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    I’ve created another as Part 3 has closed. Xx



    I wasn’t sure how to do that!!
    And thanks for the reassurance re took me by surprise,and as I said the Doctor was useless!!
    Just feeling totally wiped out and achey today!
    In my head pre op I would be walking 3 miles a day by now…little did I know!!!
    thanks Bobs,and to everyone else!
    I’m going to have some wine tonight with my sis….it could go one of two ways!!!!



    Well done Bobs!

    I also didn’t know how to start a new thread 🤣🤣 hmmmm.

    I am feeling really positive today. It is exacty 3 weeks for me and im feeling good. Going for daily walks and when I am walking now I don’t really notice any discomfort or pain, which can only be a good thing. I am still bleeding which I understand is normal and have done since about day 3 post op.

    Yes drink wine! Very good idea 🤣 I had a drink the weekend. Only 1 intended but errr well it was more like 3 or 4. All I will say is make sure you stay hydrated to keep them bowels moving. Enjoy your time with your sis. Xxxx



    Mich,glad you are feeling so well…really hoping I will soon
    and I had a few glasses at weekend but think it might be a few more tonight!! Must drink water,as well!!



    First milestone celebration 🎉🥳

    Day 9 and I’m at the hospital all day as I had my catheter removed (oh the joy!) and so far it’s looking like I won’t have to go back on one as peeing okay. Also had my wound plaster for my abdominal removed and told it’s healing beautifully. Also saw my consultant who had reassured me I haven’t started the menopause, and that my hot and cold sweats and shivering are completely normal as the drugs used bring on flu-like symptoms and they will settle down. He also said that when they operated, my bladder was completely stuck to my uterus by fibroids so that’s why I had problems as my poor bladder has been through the ringer. It will settle down properly eventually.

    This is my first time out of the house and although all I have done is sit in a car and on a hospital bed it’s wiped me out but that’s to be expected and I’m just focusing on all the positives today.

    Thank you to the person that told me not to think about recovery in terms of time but in terms of milestones. It may only be day 9 for me but I feel like I can enter the land of the living again today 😊

    Hope everyone else is doing well xx



    Wow you really have been through it,so glad the catheter removal went well.
    heres to your recovery and they were wise words inded..going to try and think like that and stop obsessing with’days’ and what I ‘should’ be doing!!



    That’s great Bex, what a relief for you. Onwards and upwards for you now x



    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks Bobs for your advice from yesterday, I have been doing some further research today which has been helpful 😊

    I’m liking the wine talk on this thread 🥂 I had a couple of glasses last night which lifted spirits!

    Hope everyone has had a good day today , so glad you’ve had some positive news today Bexxyboo xx



    Feeling happy for Bex,

    The catheter wasn’t pleasant and I was happy to get rid of it after one day so can only imagine what a relief you are feeling now.

    I’m also feeling a wee bit jealous of the wine talk. I could murder a G&T but haven’t managed a full 24 hours without a codeine yet so I’d better not.

    I suggested my hubby take me out in the car this afternoon just for 5 minutes but he said no and it really upset me. It’s so hard not being able to just go off and do what you want when you want. I know it’s not for long in the great scheme of things but it’s hard to remember that at times…



    Ang10 – Regarding “Had op 17 th April so 22 days in now and have had horrible pain in shoulders and neck.. very similar to the trapped gas I had in the hospital” – I had mine the 16th and had the same thing Tuesday and Wednesday, although most of my pain was on the RHS of my chest it was the nerve pain from the diaphragm. So sorry you had this although it is a relief to know I am not alone! I didn’t actually have it after surgery, possibly because the gas had gone before all the pain relief wore off, so this was a rather unpleasant shock. It was particularly uncomfortable when I was lying down, trying to sleep. I hope none of us encounter it again.

    Bexxyboo – Congratulations on the removal of the catheter 🎉. That is great news. As you say, we have to take this recovery one step at a time but that’s a big step for you 😁.

    AmandaJD – I totally understand your being upset about not getting taken out. Every time my hubby is putting his jacket on I ask him where he’s going in case I can tag along. Just popping to the supermarket is better than nothing!



    Really pleased you are doing so well Mich – seems like you’ve really turned a corner 😊 hope today is even better.

    Wonderful news Bex👍 – what a relief for you Hope you had a good night’s sleep and feeling less tired today.

    I know what you mean Amanda – it’s starting to get really frustrating not being able to get out or do things around the house. I was on my own for 9 hours yesterday – and I just felt really low. Today will be better 😁

    Lunch with the besties tomorrow will certainly lift my spirits 😊 …even though they’ll all be on the wine and I’ll be glugging water 🙄

    Lots of hugs to all



    Redbirdo _ thanks for that…that’s made me feel’normal’ although, sorry you experienced it’s still hanging around but not as intense now,as you say.. hopefully never to return!!

