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    Thanks Gail, im going to try up the peppermint tea and forget what gp said for today. I will see if tgey do tgat phebagran here in oz i will look it up. He gave me panadeine forte but i dont know if that’ll help me sleep.

    Enjoy your partners birthday and Gail happy 42nd bday, and u andichappers1, same age as me xx



    Aussiescottiej – I hate to hear that your dr is an ass, hope your surgeon has a bit of sense about him or herself. We are all experiencing the same things you are at the same stages and all our dr’s are saying its normal. Hope you are feeling better and at least Monday will be here before you know it. I have always had trouble sleeping .. I take two Benadryl every night about an hour before bedtime and that helps … When my body gets used to the Benadryl my doctor said to take melatonin for a week then go back to the bendadryl … I know this does nothing for the pain, but it does help you to sleep.

    Happy birthday to you and your partner Andichappers hope you both have the most fantastic of days!!


    Hey lovely ladies, quirky query here for any of you. My appendix scar is very sore and a lump is forming at the end of it. Has anyone had anything similar? I will mention it to my surgeon tomorrow but i was curious xx


    Oh i managed to get phenergan today so fingers crossed for sleep tonight xx


    Hello ladies

    Hope you’re all doing well with your recoveries.

    Still waiting to hear from consultant on CT scan but have another weird one….. Today I started getting this very odd sensation on my foof, it feels like I’ve got my mobile phone on vibrate and it’s on the seat next to me, I did say it was odd and not in a nice way!! It’s quite disturbing and dreaded googling buzzing in vagina thinking what the hell I was going to get!! Has anyone else experienced this? It’s not all the time, seems to be every few minutes but it’s getting quite annoying and have my paranoid head on. From google everyone is saying could be nerve damage go see your doctor but like with most things there was no response from the person who first posted to say what the conclusion was…….

    Thank you xx




    Keep an eye on it (not literally!), but it is probably nerves starting to heal & should clear up in time. I had this & must admit it was very odd. However if it is worrying you, as always we would advise getting medical advice.

    Hope your recoveries all all progressing – remember that everyone recovers at a different rate and there may be a few bumps on the way. Keep listening to your bodies!

    Fiona x


    Hi Fiona and phew I’m glad I’m not going looney! I will keep track of it and mention to my consultant at my check up too. Will come back and let everyone know what he says as good to have conclusions!

    Many thanks xx


    Hi Andichappers1
    Im sorry i cant answer ur question but just want to say im thinking of you and hope you get it sorted soon. Certainly sounds nerve related xx



    I can sympathise. I’m getting odd sensations and tenderness in and around pubic region but my scar which is hard and hypertrophic extends into this area so I’m thinking thats why. Ive been massaging with bio oil but been looking it up and silicone gel is recommended so thinking of bisiting GP. Feeling a bit down as although obviously having a positive benign diagnosis was a huge relief if Id known then what I know now I could’ve had laparascopic surgery with a quicker recovery and less scaring. 7 weeks stuck at home no driving is driving me slowly crackers.


    Thank you Aussiescottie, it seems to have randomly stopped this afternoon, so odd, and think it must be nerve related, I did have a busy weekend with my OHs and my birthday celebrations, so was probably rebelling. Hoping it doesn’t come back. Think we just get so paranoid with certain things. I popped back to work today as I’d forgotten all my passwords so couldn’t work from home, I commute into central London so was quite an experience, but I did it and feel really pleased I did, seeing all my lovely colleagues gave me a huge lift.

    Sorry to hear you’re so down VickiT, I can promise you the scar does get a lot better, this is the third time I’ve had a vertical
    Cut from tummy button to foof and after a couple of months it’s just a little ridge. Just think, although the results you had were fantastic, it could’ve saved your life if it had been different. I look at all my scars, bumps and random bits and just think that I survived each one and proud. It will take a little time but it really is nothing to be worried about. Personally I found any good moisturiser worked I wouldn’t spend a fortune on various products. Keep smiling lovely we can do this together.




