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    I’m new to this forum and I am having a LAVH keeping my ovaries but everything else is is being removed. Im very nervous of the unknown and have prob over thought it since I seen the surgeon Friday. When speaking to her she told me I would be in for two nights yet every one else seems to be one night? I think it’s the recovery that scares me the most not the surgery.



    Hello sj38 there is a thread already started – May 2018 where you will find all the ladies who are having their surgery in May – the list is very small just now but am sure it will grow in time – we look forward to seeing you over there – the title is May 2018 🙂



    Hallo @sj38
    I had the same operation on 18th April and I was in for 2 nights. That’s because I didn’t feel ready to go home just the next day and was also appreciative of the extra meds I got overnight! On the day after my second night (when I had a great sleep due to getting earplugs from the nurse!) I was much more mobile and ready to go home. Like all the others on here I found the anticipation of pain etc much worse than the actual event. I’m 10 days home now and am at the stage where having to take it easy is becoming a bit tedious but my body quickly tells me when I’ve overdone it.
    I had never been in hospital or had any kind of operation before and was feeling probably the same kind of trepidation you have. You have to just accept the first 2 days will be sore and you will feel the heaviness of the anaesthetic, after that… much better all round.
    Take care




    I’ve gave into the fact I’ve gotta take it easy just would rather be doing it from home ha. I’m only 15 minutes from home aswell. I’ve just found out today they have bought my surgery forward to the 3/5 I don’t feel ready atall.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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