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    Well done Sammy 😀 😀 You can be justifiably proud of your excellent achievement.
    I hope the cats were suitably impressed with your ears!

    I am also very pleased to be able to say that son passed his PhD with flying colours. 😀

    Fortunately I have no fractures in my neck, but have low disc space and osteo arthritis of the facet joints. This helps to explain the vertigo if I put my head back. I am still waiting for the bone density scan. As my Mum had both osteo arthritis and osteoporosis, I don’t think I have much going for me! I did say to OH that they tell you to lose weight to take strain off the joints ( which I badly need to), but how do I lose weight from my head? ❓

    We are driving down south next week – going to stay at my sister’s near Bristol, then collecting 90 year old Aunt in Glasgow on the way home – she enjoys coming through here for a holiday. I have just had an email from her – she is laying a membrane & gravel ready for her new garden shed being built on Saturday! 🙄

    Have a good summer,

    Fiona x



    Yes Sammy. Well Done on your results.

    Has your GP not said about losing weight for your joints Fiona? My GP gave me 12 weeks free membership to Weight Watchers to start me off. Apparently NHS Grampian have a contract with them. Of course, I have since carried on, paying for myself, but it gave me the push I needed to start it.

    Not long to our holiday now. Anything to get away from this rubbish weather. At the moment, it is raining on and off here. It was misty and dismal this morning, but cleared up about lunchtime. Didn’t last though….

    Not much to say. My life is not very interesting at the moment. Not sleeping very well, having to get up to go to the loo about 4 times at least during the night. Thought my problems would finish after my hysterectomy! They did for a while, but now!!

    How are the others getting on? Has anybody heard?

    Oh Sammy, no I wasn’t able to get any cushions to fit, but we found some in the loft that were my mums that will do.



    Hi ladies 🙂 Thought I’d pop by and see how everyone is doing.

    Sue I hope you’re feeling a little better after your holiday? It’s awful when you’re not sleeping well isn’t it. I hope some time in the sun has helped a bit.

    Fiona I trust you waved in the direction of Wales as you went on your travels down south? How is your neck doing, have you had your bone density scan yet? I hope you and your OH have been enjoying the summer, although is Scotland is anything like here in Wales you’ve probably only had about 3 dry days so far! I even had to pop my heating on for a bit a few days ago!! In July for goodness sake!!

    All is as ever here, trying to focus on revision for my next exam (another big one in October but as that’s a while away I for some reason decided to pop another one inbetween…, I don’t know why either), volunteering at the charity continues and keeps me surprisingly busy. Work is manic as ever, I really could do with that lottery win, just enough so I could only work part time, that would do me 🙂

    Fiona, I seem to remember you reading some of the same types of book as me (Stuart McBride etc crime fiction stuff) and wondered if that’s your usual genre? The thing is, apparently my life isn’t hectic enough and so my brain has become a bit obsessed with writing a book. I’ve written lots of things before, mainly poetry and short stories, but have now embarked upon an actual novel, a kind of dark thriller with a touch of horror I guess, and I would really like someone to read the first couple of chapters and honestly tell me if it’s got the makings of anything or if vanity is telling me it’s something when it’s not 🙂

    Well, that’s about it from here at the moment, I hope everyone else is doing ok and doing fabulous things with their lives 🙂




    Hello Sammy good to hear from you and that life is being good to you – you are a glutton for punishment are you not with all these exams lols but you always do so well – good luck for your next one I am sure you will sail through it with flying colours !! 😛

    I am partial to these kinds of stories too I love reading dark stories about murders etc so will look forward to yours – well done on that and you maybe become a millionaire anyway and wont need the lottery win !!! 8)

    Take care xxx



    Aww thanks Jules 🙂 I shall make a note and when I’ve finished polishing the first few chapters I shall send a message out to those who express an interest and gather email addresses so I can email it to you, I would love your thoughts 🙂



    Hi Everybody

    Thanks Sammy, yes I am sleeping better now. Well, not this week as my OH is away on business and after all the years of marriage and someone sleeping next to me, I find it difficult sleeping on my own. Don’t miss his snoring though!

    Yes Sammy, I am a book-worm too. I’ll try out your couple of chapters when they are done too. Looking forward to it.

    Our heating is on 24/7, mainly for the water, but you can tell when its a bit chilly, as the radiators come on slightly. We have thermostatic controls on them and turn them right down, so it amazes me.

    I’m busy at the moment. Doing my child care duties! Not hard, as my gradaughter is 8 years old, so she can amuse herself, just need to be there. Roll on school holidays ending.

    Hope everybody is OK.



    Oooh fab, thanks Sue:)



    Hi Sammy , Sue eye,

    I would be happy to read your chapters too!
    My friend’s husband had a book published last year which I proof read. It was about the Monte Carlo Rally starting in Glasgow.

    Just back from Glasgow – went to collect my aunt’s old TV ( she got a new one for her 90th birthday) for son’s new flat in St Andrews. Took her out to lunch in a nice Italian restaurant. Will probably have to go to St Andrews this evening. Son now has his PhD in solar theory. He is currently doing research & has a research post until the end of the year.

