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    Fingers crossed that everything is OK. It does take time for everything to heal & settle in their new place. You are doing the right thing by resting and seeking medical opinion. Try not to worry too much (although I realise that is difficult)

    Fiona x


    Thank you so much ladies, it’s so lovely having the support from you all. Luckily I’ve got an appointment at 7.15 tonight with my bowel surgeon, my gynae said it’s more his department, so to speak, so better he checks this out. I was lucky to have 2 very good surgeons (due to previous bowel nasties several years ago), so know I’m in safe hands and trust his opinion.

    Keeping everything crossed that it is settling down and muscles knitting together. I’ve got my “chunky girl” support leggings on today and is helping with the dragging heavy pain and back on pain killers.

    Trying not to be a grumpy moo…..



    Hi ladies, so ive been feeling pretty good the last few days im now 3wks post op so walking more energy is up and no more afternoon naps. Today ive done a bit of walking sat up right for several hours and done some washing my swelly belly is very prominent. Is that normal i had TAH bilateral salpengectomy abdo cut i feel about 9 mths pregnant? Anyone else had this xx



    What you describe is the very common “swelly belly”. It is usually an indication that you have been doing a bit too much. Your body is trying to protect the healing tissues. It should resolve with rest – but can come and go for several months (although it does decrease).

    Fiona x


    Thanks Fiona i will rest up today. Its insane my mind is now feeling better but my body isnt and I’m not smart enough to work it out lol! So i suppose i need to go back to basics again i only have 4 wks before my big trip from oz ro uk im hoping it settles by then xx



    Aussiescottiej,mI am getting pain in the upper right ofmy abdomen…which should NOT be anything to do with your hysterectomy.

    Doesn’t stop us worrying though…

    Go to your GP and get it checked.


    Hi luigianna thanks for that. Hope your issue is sorted soon x



    Andichappers – how did the visit with the the surgeon go?

    Aussiescottiej – you have to remember that you have had organs removed from your body as well as other organs moved and jostled about and that your body will heal only so fast. Sleeping is the best thing you can do for healing. The more you do “things” isn’t going to make your body heal any faster! Be careful!

    Went to dr yesterday and was released to return to work today – doctor ordered me half days this week and return to full time next week. Two more weeks until my husband and I are allowed to have sex but I don’t have to go back for another year!

    Keeping all you ladies in my thoughts and prayers!


    Thanks Kathy, i know you’re right so today im doing nlthing other than sitting in bed with my laptop studying.that way if i get tired i can just go to sleep. I was hoping it to be quicker but looking at your Drs response i have a while yet. And i thought maybe sex would have been sooner too but again being over ambitious and still find myself comparing this to my c sections which they are so NOT comparable.
    I was talking to my OH yesterday and i remember growing up and knowing people whos mums had hysterectomies and thinking of my what a huge op and all the months of recovery but nowadays people (myself included) dont think like that and are surprised it takes so long.

    Andichappers- how are you hope you git to see the dr. Hope all is well?



    I went for my 6 week check today. I was unhappy with the appearance of my scar. The Con said its hypertrophic and I have to massage it with bio oil.

    Hes said ok to try sex but take it gently…don’t really feel ready yet. He’s said to wait another couple of weeks re driving he recommends 8 weeks to 3 months to feel recovered. Full recovery a year……
    It’s good in a way to hear someone say these words. It takes time to recover. I feel frustrated and trapped not driving and guilty.

    I feel upset about my scar. Its down the middle if my tummy. I bought some pretty new underwear but feel down.



    Hi Vicki,

    I also have a vertical scar down the middle of my belly, it’s not pretty, but personally, I prefer it to losing so much blood every month like I used to. I had to wear heavy grade incontinence knickers and change them every 4 hours, or the bed/chair I sat in looked like a murder scene!

    I have it on good authority that my scar will fade over time, so I’m sure yours will too, and I am sure the bio-oil will help.

    I know it’s frustrating, having to wait, but I have to remind myself that if I try and rush my recovery, I will likely cause damage that will just mean it takes longer. It’s frustrating having to ask my friends to look after me (and painful not being able to help my mother get to her feet after a nasty fall) but it’s neccessary.

    Feeling a wee bit more energetic this week, hoping this time it lasts

    Reborn (TAH) 21/04/2016



    Couldn’t have said it better Gail!!

    We are each struggling in our own way with the immobility of healing but if we just remember Gail’s words – if we rush recovery we can do damage that just makes the recovery longer….

