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    After a bit of a saga trying to log in here I’m finally here! My operation is scheduled for 25th April; It’s a strange feeling…. 20+ years of pain, but I’m not too keen on the pain of the operation. I’m trying to be positive and look forward to a life without chronic pain.



    Hi Marie and welcome

    We already have an April group if you could pop in there you will find others having their ops in April and I will add you to the list !! Xx ?X



    Hello, I’m Claire and my opp is on April 1st – no joke!


    Hello ladies

    I had lap hysterectomy on 21 April, so am now 8 days post op.
    Although surgery had been planned due to large fibroids and horrendous periods for years, once they had a look inside the surgeon found that the top of my womb was adhered to the bottom of the abdomen and intestines were stuck on the back of the womb (!) all due to scar tissue from previous c sections and various other surgeries. I really feel that they had a huge root around in there!

    I’m so very lucky to have a wonderful husband who has been at home with me all week and who has ensured I have not done a thing!

    My only real concern is why I am still in considerable pain? I felt relatively good on Thursday but quite rubbish again yesterday and today and definitely requiring regular pain relief. I do feel that the pain has changed somewhat, and whereas it started as external wound/tissue pain, it now feels much deeper, more connected to muscles and internal bits.

    As a very active 44 year old with three teenagers, four dogs and numerous chickens and a full time job, being at home, doing nothing is not easy for me. I have had differing opinions as to the length of time I’ll need off work from 4 to 8 weeks and would be very interested to hear when others were able t return to work. Being at home for weeks on end is not my idea of fun 🙁

    Sending good wishes to all who have also had April ops X



    Evening louise,

    You are still very early days and still have a lot of healing to do internally – it’s usually better to take regular pain relief to keep on top of the pain and it also helps you move around much easier if you’re not in pain – I had a VH and was told it would be around 10 weeks I would be off work but in actual fact I went back on a phased return at 6 weeks and although very tired I did manage – but we are all different and recovery is very individual – listen to your body and I am sure you will know when you are ready to return to normal activities but remember you have loads of internal stitches which need to heal strongly and this takes time. Xx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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