grey- if we do get a small let up I might try to pop to coffee shop for a wander but not essential.
    @lxil19 your day sounds fab! I love a vintage shop too- missing trawling my local market (Portobello ) but alas that’ll have to wait as 1. I’m not even getting dressed at the moment – trackies only! And 2. Its very popular and busy so I’d be a bit self conscious and scared of the crowds! I love reading the big posts btw.. keep them coming!
    Looking forward to hearing from @jazz44 – is she back later? Jazz, we are all desperate to hear about your fab Italian adventure- post ALL the details!!
    Seems like your having a bit of a hard time with the OH @marie.. I’m sure it’s a blip – I’m not exactly getting on great with mine either atm- he’s bored of this now as I knew he would be.. suppose you can’t blame them really. Mine has no patience, is terrible around the house, works hard but likes to do nothing when he gets in so to then have me pounce on him to do jobs is wearing thin.. he’s also said I’m boring him with my symptoms/ recovery now.. great! I kinda knew I was but he actually said it.. he’s being a bit distracted, distant and snappy now as well. Plus he’s still sleeping on sofa- feels a bit like we are divorced!!! Hopefully get back to normal soon but I’ve a feeling that it may take some work! I haven’t even the energy to be that bothered at the moment!
    Still haven’t properly washed my hair (doesn’t help !) I am definitely going to try to get to the salon this week for a wash, it’ll be 3 weeks on weds for me so I’m aiming for then & hoping the backwash won’t be too uncomfortable.

    I’ll take everyone here so you can all see but I’m sure I keep forgetting people. If I do I’m sorry, I’m reading all the posts and enjoying them but once I start typing on my phone I’m forgetting things 😩 Apologies in advance, I’m loving this site & reading about everybody’s recovery xx
    @rach74 @jazz44 @lxil19 @marie @seasidesue @valybobs @hopeful11
    I’ll be back later for sure!
    What’s everyone up to today?



    Welcome! Love the name😄
    I think we’ve all had that shakiness feeling think it’s because we’re not moving about much so it’s a shock to the system! Touch wood the more I’ve moved ( very slowly and built up daily) it’s gotten better. I’m hoping to get to the garden centre this week which will involve coffee and cake😂😂

    Great to hear you had your roast!
    I seem to always settle down for tipping point and the chase at 4 it passes a couple of hours in! When I was pregnant I had hyperemisis gravedarim ( not sure spelt right) so was so sick about 7 months and watched daytime tv 24/7 . This seems ok compared to that cos at least I don’t feel sick lol
    You be careful today don’t overdo it and put that vac away!!!
    A walk for coffee sounds good tho. I’m going to local shopping centre for a wander and of course a coffee stop🤣I think Jazz44 said for 3 nights so that would be tomorrow?
    Enjoy your days- I love reading everyone s posts they always make me smile and normal 😃😘😘😘



    Oh! Just seen the new posts- hi @carrie71 – good to hear from you & sounds like you’re doing great! When I’m reading back through, it’s amazing how far we’ve all come!
    I’m worried that I’ve never had any spotting, is that normal? What about my bruise sac that everyone is mentioning..? Does it mean I’m not healing inside? My wound seems ok on the outside but pulls a lot, especially if I stand straight- I’m still a bit hunched up 😩
    I had a headache for 2 days @freshstart (welcome!! Glad you joined!) but took painkillers and drunk more water & touch wood it went and hasn’t come back. Might be just your body adjusting- I hadn’t eaten as much as normal at that point (hospital meals & tiny portions & no real appetite- that’s changed now!) and that can cause a headache. I don’t think any of us are really doing too much- could be a factor but I’m guessing it’s just another one of those niggles that goes with this.
    @rach74 I’m also having slight probs in the weeing dept! I have to get up in the night to go, I can’t seem to hold it either or it’s painful and it’s seems to go on forever- maybe it’s the extra liquids we are drinking..? I’m still going through a lot of peppermint tea as wind hasn’t completely gone either- sometimes that’s quite painful too. Again, maybe it’s all part of it…? So many things to contend with! I’m also still wearing the sexy stockings but I might take those off on weds , my 3 week point. This op has been such a trial & error experience really! I’m happy to say that I slept on side properly for the first time last night- slight pulling at first but not too bad and it eased my aching back no end! That was driving me up the wall- so sore, stiff and uncomfortable- it’s a real treat to get comfy in bed!

