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    I had my hysterectomy (vertical incision, leaving the ovaries) April 21, and I and my friends are amazed in the change in me.

    Before, I was sluggish, looked pregnant, felt like a whale and generally felt tierd and unwell.

    Even the day after, the medical professionals were telling me I was doing really well, I was up doing multiple lengths of the ward by day 2, went out of the ward in day 4, and went home on day 5 (they were ready to discharge me in day 4, but my friends couldn’t come to go with me that day.) My friends all tell me I look better, have more colour in my cheeks, one saying I looked like a different person. I am planning to gradually increase the distance I travel each day until back to normal, and I feel full of energy. I am having to remember that I cannot start rushing around!

    I am a bit sore, and bruised around the incision, and I have been given meds for this, and I think not only is this the best thing I have dine, but I wish they had done this year’s ago, instead of messing around with a mirenacoil, which was likely washed out in my next period and otherwise did naff all except cause a massive clotty period with enormous cramps from Hell.

    Just thought I would share my experience with you others.




    Hello Gail and welcome,

    It’s lovely to hear you are doing so well I am sure the ladies waiting for their surgery will be glad to read such a positive outcome – just be careful you don’t do too much too soon 8) I have posted the recovery guide which will give you an idea what you should or shouldn’t be doing in the early days following surgery ! 😆

    Take care and I hope your recovery continues to go well – just remember to rest as much as you can 🙂 x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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