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    Here I am 3 days after my total hysterectomy and I am back at home, thought I would be in longer given that I had a vertical incision. I was expecting to be in pain of course, but nobody warned me about the agonies of trapped wind its awful!

    My pain seems to be under control but I am a bit nervous about giving myself injections everyday to prevent blood clots.

    My tummy is still quite large is that likely to decrease with time.



    Hi ladies . All went well yesterday .

    They removed the lot and need to await hrt now .

    Im on morphine pump and painkillers which are managing well.

    Going to have my cathter and drain taken out soon so not been up moving yet though.
    I do feel aching ans like ive been hit by a brick this morning but good still in a weird way (probably the morphine haha)

    Glad everyone is doing ok x



    Hi ladies

    Veronica glad you are at home,I was home less than 24 hours after op and my incision is a lot bigger than I expected,the blood thinning injections arnt that bad (I’m a total needle phobic)

    Adele glad all went well,the hospital sorted out my hrt for me so I could start taking the straight away.
    Glad to hear your pain is being managed well,as soon as your able Adele take a little walk around ur bed,it made me feel so much better than lying in bed,

    Quick question ladies I constantly feel the need to wee but when I go hardly nothing comes out I’ve tried water running to help me pee I’ve sat there for ages also tried rocking a little,is this something to be concerned about or normal after this operation xxx



    Hi Kate
    The bladder thing is normal. Your bladder is moved around during surgery and can be a bit bruised. It is like you are trying really hard to have a wee and nothing is happening. It goes on for a few weeks, sometimes it can feel as if you are not emptying your bladder properly or it aches. In fact all your organs will protest to the ‘rummaging around’ they have had! Drink lots and if you are still unable to wee or feel you may have a water infection, you will need to see your GP.




    four days post op and I don’t feel too bad, the doctors have prescribed codeine for the pain, getting in and out of bed is quite painful, but I manage the stairs ok. They have given me tablets to help me go to the loo but nothing has happened so far.

    I was expecting to feel quite emotional but so far I feel ok but that might change. My massive tummy has gone so maybe it will improve my quality of life and I will have more energy.



    Kate, in my experience it takes the bladder a while to recover, mine is still not quite right and i am four weeks post op, its a lot better than it was at first but still not back to normal so i wouldnt worry, may be worth taking a sample to your gp just to rule out infection and put your mind at ease, you dont want to be worried about that when you are trying to recover. Glad you a finally on the done couch after your rather epic journey!
    Clare xx



    Hi claremarie

    Feeling bad this morning not sure I should of been discharged from hospital so soon,going to keep an eye on my wee it’s just a worry for me but like u said if it carries on will get hubby to take sample to gp surgery.
    It has been a rather epic journey glad I’m on done couch just feeling very sorry for myself and I never imagined the pain to b this bad not sure if I’m doing too much/not enough xxxx



    I have finally ‘been’ Veronica…. ☺️

    As we had surgery on the same day, I’m sure it will happen very soon!

    I’m doing better than I expected. The only down side is I now have a cough. Coughing and sneezing whilst trying to support abdominal stitches is a challenge ? and if you get it wrong it doesn’t half sting ?

    Wishing you all quick healing ladies and enjoy Easter ? x



    I meant to say, enjoy Easter being ‘waited on’ for a change ?



    Afternoon ladies

    Not feeling too bad at mo,its not too good to laugh (my daughters fault)

    Having a wee is still an issue is it best to cut down on water intake to give my bladder a break or to drink lots?

    Had 2 slices of toast this morning and a couple of biscuits this afternoon,I’m hoping to have a little bit more of an appetite later.

    Hope all ladies are recovering well and those waiting not long now ?



    Im going home . 24 hours after the op . Alot of painkillers tramadol and codine together but have to see gp for my hrt .

    Somce they took the pack out the trapped wind is agony but hopimg once home it be a bit easier to release .

    Dreading going to the loo but they have given me lactoluse to take too so hoping that will make it easier .

    Thats good kate im not hungry either so am sure aftee pain under control properley the appetite will come back

    And id probably say to keep drinking water



    Hi Adele

    Pack out of where?
    I’ve only got codine not tramadol
    Hope ur recovery goes well Adele and happy ur on way home ? Xxxx



    I had a vaginal pack and drain in as womb and ovaries removed vaginally .

    They are printing my discharge letter now whoooo x



    Oh I though u had a abdominal hysterectomy not a vaginal 1 ?
    Hope ur home soon in ur bed and resting comfortably xxxx



    Hello ladies,

    Kate – definitely drink plenty water this will really help you – you will likely find your bladder is sore / bruised for a while but it’ll get better xx

    Adele hope you get home soon and have a comfy night in your own bed – we all feel much better in our own beds !! ?



    Hi all

    UPDATE I have had a poo ?? was not as bad as I was expecting I held onto my stitches now I’ve had 1 hopefully the next 1 will b ok too ?
    Tried to eat a meal still a no go I just picked at it.
    Now back laid up on sofa gonna watch a movie and relax ??

Viewing 16 posts - 101 through 116 (of 116 total)
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