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Forums Forums Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT Concerns and Side Effects Failed hrts – finding something that works?!!!

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    Please can anyone give me any feedback on what has/hasn’t worked for you?

    I have had Sandrena gel, patches and am now on tablets. I am 8 weeks post op for TLAH/BSO but had hrt before as I was on Zoladex.

    I am still suffering with flare ups of really awful joint pains all over my body along with waking up with a massive hangover feeling (not drinking alcohol) and dryness in all my mucous membranes but am on a high dose hrt. My last blood test showed my oestrogen at just over 400 which is a good reading but I am still getting severe symptoms of low oestrogen. Some days I am not as bad and think I am getting somewhere and then it happens again.

    I am back at work this week and just so upset and fed up. Everyone said I would feel like a new woman – ha!

    The only thing I haven’t tried is something like Premarin or the implants.

    Any experiences/thoughts much appreciated.




    Hi Lou
    I’m now 6 months post op and still trying to find a nice HRT!
    I’ve tried Premarin, took it for 3 months and spent most of that time in tears! Really low mood on it plus I didn’t like the fact it was made from pregnant mates urine. I’ve also tried Livial (didn’t seem to do anything) and now on Kliofem but not keen on that either!
    I think it’s just got to be trial and error and it may be that Premarin would suit you. I’ve read a bit about an hrt called Femoston but not sure if I can have that as my TAH was due to endometriosis.
    I wish you luck and if you find something that agrees with you let me know!
    Becky xx



    Please help. Now on 2mg estelle. Sweats are unbearable and now stopped going out as embarrassing. Any ideas?



    Have a look at It is a good website.
    I would also suggest talking to your GP to see if you can be referred to a menopause clinic which may be available in your area.

    Fiona x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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