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    Hi All
    I’m new here and am awaiting a date for a laparascopic hysterectomy via vagina (not sure what the correct abbreviation is!!!). Adenomyosis is the culprit and after many years of worsening hellish pain I am glad to know there is a reason for it.
    I’m 47 and never really wanted children so there’s no issues there, have a very supportive partner and a lovely life otherwise.
    My issues just now are having had a merina coil fitted a few years ago (made a difference to bleeding bit not to pain), 4 months now of Zoladex (to stop my own hormones) I’ve also just started HRT (Livial – 10 days ago) to counteract the menopausal symptoms including total brainless-ness and emotions running riot. My GP also suggested time off work – so for a change I put myself first and took her advice.
    At the moment my head is total mince!!! Emotions ranging from very sad to angry with little or no warning. Someone please tell me it improves!! I realised only the other day that the 3 different interventions are all having an impact on my hormones. I am not exactly looking forward to the Op but quite honestly at least then there will be only focussing on healing and one source of hormones to deal with through HRT.
    I am finding it very useful to read what everyone else’s experiences are – it helps me know what to expect.
    Any advice or friendly blethers very welcome 🙂



    Hi and welcome,

    I would suggest you pop over to the monthly forums where most of the ladies waiting or already on the done couch are chatting where you will be made very welcome and can blether as much as you like. 😀 xx

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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