    It is certainly not summer- like here! It was not too bad when we were down in The Bristol area, but has been poor since we returned.

    Must go & make something to eat – OH is hungry!

    Fiona x



    Morning all 🙂 I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year! I hope everyone is having a fabulous year and has an even better one next year.

    Not too much news here, still moving forwards with my exams and have just had the results from the last one which I’m very pleased (and slightly amazed) to say I passed so on to the next! I’ve been dabbling in the world of dating having decided 7 years of being single might be enough… I’m thinking maybe another 7 might be good lol My post op bowel problems have been a bit up and down lately but on the plus side I’ve lost nearly 4 stone because of it and frankly I’ll take that any way I can 🙂

    The kittens continue to be my babies, becoming possibly even more special with each passing day (I suspect this is how people feel about their actual children lol), both have their super fluffy winter coats on and are ready for winter. I myself have the most fabulous bed sheets which mum got me for xmas which will be going onto my bed on xmas eve…..a set of sheet, pillow cases and duvet cover….all made of super soft furry teddy bear material 🙂 I shall have an actual furry bed, like an enormous furry bear….I may be getting old but that is perhaps the most exciting thing ever 🙂 Same as last year I shall be working at the charity on Christmas day and boxing day too which I’m looking forward to, then I have a week off afterwards so I imagine that will be spent lounging about doing very little!

    I hope everyone is ok, I think of you all often.

    Lots of love, Sam xxx



    Thanks for your message Sam. The same to you and everybody.

    I would have posted earlier, but me and my O/H went on a cruise to the Caribbean for the best part of November, and I am now really flustered with Christmas coming up, and our son and his wife and 3 children are coming for Christmas. (They live in Edinburgh) Usually there are just the 2 of us for Christmas, so up to a point I don’t need to bother with thinking about feeding and entertaining other people. 2 of the children are step grand children in their teens, but our ‘real’ granddaughter is only 4 years old, so its very Santa orientated! Have to get up early on Christmas morning!
    Someone asked us if we are going on a similar cruise next year, and my answer was NO! Once December is here, so is Christmas. I usually love Christmas, but this year I can’t wait for it to be over!

    Your bed sounds as though it is going to be really cosy when you have your new things on it.

    Don’t know if I said before, but I’ve now osteoarthritis in my knees. I’ve lost a lot of weight too. I have been going to Weight watchers since3rd January this year, and have lost nearly 3 stones. Not as good as you Sam, but I’m pleased. I recently had a good chuck out of clothes from my wardrobe as the size I had been having to get were too big. 😀 Waiting for the after Christmas sales now to buy more, as some that are the size down are getting a bit too loose! 😀 😀

    Love to everybody, and very best wishes for great health in 2016.



    Well done on the weight losses, Sammy & Sue! I’ve been going to slimming world since the beginning of November and have lost just over a stone. Still a way to go….
    I have osteoarthritis in my neck and lower back, but scans ruled out osteoporosis. Fortunately my knees and hips are ok. I’ve started walking a lot more & this morning while OH had a 1 hour dental appointment I walked 6K along the shore and back.

    Sue, I understand your feelings about being away then Christmas suddenly being upon you! We have gone away in November / December the past few years & felt stressed once I came back! This year we haven’t been away as we had son’s graduation on St Andrews Day (30/11). He now has his PhD & in January is moving to a new job in Edinburgh University – working at their supercomputer.

    Your furry bed sounds very cosy, Sammy. Just what is needed in this cold weather!

    Better go and heat up soup for lunch OH has to have soft food until his root canal treatment settles down.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas & good health in 2016

    Fiona x



    Hello Saviours

    Hope you’re all doing well? So sorry I’ve not been on the site for months, I ended up in hospital for a while last year. I had a procedure on my back which went wrong and I ended up in a wheelchair and was told I’d have to learn to walk again! Now on crutches trying to do just that! It’s been quote a rollercoaster!



    Hi Muscadet

    Very sorry to hear about your predicament. Its awful. Hope everything seems to be working out. You are managing to walk again? Thankfully for you your sons aren’t young enough to need looking after all the time. At least your sons are of the age to be able to sort of cope themselves.

    How are everyone else? How did your Chrismasses go? Ours was hell! I love Christmas usually, but not this year! As I said before, my son and his family were coming, and my OH and I ended up doing everything. They didn’t even offer to help with the washing up! Needless to say, me and my OH are going on a cruise next Christmas! Just for a week. We come back on 30th, so we’ll be home for New Year.

    Got to go now. My favourite programme Casualty is about to come on the TV!

    Love to everyone



    Hi all,
    Muscadet, I’m sorry to hear that you have had more health problems. Hopefully things will be improving.

    We had a quiet Christmas our Chinese friend joined us for Christmas then we had my Aunt for New Year. Son moved to Edinburgh at the beginning of the year – he is now working at Edinburgh University – developing programmes for their supercomputer. He is here overnight tonight as the lease on his St Andrews flat ends tomorrow and he has to have it inspected. I then have to drive him back to Edinburgh.

