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    Well today’s the day!
    Been up early cleaned and changed the beds ironed a couple of stay things
    Checked my bag more than once, about to shower and wash my hair
    Had a complete meltdown yesterday crying and couldn’t shake really dark mood, daughters gone back to Rotterdam for 10 days before hime again for Christmas
    Feeling quite calm today it’s my husband who’s twitching today, need to be at hospital at 1.30 op at 3
    Speak to you all from the couch !!!!!



    Thinking of you both Melly and Felicity.
    Looking forward to having you on the couch.



    Hubby just left and having egg mayo sandwich and a cup of tea
    So far so good 😊



    Greetings from the done couch. Went in 8pm to theatre as they were running 2 hrs late and woke up in recovery at 930pm. Womb was huge but still a horizontal scar. Had spinal block too, gosh that worked! Was eating sandwiches at midnight. I had on mechanical leg pumps all night which inflated on and off every 30 seconds. Soon got used to them. not sure if have to wear them tonight again. Drain and catheter now removed and have shuffled to bathroom , changed a d washed. Just scoffed lovely lunch. Coughing is a bad idea though. Eek. No nausea , so chuffed with that, painkillers paracetamol and ibuprofen. So far so good but know things will tighten up a tad. Love to you all. Fe!icity has been evicted, I’m back to being Liz.




    Day 1 seems to have gone okay
    Was in surgery 4 hours due to being a ‘difficult’ operation – my husband confirmed to the consultant that I can’t do anything the easy way!
    Eaten okay, air pumps on my feet have been strange, got up at 8.30 and sat in the chair had lunch then some oramorph, not sure of the spelling and 3 hours sleep
    Still have a cathater until tomorrow morning so will be in until Thursday morning
    Only issue I seem to have is the wind, peppermint tea is not seeming to make much diffence so trying windsettlers now



    Hi Everyone,

    Great to have you on the couch with us Melly and Liz and glad to hear so far so good.

    Melly, the wind pain is horrible. I was knocking back Windsettlers, prunes like sweets and fresh mint tea, oh and for every dose of codeine I had a chaser of Lactulose. Once the first bm was out of the way things settled down a lot on the wind front. Walking around does help to shift things a little too.

    Liz (feels strange calling you that) I can’t believe how mobile you are after an abdominal – that’s incredible. I hope it means you were spared the gas as that would be an unpleasant combo to deal with!?

    How are you doing Jo?

    I’m a bit pants today – it seems the headache and nausea that I developed yesterday weren’t due to the drugs as I had thought, but bloody shingles. I’m on Aciclovir which will hopefully reduce the symptoms. Ironically, and rather conveniently, the treatment is plenty of rest and fluids so hopefully I can kill two birds…..

    Sending gentle healing hugs to you all.



    Morning all, just seen consultant and I’m going home today! Have to say though words of the day are phlegm and fart. No BM yet but hopefully soon as very bloated with wind. Coughing hurts but hopefully chest will clear soon where pipe was.

    Shingles sound horrible Emily. Hope the medicine fixes them soon.

    Will need to try stairs today, will await Physio visit. I’m staying til after lunch which is nice cos it’s Xmas dinner today .

    Hang on in there Melly, not long now. Jo, Heather hope you are ok




    Fab news liz that your on your way home

    Sorry about the shingles Emily, my husband had it 2 years ago only thing that made a difference was lots of rest so hopefully will get Iover the worst quite quickly

    Consultant is back today at 6pm then hopefully on my way tomorrow morning, then back on Monday to have clips removed

    Wind is shifting at last but no bm just had porridge fruit and whole meal toast – trying to eat well and stay away from all the bad choices – definitely food advantages with bupa



    Hi all,
    I am age 43 and had a total abdominal hysterectomy on 21st November due to my 3 large fibroids and what was removed was the size of a football. I have just passed the three week mark. I’ve found the forum very useful but not yet felt the need to post.
    My scar has healed and The pressure I was suffering prior to the op instantly went.
    However I am looking for advice from others who have had a abdominal hysterectomy as I started bleeding on Monday. Up until then I had had very little discharge and no blood.
    Last night I passed quite a large clot, although this morning it has subsided again, so it’s very on/off. I went back to the hospital on Monday and they looked at my internal stitches and confirmed they could not see any gaping. I’m now on antibiotics and keeping an eye on things but I would be very interested to hear the experiences of others who have had similar issues. Thanks in advance! X



    Hi fairy cake
    Welcome to December
    Your op sounds quite similar to mine, I’m on day 3 post op so still very wary, got home today which is great
    Making sure I’m up once an hour and pottering or wandering about for 5/10 mins – more 5 than 10 at the moment
    About to have what the nurse described as a ‘granny nap’ popping back into to bed for an hour or so after some paracetamol
    Hope everyone is comfy on the couch, and recovering well so far

    Melly x



    Good luck Melly – the worst is now over, just don’t overdo it as it’s so easy to see the external scar healing and to assume you are invincible- take it steady! X



    Good luck Melly – the worst is now over, just don’t overdo it as it’s so easy to see the external scar healing and to assume you are invincible- take it steady! X



