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    Belated birthday greetings Veronica ?

    Quick question ladies.
    I’ll be 6 weeks post op on Monday and hoping to go and do a little work next week. Does anyone know if we are insured to drive from 6 weeks, or are you supposed to wait to get the ok at the post op check?? My check up isn’t until the following week!

    Many thanks



    Belated Happy Birthday Veronica.

    I’m 3 weeks, 2 days post op today and have just come back from my consultant appointment. Now discharged so won’t be seen anymore. Had my stitches removed at the same time (remarkably painless).

    I asked about when I could drive and, as expected, the response was, when you can safely and painlessly, do an emergency stop.

    The doctors can’t actually deem us “fit to drive” apparently as each person heals at different rates.

    I know I’m not quite ready yet as whilst in the main feel great, I am still having a lot of “draggy/achy” days. Am hoping to next week though. I plan to practice on the driveway first.

    So Glynise, my answer to you, in my opinion, would be, if you have practiced an emergency stop in a stationary position and feel you are able to do this, then insurance would be valid.

    If you drive, having not practiced and then find that you are unable to safely do an emergency stop, the insurance would have a field day with you.

    Does this help?




    Yes thank you Vajazzle that is very helpful ?? I will get practicing ?

    Although 2 weeks further on than you, I still get stingy/pulling/draggy feelings from behind my vertical scar, especially if I’ve been up and about too long – I just assume that is from the healing going on inside!

    Going to take it very steady when I start a bit of work next week. That’s one good thing about working for myself – the downside, is not being paid when you are not there ?

    Thanks again for advice



    Hi Glynise,

    Interestingly my consultant said to me this morning that all the internal healing takes place within the first week… but then depending on type of incision, the external healing can take a bit longer.

    He didn’t seem to take account of the dragging though which I know can take many months!!!



    Vajazzle I am concerned that your consultant has told you this. Internal healing can take weeks or months. I had a four week check earlier this week and am not healed, not nearly healed. Please take great care, you may be healed already but most people aren’t and thinking that internal healing is complete within a week is dangerous as it may give people the impression that they are not still recovering and do not need to be careful and rest.



    Day 38 – healing very slowly, had my wound cleaned and redressed today, have another appointment Monday, hopefully the antibiotics will sort out the infection.



    Hi all

    Vajazzle it can take up to 6/12 months for internal healing to be complete,we all heal on the outside faster.
    I’m 5 weeks post op and feeling low still got a very swollen belly ? And get tired very easy,when does the tiredness get easier ??? I can’t do anything with a rest and nap lol
    Hope all other ladies are doing well ?



    Louise and Kate, exactly what I would have thought too and stands to reason in that we still ache, drag etc for some months if we’ve done a little too much. Also that we still should not lift anything heavy for some considerable time.

    I did think it an interesting comment at the time as was the opposite of what I had been led to believe from various reading, forums etc…. but then also thought, well he’s been doing this for 40 years and is a top gynaecologist and oncologist in the public and private sector, therefore must know what he’s talking about.

    Regardless of his theory behind it, I know I am not healed yet either. I went into it knowing it would be a long slow process, and whilst I’m delighted to have had keyhole surgery for both BSO and TH, I’m still not ready to be on my feet too long.

    Hope you all have a great day.


    Alison Smith

    Feeling pretty tearful today and wondering why we ladies give ourselves such a hard time. My update to post at beginning of week re pain whilst urinating and feeling more pain at three weeks post op then I did at two is that I do have a bladder infection. Two lots of antibiotics and blood tests taken today. Hoping things begin to improve over weekend.
    Have a good one everybody
    Thanks for reading my rants.



    Day 42 – good news the results from my surgery show no signs of malignancy.

    Had my incision redressed today and spoke to occupational health, the plan is a phased return to work from the 5th June.



