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    Hi all

    I’m new to this, so I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right place.

    I’m 48 and have 3 children – two by c-section. I have been diagnosed with (Floyd – Yes I named it) the fibroid (26 weeks gestation) back in February this year, only because I had severe pain in my back, across my right hip and down the side of my right leg, I couldn’t stop being sick either? Apart from heavy periods for 4+ years and feeling very tired, which last year my GP put down to my age (how wrong was he) – I feel I have been very lucky and not suffered like a lot of women have.

    I saw the gynaecologist in March who gave me two options – shrink it with Esmya or a hysterectomy. He advised due to the size of my fibroid even after taking Esmya (four courses) the fibroid would still be quite big and I would probably be looking at a hysterectomy anyway. I decided to have the hysterectomy as I am really uncomfortable and as from February the fibroid has been causing a lot of bladder/kidney issues. I have taken the Esmya for 3 months now, as advised, the only thing that seems to have shrunk is me – I have lost a stone since February due to kidney infections, my stomach still feels as big as ever. I have decided to keep my ovaries and cervix, as I see no reason to remove them as they are healthy and I have no family history of cancer – my gynaecologist has left this for me to decide but has advised the risks of leaving them there, I just think no more risk than if I wasn’t having this operation. I most likely will have a vertical incision due to the fibroid size and maybe because of the c-sections? My operation is booked for 10 July this year, I had my pre op assessment 9 June.

    I have read too much on the internet about hysterectomies and had given myself several episodes of refusing to talk about it or deal with it. One day in April after refusing to talk about it, my husband showed me the ‘Hysterectomy association’- well here I am. I still feel I am not ready for this operation and I still feel like I shouldn’t be having it – I am worried about the operation, recovery and the consequences – there is so much to think about. It amazes me how many people say to me – “Just get rid of it, you don’t want any more children” – I think there’s more to my uterus than carrying a baby.

    sorry if I have gone on a bit

    Sand xx



    Hi Sand
    Reading your post is like looking in a mirror. Everything you describe is EXACTLY the same as I was. The only difference was that the Esmya worked for me but didn’t shrink Freddie (my fibroid!) enough. Anyway. I had a TAH on 1st March with a vertical incision, left my cervix but removed my ovaries.
    Without a doubt the best thing I ever did! Wish I had done it earlier. If you read through the March thread you will see my journey plus that of many other lovely ladies.
    I will be 15weeks on Wednesday and feel great. Still get a bit tired but hey ho!
    I am happy to try and answer any questions you have but it would be worth you reading through the other months threads and joining the July one for support.




    Hi Claire, thank you for your reply

    Sorry I’ve not replied sooner, I’ve had trouble getting back onto the forums.

    My operation is this Monday 10/07/2017 and I’m trying very hard to have a Positive Mental Attitude.

    How was the pain after a vertical incision?




    Hi Sandie

    Pain was fine, I had a morphine pump to start with for 12hrs and felt no pain the had tramadol for 1 day because they made me very sick! After that it was paracetamol and ibuprofen, pain never got the better of me.
    To be honest, the anticipation of the operation is much worse I think. I had lots of support from other ladies on here so make sure you are part of the July forum group too.
    I think the main pain I had came from wind! Even if you have an incision they still pump you full of wind and it is really painful after the first couple of days, so have peppermint tea and drink lots. Walk around if you can.
    Feel free to email me if you need any advice, support.



    Hi. I’m also new on here. I’ve had fibroids for 8 years….maybe 9. Discovered them when I was pregnant with my daughter. Had a recent scan and got the results today. I thought I had three….One cricket ball and two marbles but it seems the marbles are now golf balls and there’s a new one too. GP doesn’t think they can remove them as it will cause so much scar tissue. Need to decide whether or not to leave it and risk them growing bigger still or opt to have a hysterectomy. Trying to get my head round it all. I’m 37 so potentially years of them growing. Glad to find this forum and site. Michelle x



    Hi Clare

    Thanks for your advice and support, I have joined the July group and I will read through the other groups as well.

    I have got the peppermint tea ready, not looking forward to the dreaded wind.

    Sandie x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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