    I am still losing weight – 1stone 10 lbs in 12 weeks. I was slimmer of the month in December and January and now feel under pressure to keep it up! I will be happy to continue losing 1 – 2 lbs a week.

    We’ve booked another river cruise for September & will be going to Tenerife as usual at Easter.

    Must go & clear up in the kitchen before going to bed,

    Fiona x



    Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well? M I’m sorry to hear you’ve been back in hospital again, how are you doing now?

    All going quite well here, my work on my bucket list continues and I went to Venice earlier this year which was fabulous and I intend to go back again next year I loved it so much. I was a bit too nervous to go on my own so paid for my mother to come too….I shall be brave and go by myself next time lol The weight loss continues, post op I’m up to about 6 stone off now so am quite pleased although now in such desperate need of clothes it’s getting ridiculous 🙂 My dating trials continue and I’ve been dating a chap for the last 4 months which whilst lovely in soem ways is causing me quite a lot of stress and worry as all the old insecurities and panics raise their heads again! Both cats are still well and generally ruling the roost, it’s very hot here today so they’re both melting their fur sun bathing outside. I’m off to visit my sister later and we’re going out for a ride tomorrow (wish me luck, it’s been years since I last rode a horse and hers are enormous lol).

    I hope everyone is doing well and having a good year xxx



    6 stones – well done Sammy! I am now 4st 4lbs down having been going to Slimming World since The end of October. I reached my target weight at the end of May, then decided, as I was still losing, to reset my target 1 stone lighter. Only 4 lbs to lose now. Like you, clothes are a problem. I put on a pair of trousers last week & they fell right down to my ankles! Not a good look. I have been altering some things, taking loads to charity shops & buying new stuff – thank goodness for sales. I am now 4 sizes smaller in trousers.

    I’ve never been to Venice, but would like to go there sometime. We are off to the Danube in September (& Prague, Dresden & Berlin). In November/December we are going to Madeira.
    We are well, although I have had continuing back pain. After various X-rays I am now having intensive deep massage to try to release very tight muscles. OH is now 89, but still golfing 3 times a week.
    It has been hot here today – after a lot of cold weather! I went for my daily 5k walk this morning to avoid the afternoon heat.
    Off to Edinburgh tomorrow – meeting son for something to eat in the evening. As a treat I am getting to go to IKEA first! I think it is going to be wet.

    Hope all is well with everyone else,

    Fiona x



    Hi ladies, how is everyone? It’s been a while but I thought I’d pop by and say hello and see of anyone else is still around 🙂 Life continues here, both the cats are now in their winter coats and looking super fluffy, we had our first snow on the mountain tops at the weekend so I think it might be an extra cold one this year.

    The weight loss continues, into a UK14 now which I haven’t been since my teenage years and still feels very weird. My sister keeps laughing when we go shopping as I refuse to believe I’m such a smaller size and still take my larger sizes in to try convinced they’ll be the better fit! Work goes on as ever, very stressful but still enjoyable in the main although I’m looking forward to a week off over xmas. I can’t believe we’re at the end of November already, I’m really not very organised for xmas yet although I finally got around to defrosting my freezer today so that’s now done ready to be re-filled 🙂

    I hope everyone else is doing well and having a good year xxx



    Good evening ladies,

    Well done on the continuing weight loss Sammy. I know exactly what you mean about believing that you need a smaller size in clothes. I have reached my target weight loss (in fact 3 lbs below) with almost 5 stone lost. I am wearing size 14 for the first time ever! In my teens I was a size 16 & this time last year was wearing size 20-22 trousers. I still expect to wake up as the fat me! I was voted woman of the year at my slimming world group.
    We are off to Madeira next week for some pre Christmas sunshine. It will no doubt be a busy time when we return as son has just bought a flat in Edinburgh & gets the keys on the day we leave. I think I have to paper a wall for him when we get back – & I think finish cleaning his rented flat before the lease expires on Dec23rd.
    I am not really organised for Christmas, but have just decorated a cake for my aunt as we are going to see her en route to Glasgow airport at the weekend.
    OH is still golfing 3 times a week. We really enjoyed our river cruise in September – despite my luggage going missing for the first few days. We have booked another one for next May going from Basel to Amsterdam following a couple of days in Lucerne.
    Hope everyone (& kittens) have a good Christmas.

    Fiona x



    Hi Everybody
    How are you all? My weight loss has come to a standstill. I am still at 3 stone loss, but I think it is because cannot go for walks etc. and do exercises as I have arthritis in my knees.
    I have nearly got all my Christmas pressies. I sound organised, but it is because we are going on a cruise over Christmas in the Canaries. Our son and his family came to stay last year, and me and my husband were skivvies. In the kitchen practically 24/7! We didn’t even see them open their presents!, so this year we thought if we went away, the same can’t happen. We’re only away for a week. We come back on 30th December.
    I must shut up now, as my granddaughter will be here soon. Shes 10 years old, and stays here until after tea, as her Mum works until 6pm.
    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas if I don’t manage to come here again soon.

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