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    Now I have your attention, I presume you may be a fellow sufferer!

    I have 2 weeks till TAH and ovaries out (forgotten the initials AGAIN!!), anyway I’ve had my pre op today and noticed in the leaflet to make sure/aid that I’m not constipated that I should maybe take lactulose etc a day or 2 before…

    Well, my lovely fibroid has increased my issues which is always a vulnerability for me anyway…fibre hasn’t generally been the answer as I seem to now have less space in t’old abdomen anyway!!

    I was wondering if anyone else has similar issues?

    I was also wondering if going on a soup diet for the week before will help..

    excluding the fish and chips I’ll have at the seaside with my hubby the weekend before :/!!



    Hi Corinne

    I had never been the type of person that went to the toilet everyday pre op, however due to nerves, I went twice a day for 3 days before the op. Since the op, I go everyday and that I put down to eating milled linseed, which I buy from Lidl but Holland and Barrett do. I put 2 tablespoons on my breakfast cereal along with some fruit everyday. I think removing my fibroid has given my bowel more room.

    Hope this helps.



    Thank you. I just got some linseed but unmilled so maybe I need a grinder too to hide it better. Thank you. I will experiment!



    I tried everything before after all of my 6 surgeries since and including my hysterectomy and today I discovered Dulcolax works after my recent surgery on Monday. What may work for one person may not work for someone else, so my advise would be to find something that works for you and constipation



    Milled linseed – flaxseed – is the way to go for ANYONE suffering with this. Not had a problem for 4 weeks now after 40 years!! Can definitely say it works for me



    I have just stumbled across the post as very much a fellow sufferer. Willing to try anything at the moment. 5 days post op. Had 2 BMs but nowhere near enough. Am in chronic discomfort ATM due to it. Seems I’d better send someone on a shopping trip for me!


    shiree jones

    Im 8 days post op Tah 2nd day i was doing well, bowels started to work then i strained my abdomin muscles and i havent been since. I have tried everything natural first, lots of fruit and veg nothing has budged. I am really unconfortable and dont want to strain those muscles again. any ideas would be welcome. Thanks



    I had all good intentions of trying to stay regular before my op but I just keep getting bunged up. Probably because I’m taking painkillers but trying not to take too many. A bit of vaginal bleeding when I strained going to the loo.
    I dread to think what state I’ll be in after the op! (29 Jan) but thanks for the tips on this forum!




    Just found this particular forum!

    I had my op (TLH BSO) last Friday, 19th Jan. Had a normal BM that morning and then nothing until 5 am today. So I was constipated and it was very painful! Deep, slow breathing did help to relax me (and my bowel!!) a bit even though the natural inclination was to completely tense up!

    Wish I had read the posts here sooner re flaxseed – have had this before and it does always seem to work a treat. So will be trying it again and hope it does the trick for my next ‘event’ ☺

    Thank you ladies – the things we get to discuss on here, hee hee x x



    I’m 5 days post op (TAH and one ovary removed. Open surgery)
    Really constipated, but nothing working so far. I have lots of wind and “urgling” going on, so the bowel is doing something… Scared to push even a little bit incase I strain the muscles or my wound.
    Is 5 days relatively normal?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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