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    @mutti must have posted at same time as only just discovered your op has been cancelled. I’m so sorry it’s a bit like torture when you have psyched yourself up for it! 🙁
    & don’t in anyway think you are a fraud just as Mel said. You NEED this op!
    I was extremely lucky my GP did an NHS referral to a bmi hospital, (they take 26% from NHS) otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting on the done couch now.
    It good to know the ladies in recovery are all improving, hope everyone has a good evening.
    Love & gentle hugs
    Chris Xx



    @benncat, Mel, pleased yiu feel a bit better, if your tummy is make no noises, that’s good! Only on here can we talk of such things, 😂

    Hope yiu are able to enjoy the wedding @sam_m187 and any after effects are minimal for you.

    Love to all xxx



    Oh no Penny @mutti that is extremely disappointing and i would feel exactly the same as you about climbing under the covers. It is such an emotional build up and it must feel like all your hard work getting through to today has crumbled.

    Do treat yourself to something wonderful to do this weekend and stay positive for a phone call from the hospital for a new appointment hopefully really soon.

    Mel, @benncat i can’t believe you’re still suffering after the fabulous diet you have been following, so unfair – hope you feel some relief really soon.

    I came home from hospital today – i opted for a 3rd night as i was still in a lot of wind related pain and wasn’t ready to leave. I had a brilliant nights sleep and woke up pain free except for a tender tummy. I can’t thank everyone enough for the help and advice on this group as without it i wouldn’t have been so well equipped with my peppermint tea and mints etc… i have to say, the nurses gave me no help whatsoever with the wind pains, and only advised they had peppermint water available when i was discharged – they wouldn’t let me have my peppermint capsules either!! So i was disappointed on the lack of remedies offered for what is a common surgery after-effect. My surgery was at York General Hospital.

    @sam_m187 i hope the wedding goes well tomorrow, good luck.

    Love and gentle hugs, Nichola xx



    Good evening ladies,

    Mutti I’m so sorry you’ve been cancelled it’s horrible isn’t it especially after all the build up and organising – I hope you’re feeling ok – maybe you’ll get a date soon I really hope so – although sometimes these things happen for a reason – take care xx

    Benncat and Daphne I hope you are both feeling a little better tonight xx

    Sam – I hope you manage the wedding ok although you will be incredibly tired afterwards – I had a vaginal hysterectomy and my mother in law passed away the day after my surgery – her funeral was exactly a week after my op but I really didn’t feel able to go as I was scared that anyone would come close and bump into me – I really hope you manage to go even just for a wee while xx

    Have a good evening ladies xx

    Daphne – 5th February – On Done Couch
    Thompsuz – 5th February – On Done Couch
    Benncat – 6th February – On Done Couch
    Sue 7th February – On Done Couch
    Cheryl – 8th February – On Done Couch
    Sam – 14th February – On Done Couch
    Sooty – 14th February – On Done Couch
    Nichola -19th February – On Done Couch
    Chris – 20th February – On Done Couch
    Kate78 – 20th February – On Done Couch
    Mutti – 23rd February – Cancelled new date TBC
    Funkydoofamily – 26th February
    Fiona – 27th February



    @mutti I’m so sorry that your op has been cancelled. My original op was back in December and when they couldnt proceed I had to wait a while but told them I’d take a cancellation. New date came through for 21st Feb and then got a phone call to say one was available for the the 8th, so I took that. Are you able to do that as it could mean you’re not kept waiting? Fingers crossed that its only a minor setback.



    Hello ladies
    Thank you for all your lovely messages, I’m feeling a bit better now and your support really helps. The lady I spoke to today told me the list manager would ring me next week and we’ll go from there. I will feel a bit sheepish turning up to work tomorrow!
    My daughter just qualified to work as a radiographer in the NHS last July and now works in a hospital near London, so I hear some of the inside stories too. The staff are great and working under such pressure that it puts things into perspective. I’m lucky my surgery is elective (as such) and not an emergency so I’m prepared to wait my turn. It will be March though so I may have to span two forum groups….but I’ll keep up with you all!
    Glad to hear that you are all progressing well, what with your exotic diets and musical tummies! I love it that there are no taboos when it comes to talking about our internal workings!
    I’m heading for an early bedtime – getting in practice for all the rest, rest, rest you are prescribing! – and to recover from a stressful day!

    Lots of love
    Penny. Xx



    Evening all,
    I’m now finished with work, last day in the office done, just a bit more marking to finish over the weekend.
    Some time tomorrow with close friends for breakfast, a womens’ conference on Saturday and baking, packing and sorting on Sunday ready for early admission on Monday morning.

    The weather forecast looks interesting next week – hope it doesn’t prevent surgeons getting to work!



    Good morning ladies

    How is everyone this morning? @funkydoofamily, sounds like you have a nice weekend planned – fingers crossed for no interruptions to surgeries next week.

    My first night back at home has been very uncomfortable and have not slept much at all. In what position is everyone using these v-pilllows? Mine is very firm and i had it round the back of my head – I felt and looked like I was propped up in a dinghy! It was not comfortable – I must be doing it wrong!! Any comfy tips appreciated!

    Love Nichola x



    …sorry, also forgot to ask – for the ladies on the Done Couch, did you come home with any of the blood thinning injections to self-administer? I didn’t get prescribed any but I remember having them after previous ops.

