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    Hi ladies
    I had my op on May 22nd, and am doing well. But yesterday I got my follow up appointment. Instead of the 6-8 weeks I expected, it’s next Tuesday, only 4 weeks post op.
    I’m a bit worried that this is because there’s a problem – like the pathology coming back positive?
    What is a normal time for follow up? Do these things vary from place to place, is there cause for alarm or am I worried about nothing?


    Hi Janny,
    I had mine on the 18th may, I had a laparoscopic vaginal assisted procedure with removal of ovaries. I had my appointment on Tues this week and I was not quite 4 weeks, they have to review you within 4 to 6 weeks but obviously it’s clinic dependant sometimes as I know the next available appt with my consultant was August so they had to slot me in and overbook a clinic.
    What is your consultant like with letters ? Mine send any information via letter so I was told at about 10 days that my pathology was fine but I know not all consultants would inform you via letter anyway.
    I dont know your situation but I would have thought that if the consultant suspected anything suspicious prior to surgery it may have been discussed ? Try not to worry.
    Thanks Amanda x


    Thanks Amanda, I too had a total LAVH. After the op the consultant told me I had a “mass” on one of my fallopian tubes, which was sent to path.
    At my pre-op they took bloods for CA125, which came back as OK, so I don’t know whether there is cause for concern.
    At least I know that a 4 week follow up isn’t totally unheard of, so thanks for that.


    No worries, try and have a lovely weekend. Have you got someone going to appt with you ? I still find I get brain fog!
    I also wrote a list of questions for me consultant as she tends to just rattle through stuff ( she knows I’m a nurse- which works against me with her i think ).that being said I did forget to ask if I could have a bath yet ?


    Julie Rowe

    Hi Janny,

    I hope everything goes ok for tomorrow, and that it will put your mind at rest.

    I was expecting a 4-6 week review appointment to come through, but I’ve just been told my Consultant at Stepping Hill, Manchester, doesn’t routinely do follow-up appointments, they just send a letter with the results and I should refer to my GP in the first instance, the GP can then make a further referral back if needed.

    Must admit I’m a bit surprised, as I thought someone would want to check everything is ok.

    I had keyhole surgery I haven’t got a large incision to worry about, but once the results come through, I will make an appointment with my GP to talk through the results and what HRT options may be available.

    Stepping Hill was an out of area referral for me, so it’s a bit of a trek to get there, but I was going to use what I expected as a follow-up appointment to take some goodies for the ward staff, consultant and anaesthetist teams who all took such good care of me on the day – I was a terrified blubbering wreck. I still will do this, but would have been handy if the visit could have been combined.

    Suppose every area / hospital and probably each Consultant has there on procedures in place regarding any follow-up appointments.

    Agree with Amanda’s suggest regarding taking someone along.

    Will be thinking about you, let us know how you get on.



    Just back from hospital. The news was mixed, in that I had endometrial cancer (despite a negative biopsy in March), but it was stage 1A and all removed by the hysterectomy.
    Just some follow up checks with the oncology nurse to get through now.
    Could have been a lot worse, thank you to those who offered advice and support.


    Julie Rowe

    Hi Janny,

    I can imagine you were shocked to receive this result, but try to keep focused on the positives:

    – It’s been caught at an early stage,
    – You have already had the hysterectomy, the cancer was contained and it’s been removed,
    – You are now under the care of oncology and they are going to monitor you going forwards.

    I hope you can continue with your recovery, reassured by the knowledge they have and are looking after you.

    Best wishes

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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