    Hi ladies, Just thought I’d pop this here as well as in my March group as my op was the end of the month it may be usefull to you. I’m just over 8 weeks post op for and I’ve just finished my 2nd week back at work. Was meant to be reduced hours but ended up being more. I’m a wellness clinic manager and we have Gynae’s in clinic some days, so they have been keeping an eye on me.

    Feel exausted and in discomfort/pain but nothing I can’t manage. Not doing much else other than lying down (swlly belly’s a bitch) and resting when I get home (hours drive each way), so theres a sort of balance there ?

    I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t had to many issues with recovery, a couple of minor infections and feeling a bit low. The first week back was very tough, I felt completely overwhelmed by everything, but a couple of weeks in and it’s as though I’d never been away.

    The biggest irritation I’ve found is people keep telling me not to ‘over do it’ but they don’t relise that just being up right some days is ‘over doing it’ lol.

    We have to manage ourselves in our recovery and if something doesn’t feel right to do just say ‘no I can’t sorry’. I tried to do the shopping yesterday (been doing it on line since op) and had to stop a third of the way round. So I have a fridge full of meat, a few rolls and some wine, should be good for the weekend lol.

    Hope you are all managing well Hxxx



    Thanks Hayley it is very useful!

    I am nearly 5 weeks post op and started driving this past week. I have my handy cushion between my tummy and seat belt (lap part) in case of any emergency stop and just protecting my tum a bit. All ok so far but I do need to lie down after as feel so tired!

    In other news, I have got more of a suntan the past couple of days than I usually do after a week abroad ? Some benefit to being able to “rest”


    Alison Smith

    Hi Hayley,
    Thank you for your encouraging and honest post. I am 4 weeks post TAH and starting to feel better (at last) A week ago inflammation levels had shown up as high on my blood test and was feeling like I would never be pain free. But a weeks worth of antibiotics and I feel totally different.
    However I am anxious about going back to work as feel early on in my recovery. I am a teacher of 3 & 4 year olds which is physically very demanding.
    My current fit note runs out on the 5th June and I get a sense that my GP will think 6 weeks is the required time needed to recover.
    Does anyone have any experience of this? How willing are GP’s to extend this time. My consultant said prior to operation that ideally I would go back at the start of the new school year allowing plenty of time to recover. Can they issue fit notes or advise GP’s?
    Any thoughts?
    Too much time to overthink this at the moment.
    Many Thanks Alison



    How is everyone getting on? Alison have you gone back?
    L x


    Alison Smith

    Hi Louise, Had post-op appointment this morning and consultant has issued me with a fit note for another 4 weeks. He has advised 4 months before heavy lifting so that means that September to start new academic year is more realistic. My plan at the moment is to take rest of June off and then do reduced hours/duties for remaining school year. This will give me an opportunity to meet my new class, and do some home visits in the last couple of weeks of term. I feel a lot more reassured after today. The consultant had much more realistic expectations then GP.
    More good news today too were my pathology results No cancer but Adenomyosis and two rapidly growing fibroids. All solved by this operation, so well worth it. I am still bleeding but other than that (which he wants to review in a couple of weeks time) Happy to say recovering well.
    Hardly hear from April ladies anymore so hope that is because everyone is beginning their positive womb free lives
    Alison ?



    Hi everyone, I think we are indeed starting to get our womb free lives in order! 6 weeks post-op for me this week and my first week of being properly back on track. Driving the school run, at my desk (home office) all day plus have a house of decorators and workmen in so up and down every two minutes answering questions, doing the dinners, washing, drying, ironing etc.

    I must say that come 3pm I am utterly exhausted and achy but the absolute necessity of a lie down is passing each day.

    Hoping everyone else is doing well too. Here’s to life post hysterectomy!



    Went back to work Monday on a phased return only working half days, I didn’t realise how tired I would feel I have been having a nap after lunch. I have just started a new job so I am just going through induction.

Viewing 17 posts - 61 through 77 (of 77 total)
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