    I think we mind family and friends having to help us more than they mind because they know we’d do the same for them

    Vicki I am so glad you had such a great report from your doctor! Just remember your scar is still so fresh that it’s going to be a bit brighter than when it’s fully healed – you might also try breaking a vitamin E capsule on it and rubbing it in


    Awe im so sorry VickiT hope the bio oil helps out. Really shocked at time line for driving. I got to wait til the 3rd from my consultant visit. Im 4 weeks post op and still have that heavy draggy feeling and bloating again! This is hard work lol


    Hello ladies, sorry for delay in responding on visit with consultant on random lump/hurty bit but was hoping to have CT scan results back, which had at 4pm Thursday. Consultant said Monday night that he doesn’t think it’s a hernia, but definitely something odd and with my random history he wanted the scan just to be sure.

    Just waiting to hear but he put my mind at ease.




    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way Andichappers! Please let us know what you find out.

    I have to say I have grown rather attached to you ladies as I feel such a kinship to you! Hope everyone is taking care of themselves!


    Awe so glad to hear from you andichappers1. Fingers crossed. Kathy I’m in agreement with you xx
    Hope everyone else is doing ok?
    I’m very down at the moment and truly fed up with this process!!!


    Hi guys, so went to see a dr today (not my usual) as i wanted something to help me sleep at night and that i have a bit of pain still…..quote he said you should be 100% now doing everything as normal and swelly belly is not a part of it!!!! So hes told me to get back to my surgeon and see whats wrong and i ahouldnt be having any pain??? Yes he freely admitted that he was no gynae but had seen enough women over the years. Also says im not even going to look at you as clearly you have problems????:walked out feeling a blinking fraud and so confused as i was sure everything was pretty much on track!!!!! So back to chat to my gynae surgeon on monday for a voice of reason xx


    Thank you Kathy and Aussiscottie, it is really good to have fellow “foof friends” to help and share advice.

    Sorry your feeling fed up with everything Aussiescottie it is a tough time mentally. As women we are tuned to just get on and do things and we have to keep reminding ourselves we can’t, so very frustrating. I feel for you. That’s shocking about that doctor, what a complete idiot! Not what you need when feeling low either. It’s not in your head and you only have to read others stories on here to know swelly belly is something and you will get pain whilst knitting together. I’m nearly 6 weeks post surgery and feel more “cut” sore now than I did before. Kinda like things are twanging and pulling but my consultant said that’s absolutely normal and not to get ahead of myself. He has said rest and no exercise (except walking etc) until at least week 8 and will have settling issues for next couple of months.

    I’m starting back at work Wednesday, part time and can mainly work from home, it’s my choice, but I’m a consultant so can work as little or often as like. Will play it by ear.

    its my birthday Monday and my partners today so have a pretty busy weekend ahead, will be a good test! The bubbles are in the fridge and know I’m going to be a very cheap date!

    Have a lovely weekend lovely ladies xxx



    Aussiescottiej…I would report his ass if I were you. Freely admits he’s not a gynae, but he talks as if he had the authority. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands. And basic pain relief and a temporary sleep aid should not be beyond him! Is there another GP you could go to in your practice for a second opinion?

    I personally use valerian tablets at night, I was prescribed antihistamines (usually prescribed to people with sleep issues as they have a sedative effect) by my GP, but they leave me feeling groggy in the morning, so I now prefer to use the valerian. If you need knocking out the antihistamines are available over the counter without prescription under the name Phenergan, and they do knock you out.

    And yes, see your gynae surgeon, I am sure he’ll be shocked at your doctor’s attitude, and wtbkeastvhe knows his subject.

    Reborn (TAH)21/04/2026

    P.S. I find peppermint tea helps with the swelly belly as much of mine is wind, at least 3 cups a day, and leave the bag in to steep when you drink it.

    Best of luck!



    Andichappers1 – I get the ‘twanging’ as well although I am 10 days behind you. Feels like my scar is taut if I do too much, and get occasional aches in the groin. Plus a coming and going ache further up on the right that is likely to do more with my food than my procedure.

    Happy birthday to your partner today and you on Monday. I turn 42 on Tuesday, so we’re a year and a day apart by the looks of things! I shall be sharing it with m partner, my best friend and our 3 tuxedo brothers, they’ll all be getting roast chicken, I’ll be enjoying something meat-free as is my preference (I don’t like the taste of meat.)

    Reborn (TAH) 21/04/2016

Viewing 20 posts - 381 through 400 (of 421 total)
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