    Thankyou for your kind words. Tiring day today. Spent morning at school helping with costumes for my daughters school play. Then shopping and lunch with my mum. Barely managed to throw together some tea and crashed out in front of tv. Bed by 10pm.


    I’m finding now that I’m managing most things but it whacks me out then the twinges come, I’ve put on 1.5st OMG so think im going to start getting that back on track and get into routine again. Going for my 6 wk check up next friday so hoping to commence normalish duties and driving. Going to do phased return to work week aftwr next then trip to uk for few weeks. Busy times coming. Its our 24th wedding anniversary this weekend so going out for a special night with hubby in Brisbane xxx



    Hi I’m nearly 8 weeks now but over last couple of days getting twinges sometimes sharp on the left side of my tummy. I’ve been pain free for a few weeks apart from some tenderness and sensitivity around vertical scar.

    Ive done more this week. Had to walk dog as walker on holiday plus some other stuff. Couple of tiring busy days so not sure if just my muscles complaining. Has anyone had anything similar?


    Hi VickiT im having twinges too on my scar and my appendix scar and now worried i may have adhesions forming as ive had so many surgeries. Im in a lot of pain again and back to pain killers im now 5.3 wks post op. Im seeing my surgeon on friday so will know soon enough.



    Hi Aussiescottiej how did it go at docs? I went to GP today. She wasn’t sure what pain was. Might be abscess. Gave me antibiotics and booked for scan which even urgent might be 3 weeks on NHS. She told me to go back if gets worse or hasnt gone in a week of taking antibiotics. I asked her to email my Con and let him know hoping he might see me. Feeling anxiois but not convinced it’s infection think I would feel more unwell.


    Hi VickiT im not in until Friday after my recent gp visits its clear that they have no idea so im just going to wait. Im pretty sure it is an adhesion with the way the pain is. Its very frustrating isnt it especially this late in the recovery i hope your antibiotics help but unless theyre sure of what it is not sure if it will sounds like you need to see your consultant too do you have access to contact? X



    No although GP emailed him. She rang me today to say he approved course of action re scan and antibiotics. However he said its not uncommon at this stage to get pains as nerves and muscles are still healing. So will have to wait and see. She said to go back if no better after week of antibiotics or if gets worse.


    Well ive been to see surgeon for 6 wk check up. Have an infection in the scar so more antibiotics. Potential incisional hernia been for ct scan need to wait for results. Choice is mine if i drive or not cleared for sex if i feel up to it. If it is a hernia then will be in for an op to have mesh ifitted! Will update everyone next week.

    Hope the antibiotics help VickiT its all so very depredding isnt it xx



    Hi Aussiescottiej
    Sorry to hear that. Recovery seems so diffetent for everyone. I guess I thought once I’d had the surgery all I had to do was focus on my recovery. I thought by now Id be well on the way. I’m keeping my fingers crossed its just healing pain. But even then my scar has started to tighten up and some puckering has appeared at the distal end. Where its the most thickened. Ive bern massaging for a couple of weeks but just been looking at silicone gel sheets.
    I hope it works out for you and turns out not to need surgety. If its any consolation my husband had a hernia op it was done under local and a doddle compared to what youve already been through. I know its no consolation really. x


    Thanks Vicki
    I agree with you on the process. I have 3 parts of my scar that are puckered and that’s where my infections are i have folliculitus because of the skin folds. Antibiotics are doing great now though. I hadnt even thought of gel etc. Hope it helps. If it turns out to be the hernia they’ll do general and yes will be nowhere near as severe as this op but back to no lifting for 6-8 weeks. The medical system here in oz has been great so fast with everything so im hoping this will be sorted soon so i can get my head around it all. In the meantime i hope you’re feeling better soon xx

Viewing 20 posts - 401 through 420 (of 421 total)
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