    Hi. Just found tgis forum by chance.
    I was admitted to hospital on the 22nd november with a UTI possible sepsis. After invesitigation it appeared I had fluid on my lung and a unknown large mass on my ovaries or in my uteurus andninwould require a full hysterectomy. I also had a very low blood count and had 5 blood transfusion to stabilise me 1st.
    On the 27th november i had a chest drain done to remove nearly 2 litres of blood from my lung. As this had to be done prior to the hysterectomy surgery. Drain was removed on the thursday. Doctors had indicated that i would be sent home for the weekend but hopes were dashed and i went for an emergency hysterectomy on sunday 2nd december.
    I had a full abdonimal hyst. With removal of ovaries and cervix. Luckily no endo found but it would appear i had a cyst strangulate and rupture near a main artery. This had caused a massive internal bleed and it took them 4 hrs to sort out. I was then in ICU for 36 hrs post op.
    Didn’t have spinal block but did have catheter fitted and a drain. These were removed after 3 days and managed to get up day 4. Home day 5.
    1st week at home mixed. Was ok until gp declined renewal of tamadrol for pain but insisted on co coadmol which has bunged me up. Also think i now having hot flushes and night sweats already.
    Only good bit so far is i have lost over a stone and half…



    Hello Fairycake and Gsmum,

    Hope your bleed has stopped fairycake, I think I’ve read others have had similar even after quite a few weeks. Gsmum oh my gosh you had a really traumatic time! You must be so relieved to be home.

    Thankfully after 5 days on strike my bowels finally decided to wake up…friend is a nurse and she advised to avoid lactulose as it makes you super gassy. I’ve got Movicol sachets and they seem to be doing the trick. Took 2 yesterday morning instead of one. It is a double edged sword im on cocodamol too Gsmum which has the opposite effect. Not in too much pain so going to swap it for paracetamol instead today and see how I get on. Staples are coming out tomorrow – dreading that bit. How bad everyone else got on with that bit? Don’t even know how many I have as haven’t seen scar. Was told to leave dressing alone unless it fell off or had problems. I

    No idea if hrt is working or otherwsise. No symptoms so assuming all good. Am a bit dopey today though just spilled my bowl of weetabix all over my self and sofa. Oops.

    My saviour is turning out to be a cheap flight neck pillow I bought years ago. Perfect to use under seatbelt on way home from hospital and to cuddle/brace when moving/laughing/coughing. Got a bit stuck in bed the other night was like beached whale 😬

    Emily hope the shingles are clearing.

    Happy Sunday ladies, we can do this xx



    Morning all

    Felicity you’ve given me a light bulb moment with the lactulose, couldn’t work out why I was still so gassy been really careful with what I’m eating and managed with paracetamol and I rushed in the day leaving the cocodamol for overnight only but I’ve kept up with the lactulose as bm’s still not right – duh!!!!!!

    Quite surprised how much I’m moving about and feeling in general thought I’d be more wiped out, clips out tomorrow can’t wait to have a good shower and wash my hair! Dry shampoo has been my saviour

    Sunday of Xmas films planned I think



    Hi felecity.

    I was given laxido by the hosiptal so have taken some of that. Its done the trick and hubby has made me some nice homemade veg soup. Trying to cut down on the cocoadmols and just take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening and paracetamol in between. Does kinda of feel like my inards have fallen out inside at the moment thou.

    Luckily i have dissolving stitches, so dont have to go through that torment at least. Was sent home with a big waterproof plaster so i could shower. Nurse also gave me some additional ones and some dressing. Just told me to pat dry the stitches and place dry padding over between my bridget jones knickers and let the air get it. Had a look and doesnt look too bad.

    Hoping i feel more human by xmas day.



    Jo – 5th December – On Done Couch
    Heather – 6th December – On Done Couch
    Emwal- 6th December – On Done Couch
    Felicity – 10th December – On Done Couch
    Melly – 10th December – On Done Couch
    Bellapabella – 17th December
    Dory – date TBC

    Welcome gsmum and fairycake xx

    good luck tomorrow bellapella I hope all goes well and you land gently xx

    Cocodamil can make you very constipated – haveyou tried some peppermint oil mixed with warm water as this helps with the wind and to get things moving also walking around as much as you are able to and drinking plenty of water all helps xx

    You are all doing very well keep resting ladies xx



    Hi All,
    Feeling a bit more human having finally got rid of the shingles, which totally wiped me out.
    Op wise I’m ok – pain is pretty much non existent – so am down to a couple of ibuprofen a day now which is great. Bleeding seems to have got a bit heavier and redder today which I thought odd until I read this is quite common. I can’t rest any more than I am doing so at least I know I’m not over doing it. Hormones are a bit all over the place – I wouldn’t say I’m crazy, but a bit wobbly which is to be expected I guess whilst my oestrogen levels balance themselves. All in all, however, not bad.

    I can recommend series 1 of The Sinner if you like detective dramas, which is on Netflix (and BBC although you won’t be able to binge watch).

    Hi to Gsmum and Faircake – good to have some new faces.

    How was having the staples out Liz?




    Hey everyone. 36 hours since op. Ended up having cervix out too due to varicose veins. 2/3 of bladder was attached to uterus so in a bit of pain.
    I agree-coughing sends me into a panic as it hurts! 🤣😂🤣 It’s very surreal knowing it’s all done. Especially as my room is right bang in middle of maternity ward.
    Hope everyone else is going well. xxx



    Well done bellapella
    I had the same issue with everything fused but feeling good 7 days + so hang on in there !
    Had my ‘clips’ out yesterday, don’t know what I though clips were but turned out to be staples- 20 in all 🤪 I knew the incision was increased due to ‘difficulties’ but didn’t expect that
    Entirely pain free removing them bar 1, slight tenderness today where that one was but nurse really happy with what the wound looks like healing really well
    Popped into the Waitrose opposite hospital then feeling quite invincible, had a coffee and a wander round, home 3 hours sleep then a granny nap this afternoon as well, maybe not quite invincible
    Recovery has been good so far only one more injection in my stomach left, looks like marble with all the bruises, hubby is a bit too smiley administering for my liking have to come up with some payback

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