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    Hi I was diagnosed in December with endometriosis after having a laparoscopy , I’m am due to have a full hysterectomy on 23rd march looking for people to chat to who are in same situation louise



    Hi Louise. I’m also getting a total hysterectomy plus ovaries removed in March because of endometriosis.


    Hi iona22 how u feeling about it all? Nice to find someone going through same thing same time. I’ve mixed feelings really worried about the whole op and recovery but will b glad when it’s here and done cause I know I can’t go on like I am endometriosis controls my life.
    Speak soon louise x



    Hi. Yes I’m nervous but like you the endometriosis seems to control my days. I’m fed up taking painkillers and using a tens machine every day…. 3 weeks today till my opinion!


    Iona when is your op?hope ur ok,weeks r creeping by now 4 weeks yesterday till mine. Starting to worry a bit now will only b 2nd time I’ve been put to sleep got really stressed last time. It’s nice to hear from others that r in same boat but still scared xxx



    My op is 9th March so I’m trying to get organized atm. Only my 3rd GA all because of endometriosis 🙁 hopefully I’ll be getting it LAVH plus BSO what about you?


    I’m having TH with BSO I’ve had 4 years of abnormal smears and diagnosed with endo in dec so That was the way to go quite major as I am only 38 to. It was a very big decision for us as I’ve got three children but they r not my partners he has none of his own. We decided my health was more important and the endo was controlling our lives. R u worried about pain when u wake up? I am felt horrible when I woke up last time. Nice to speak to u

    Louise xx



    Hi Ladies
    I had my hysterectomy 19th Feb so am on week 3 of recovery. The surgeon intended removing everything except my right ovary. He ended up leaving my cervix and right fallopian tube due to excessive bleeding. I hope to find out more at the 6 week check up.
    Wind- this will be you #1 issue initially. Drink peppermint tea or the peppermint cocktail the nurses can give you. Take any laxatives to help reduce constipation but also haemarroids. This I have struggled with and is not pleasant. It was only a few days but golly it was uncomfortable.
    I did not and still haven’t had any issues with the wound. I still have a dressing on it but no pain or infections.
    Rest, rest and more rest is the key. Comply with the information provided and of course you want to be mobile but rest after each little task.
    The good days are lovely and frequent but the other days can feel like a backwards step. Do not panic just rest.
    I hope this helps a little.
    Tania xx
    I realised after writing this that it was some time ago. Doh



    Hi Ladies,
    I am 41 and have had issues with periods, bleeding, pain and gynae issues foe years now. I have had one child, she is now 12, and had 4 laporoscopies after my emergency c-section. I had adhesion’s and lots of pain but endo was never diagnosed. After being referred back to the gynae last May with suspected peri-menopause, he recommended doing another laporoscopy and a hysteroscopy to rule things out and ended up diagnosing me with endo. He lasered a lot away but I have it on the ligaments holding my uterus in place, in my uterus and in the walls and on the back too. The only options I have is a partial or full hysterectomy. He recommended a partial one keeping ovaries in place.
    I have really suffered with my hormones, pain and very heavy periods, all getting progressively worse since my op in June 2018. I have been seeing a hormone specialist doctor who has been prescribing progesterone for my low hormone level, trying to stave off hysterectomy for a few years, but has said if I do go down the hysterectomy route to have a full one. The reason being is that in her experience, most women having partial hys end up with ovaries packing up to full menopause within 3 years anyway.
    I am due to see the consultant again on 19th Jan but I am so worried and confused over what I should and should not do, how long I will be out of action for (have a few holidays booked this year) and if the pain will go as the main pain is from the ligaments not from the uterus.

    any help or advice would be appreciated.

    TIA x



    Hi Martine. I have no idea how to help you but I just noticed that you’ve been sitting in here on your own! Hopefully someone will come along soon, who can offer you some first hand advice. xx

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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