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Forums Forums Gynaecological Conditions Prolapse Does anyone else have bloating with prolapse?

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    Hello, I’m new here and wonder if anyone can help me as I’m not getting very much help from the medical profession with my problems. I have been diagnosed with a cystocele and rectocele, stenosis of cervix (cervix is is sealed up, closing off the uterus), a fibroid and a couple of small ovarian cysts.

    I experience a lot of pain and discomfort – dragging/pulling down abdomen, groin pain, pain radiating down buttock and leg sometimes, and at times I can barely walk as my pelvis seems to cease up. It all started about 15 months ago. Prior to that I was very fit, super active and healthy. In the last few months my health has deteriorated rapidly. I now have a permanently bloated abdomen – from below diaphragm to pelvic area. This is what is causing me the most concern as no one knows what is causing it. According to my consultant the bloating is not caused by the prolapse or stenosis of cervix (although they only found that a few weeks ago). I’ve had tests with a Gastro Intestinal consultant, who confirmed it is not my bowel. I’ve also had tests with urology because I have blood in my urine. The tests still came back OK. I’ve been tested over the last 15 months for various cancers and other diseases and everything has come back clear.

    My Gynecologist said in a recent letter to my GP that I will offered a hysterectomy and prolapse repair providing the GI consultant gives me the all clear (which I’ve now had). I’m seeing her this week so hope to be given the go ahead for the hysterectomy and prolapse repair. What is worrying me is that she said in the letter to my GP that this MAY relieve the pain I’m experiencing but it WON’T resolve the bloating.

    I am completely baffled by all of this. I am really worried about why I am so bloated and wonder if anyone else has had bloating with a prolapse or stenosis of cervix or could there be another reason? I think there may be fluid trapped in my uterus because I occasionally get a foul smelling liquid discharge, which suggests pyometra or hematometra (fluid or blood trapped in uterus). As my cervix is closed up, very little/almost nothing can get out, so even though it is very rare, it is possible for fluid/blood to be trapped. However, my scans don’t show fluid in the uterus, so the consultant says it is not that, but I know the sonographer struggled to see anything when she did the scan and actually told me that. She even said she’d need help to interpret the data and write the report because it was so difficult to see anything. It’s even crossed my mind that fluid could be getting into my abdominal wall. I’m not constipated (through careful management of my diet) and I don’t think it’s gas either.

    Does anyone have a similar experience with bloating and can anyone advise on this?



    Hi Karen. This link may give a bit more information, at least one of the doctors says that prolapse and bloating can occur.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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