    Thankyou, Nichola xx



    Hi @littlemrs welcome to the on done couch. I am on the heparin injections and finish them on the 5 March (yeh!!!!) – 4 weeks post op. The reason I was given was because I have had both major surgery and cancer so I’m guessing that not everyone needs them.

    @mutti sorry to hear your op is cancelled particularly as you’ve psyched yourself up for it and sorted things out at work etc. I was concerned about mine because it was in the period that they announced that the NHS was cancelling all ops but I was told that mine would still go ahead because it was non-elective and for cancer.

    @benncat hope you’re feeling better and back on the road to recovery. I’m still getting odd pains and twinges but will see how they are next week as I need to get my fit note extended so will see GP then.

    @sam_m187 hope the wedding goes ok. Sure everyone will understand if you cannot do the whole day and evening do if there is one – it may be an idea to find a quiet corner for an hour or two to recharge your batteries. I had to do this at my nephews wedding when I had Labryntitis a couple of years ago!

    Hope everyone else is feeling ok and taking things easy.



    Hi Nichola, @littlemrs, sorry you had an uncomfortable night, I remember my first night struggling to get comfortable and sleeping very propped up, quite an unnatural position., I think it’s was mainly due to wind pain, but I had laparoscopic op not an incision … I have a v pillow but haven’t used it for sleeping use it for propping up in bed when reading, having a drink etc especially in my first week, when I stayed in bed until mid morning. I am still using extra ordinary pillows for sleeping, I used one between my knees when on my side a small one kind of under my tummy, and an extra one under my head too, but more normal amount now ( 16 days for me since my op)
    I had 5 days of heparin injections at home after my discharge, it seemed to me that this was standard as almost all the ladies discharged for various ops seems to be getting them when they were discharged…..

    Hope everyone else is doing ok x



    @littlemrs Good morning Nichola. I had to inject Clexane for 28 days post-op although not sure if that was standard as I have a chronic bowel disease which apparently increases my chances of DVT (lucky me!!!). Pillows – I did sleep with my V pillow although mine is quite soft and squidgy. Also used other pillows when sleeping, similar to how @sue describes.

    @benncat How are you today?

    And hope all the other lovely February ladies are ok too.



    I’m going home this afternoon. I’ve had lots of trouble this morning (I remembered not to strain) spent 11/2hrs in the bathroom managing a shower too 🤣but I emerged triumphant . Had prunes for breakfast although they will take a while to run the course🙇‍♀️ (TMI) My daughter has recommended flaxseed & I’ve got prune juice waiting at home , thanks to your tips.
    @littlemrs My youngest daughter is pregnant & recommends using v pillowrather like @sue suggest but with the v bit between your legs so the the end side bit cuddles your tum. Hope you manage a better night tonight.
    Hope everyone has a good day.



    Hello lovely February ladies!
    So sorry @mutti to hear your op cancelled. Bless you! Can’t imagine the disappointment but you sound very positive!
    Sorry to hear of your setback @benncat. Hoping you’re feeling a bit brighter with the meds.
    Sounds like everyone progressing well…
    Just @funkydoofamily and me left to join the done couch! Enjoying a relaxing weekend with hubby. Women’s conference on Saturday (don’t know if it’s the same one @funkydoofamily 😊) then day at home on Monday to do all those jobs to prepare for the long rest rest and more rest ahead.
    Just planning and gathering stuff for my hospital bag … Any tips about essential items ?
    Will be thinking of you @funkydoofamily on Monday.
    Wishing everyone a restful and comfortable weekend
    Love and hugs Fiona



    @mrs_c I am sure you will have packed all the obvious, but one tip someone gave me…. is to have a small bag ( I had a small drawstring wash bag ) with essential items in it that you can have very handy nearby, I had a hold-all with items in an a wash bag with my toiletries etc but after your op, you can’t lean over to reach into it or lift a large bag from the floor or locker, but in my little drawstring bag, I put my phone, charger, lip balm, some peppermints, small pack of tissues, a pen, notepad, eye mask, earphones, handbag mirror and a hairbrush etc. I kept it on the over the bed table and could just get my items out easily.
    I found the eye mask a real godsend, I know it’s. bit diva like, but it helped me rest not only at night but in the day…those hospital lights are very bright. I found a sports water bottle great for ensuring I drank plenty easier especially in the first day for drink king in bed.

    Have a restful weekend x



    Ah thanks @sue… That’s really helpful to know. I’ll make sure I pack that way… Makes a lot of sense. Never having been in hospital apart from when I had my children it’s hard to know/remember what to expect!!

    Tired of feeling rubbish now… Just want it all over with!



    Evening all, I hope that your all well. Feeling very uncomfortable this evening, very bloated. I’ve still not opened my bowels properly. How are you @benncat? Have a good rest everyone xx



    @sue What fantastic advice re the little bag for essentials! How I wish you had arrived prematurely in the Jan forum (before my op) with that little gem ☺ I didn’t really use any of my little goodies in hospital as I couldn’t reach them and/or my bag was too heavy/awkward to scrabble into post-op. Will try to remember for the future in case I ever need another op so thank you xx



    @mrs_c my conference is in Shoeburyness, at the Baptist Church.



    Evening all,

    Just thought I would check in and let you all know that I made the wedding and survived. I am, of course, insanely tired tonight and a little tender. I’m sure tomorrow will be much of the same if not worse, but worth it.

    Hope you’re all feeling better today, and all of us with those tricky bm issues have some relief.

    S xx

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