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    Hi all!
    I’m 5 days pre op from TAH and wondering if anybody else had the same issues. As the days have progressed I seem to be needing a wee about every hour. I know I’m drinking lots of water but it’s driving me mad! Takes a while to empty bladder then starting with full gush to trickle near end. Is this normal?
    Thanks – waiting to hear your answers from the super brave ladies who’ve been through this .
    Rachel x



    @rach74 Hi Rachel. I had a TLH (and BSO) on 19 Jan and, like you, my bladder developed a mind of its own post op! I was definitely going more frequently and bladder just felt a bit weird generally. Like you, I drink a lot of water but I’ve always done so and things were definitely different post op. I’m pleased to say things have now settled down for me in the bladder department – I think I did read somewhere that unusual bladder activity/sensations were not uncommon. Hope yours settles down too and you recover well from your surgery.

    KatieG x



    Thanks for that. Hopefully it will settle down.



    It can also be a symptom of a minor urinary tract infection, which are really common after a hysterectomy, perhaps a trip to the GP might be a good idea, just to rule it out 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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