    Wondering what to do today.. ? I feel guilty if I stay in bed too long but then get up to sit on sofa for most of day! Might go back to sleep for a while now as I’m aching all over- I long for a hot bath but we’ve only got showers in house so no bath ! I might make a visit to parents for that next week! Are we allowed to submerge our bellies in bath water..? So many questions



    Hi girls

    Back from the docs and wahoo, all’s good. I’m now at 7st 8 🙂 I was 8st 3 when I had the opportunity so I’m feeling good. I’m only 4ft 11 so I’m happy with that.

    Meeting daughter soon. Not seen her since end of feb. Lol hope she’s remembered my birthday, but probably not, she’s usually late so her card never gets put up. I’ve been up since 7.30am, washed bedding, hoovered, walked the beagle, had shower and been out. Not bad eh though he still does 99.9% of everything of course. Grrr.

    Can’t wait to get back to work next Tuesday, but if you’ll have me I’ll stay here. Can’t imagine not being without you all now x



    Wow! That’s great! Did you manage to eat healthy all through your recovery or is it the weight from your fibroids ? I’m trying to eat healthy but hmthen when I go out I always have a cofffee and cake lol 🤣
    I’ve lost a few pounds since op. Was 8-10 now 8-4 . I’m 5 5” .
    Enjoy the time with your daughter. You’re so back to normal! But you must stay on here we need you 😃😃



    Good morning!
    This is my favorite thing about the time difference, I wake up to so many great posts!
    @freshstart, welcome and so glad to have you! I had a pounding headache in the beginning which I find related to eating and my pain medication, oxycodone, which was part of the reason I went off it so soon. I did have Tylenol last night btw, lots of pain.
    @marie, happy happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! Congrats on the weight loss, though I don’t understand quite what the weight reference is, is that stones? I know silly American, I only know pounds! I hope I lost weight, I feel like I did, but the scale is in the basement, have to wait for help and keep forgetting to ask.
    @nervousnow, the spotting isn’t normal, however it is not that uncommon according to my Dr. She said you could spot at two weeks as the stiches start to come out, but I started way earlier which means it was irritated. So long as it doesn’t feel a pad she isn’t worried, but if it continues all the time she would worry and have me come in. I am do to go in this Thursday.
    @rach74, I don’t know what is going on with my bladder, in the hospital i weed like a champion thoroughbred though it took forever, now my bladder gets fill and painful quick, thought I might have UTI, but now I don’t think so, but it is not acting normal to be sure, I have to really relax. Even got worried I was leaking the other day, but that only happened twice and not sure that was what it was.
    You know ladies, my OH and I have a different relationship too, he sleeps downstairs and I sleep on main floor in guest bedroom. He barely kisses me goodnight, and I am sensitive about this, and I think the truth is, they don’t know how to get close without hurting us. I know he worries, but I see the frustration more easily though I think he is frustrated because I’m in pain, and I see it as me being weak. They don’t express themselves well do they?
    As for my exciting day, it’s my first day alone, day 10, gulp, whatever falls on the floor shall stay on the floor until they come home. The internet company it coming over, yikes I need to shower quick! We’ve had some annoying issues that I want to show them in person that they haven’t figured out in weeks over the phone. It is really taxing dealing with this, but I have to as I need internet.
    Other than that, I’ll let you know later what trouble I get into!
    Enjoy your day, sorry if I missed anyone!

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