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    Having the above op on Tuesday 25th Sept and terrified! the more I read the more I worry, mainly about something going wrong during op and worried I may be worse off than now. The op is for prolapse and I put if off 2 years ago as I could live with symptoms, but now a lot worse. Anyone else out there having same op on same day? we could compare notes x
    Age 63, (35 in head) husband, 2 daughters, 2 grandaughters, 1 great grandson and I’m normally fit and active



    Hi jackie,

    Please try not to worry too much – it’s not as bad as you think it will be – really – I had the vaginal hyst for prolapse which included pelvic floor repairs, and have been fine – apart from a couple of infections early on in recovery my recovery has been straightforward and am sure yours will be too – so please don’t worry too much – Its perfectly natural to be worried but once it’s all over you will wonder what you were worrying about !!

    Hope all goes well for you and you should pop over to the September forum where you will meet all the ladies who have had / or just about to have their ops and can compare notes with them – they really are a great bunch and you get all the support and information and reassurance you need from them. !!!!

    Take care. !!!



    Hi Jules,
    Thank you for replying I was just having a major wobble! glad all went well for you x



    Hi Jackie 100% what Juleskirk said. Its natural to be afraid but dont let it over run you.
    As Juleskirk said if you join the September forum you will see the ladies had your op theres a few there also some having theirs soon.
    Taker care see you in September xxxxxxxxxxxxx



    had my op cancelled on tuesday due to another op taking much longer than expected, gutted as was all geared up for it and sat on ward waiting to go down to theatre from 12.30pm until 6pm, but poor lady who was operated on for so much longer. Am now waiting for it to be re-scheduled, which must be done within a month according to the surgeon, government guidelines he said, so back to square one but at least I know what to expect when I get to hospital next time, I’m calling it my ‘dummy run’ Good luck to any one waiting for their op x



    Jackiecc, that’s awful, its bad enough all the waiting before hand, but to have it cancelled must be hugely disappointing. I guess the lady before you must have had it rough and if you think about it, you don’t want a tired surgeon operating on you, so good luck for next time.
    If it’s any help, I’m 62 (but like you I’m not accepting that age as in my mind and heart I’m still stuck in the sixties). Anyway, had the same probs as you, prolapsed womb, repairs etc and 9 months down the line, I’m fine. Working very hard at work, doing everything I used to do (although I do get tired but determined not to give in to age) and, although had a bladder prob for 3 weeks, everything is fine. So rest up, don’t worry, just let your mind chill and remember that rest is hugely important for a good recovery. Any problems let everyone here know because there is always someone who has had experience and no matter what age, we are women united knowing that we all understand fear, worry, discomfort and ability to open up and get our problems sorted out.
    take care



    Thanks for your reply Maz, it was a huge disappointment but I’m ok about it now, just be glad when its all over. Have heard that you need plenty of rest after so I am prepared for that. Will let you know when I get my date x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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