    I had a good evening with sis and the wine flowed!!! I feel better today all round!!
    I have 2 busy days now, seeing friends and as much as I want to see them ,I know it will tire me out!
    But the bleeding has stopped and feeling stronger
    Thanks all and have a good day xxx



    Hello everyone,

    It is really hard when you can’t get out and the boredom sets in. It can be intensely lonely too. But that sid3 will get better and then it’s a case of pacing yourselves.

    Bobs how are you? X



    Hi ladies, I am 11days post op, abdominal. everything seems to be going well and much better than expected. I am walking everyday and generally feel ok.

    I had my stiches out on Wednesday and vertical scar looks ok, but I seem to be getting a small discharge from my belly button, no odour and not particularly sore, not sure if I should get it checked out? Has anyone else had this?

    Thanks x



    Hi Sunlover, good to hear from you. I can’t answer your question I’m afraid but I’m sure one of the others will.

    Thanks Mabel, yes I’m doing really well. I feel like I’ve turned a big corner over the last couple of days. I’m off meds and in no pain at all now (just the wind, man when is that ever going to go!). I can walk up and down stairs normally now not just one at a time. Just still a bit of light pink spotting. I’m back in the swing of pelvic floors no problem. Plus I’ve dusted off the ‘projects and reading basket’ and I’m cracking on with felting a little fox. I’ve deffo got more energy which I assume is a good sign that my body isn’t using every ounce to heal itself now. I’m still very much erring on the side of caution though and going to continue how I am until the end of June I think. I really don’t want any self made setbacks.

    Well big announcement…..

    Goodbye Groundhog Day and hello Escape from Alcatraz!!! Tomorrow I’m off on a field trip, a 5 mins down the road car journey onto a little traffic free lane to do a little 14 minute country walk. Then the same on Sunday somewhere different. I’m ridiculously excited. Xx



    At approaching four weeks out (on Tuesday) I’m wondering what sort of advice people have been given on driving.

    The physio who saw me in hospital said 4-6 weeks which is not very specific and I have no follow up appointments that would clarify that.

    The nurses emphasised that it’s up to my car insurer, regardless of the advice of any medical staff. However, when I rang my insurer they said they have no specific rules and I’m insured as long as I follow the advice of my surgeon!

    My husband doesn’t want me to drive until 6 weeks but he doesn’t realise how frustrating it is being stuck at home. Having had a laparoscopic op I think I would be ok for an emergency stop but not sure I’m on it mentally 😉.

    What have you been advised and when did you / are you planning to start driving?



    Bob’s.road trip!! Brilliant!!
    That’s great news!!
    Looks like the weather is improving as well! Enjoy! driving…
    Apparently car insurers only need to know the effects of any anaesthetic has worn in theory you could drive after a week!
    My nurse said get into the car stationary and practice an emergency stop and see how your body feels… if anything pulls or feels different, leave it and try again the next day.. hope that helps xx



    Hi ladies

    I’ve gone back to driving this week – back behind the wheel at 4 weeks exactly. But I had laproscopic hysterectomy so may be completely different for you abdo ladies? I’m confident I can do an emergency stop and don’t feel uncomfortable in my seat. It’s great being independent again!
    I also went into the office this morning as one of my team is struggling and really needed some time with me. She also needed a whole bunch of things approving including press releases so I needed to get my brain properly in gear! I’ve been working from home this week so am officially back into the world of work… may be a little bit soon, but I need to get back into things. Will be at our exec team offsite for 3 days next week, but we are staying at a hotel so I will take breaks in my room if I need them. …. wish me luck!



    Redbirdo – my gyno said from 2 weeks! Which I though was very ambitious to say the least. I’m going to wait until the end of June which will be 12 weeks. I’m sure I’ll be fine much earlier but I’m giving everything that bit longer. I want to just get walking to be honest and I’m not going back to work so it doesn’t matter. Perhaps just pop out with a passenger the first couple of times?

    Bookworm – you know if you’re ready or not, just take it steady. You are more important than any job!

    Right, off for a nana nap xx




    I was told that my insurance wouldn’t cover me before 6 weeks and my consultant said not before 6 weeks (abdominal)….I’m 7 weeks and done a couple of short drives. I wouldn’t have felt mentally ready before.

    Glad you are feeling good Bobs. It sounds like you are accepting the taking it slow approach which is by far the best way.

    I went to my mums for a couple of days and did more walking than I have at home. I was in a lot of pain in the evening and I could feel that dreaded pull! Lesson learnt yet again!,,

    Try not to rush things April ladies. It’s just not worth it 😞

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 208 total)
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