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Forums Forums Gynaecological Conditions Prolapse Hernia, prolapse or maybe must piles?

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    I thought I had what appeared to be piles but a week later, I’ve developed pain across my groin where my scar is and it feels a bit lumpy across my stomach. I am wondering whether it’s possibly a rectal prolapse or a hernia.

    TMI alert – looks like a bulge on my anus that is the size of a large grape on one side. It was a bit sore but it’s calmed down a bit now.

    Over Christmas, I ate more than usual, did a bit of lifting and the pain seemed to kick in after I did a few hours standing. That’s why I suspect it may not be piles.

    Any info is appreciated. Trying to make an appointment to see my doctor but she is very popular and I won’t be able to see her until next week.



    Abouttime it’s a long time since your op so I guess it really does need your Gp having a look ,sometimes these problems below the waist just keep on happening .have you tried cream for piles? Are are you taking a cautious approach.I guess the best thing for you to do until you see your Gp is make sure you don’t get constipated and no lifting stuff just in case. Hope all goes well love Caroline xx


    Jane b

    I would def ask GP. I had TVH and repairs 3 days before you, and have had similar discomfort which I’ve blamed on piles because I’ve had them for years but my GP said they shouldn’t ache but just be sore… so I too have wondered whether its something else. I get pain after doing exercise and just doing bits of housework but I’m just wondering whether its all part of the healing?? I’m also taking iron and lactulose so I guess my poor bowels don’t know what’s going on. Was wondering whether to ask consultant if anything has prolapsed….
    Good luck, hope you are ok.

    Jane 55 TVH, pelvic floor repairs, TVT, adenomyosis and stress incontinence 8th Nov
    Husband, 3 kids, 1 at home (25), 1 in New Zealand (27) and 1 in Abu Dhabi (22)



    I finally managed to go to the doctor. She doesn’t think it’s a prolapse or that I’ve injured myself by lifting too much particularly as it’s been a while since my operation.

    I do have piles and I’m being tested for a urinary tract infection. Apparently the symptoms can include back pain.

    I do feel less anxious but I am still a bit concerned about the reappearance of the dreaded swelly belly. I thought I’d got rid of that forever.

    Thank you Jane and Caroline for responding to my post.

    Jane, maybe you should go and see the doctor if you’re still having problems.

    Take care both of you.



    Jane b

    Hi well went for check up with consultant today and he’s very happy with everything, no signs of anything prolapsing again etc. Said I should get the bowels checked out so also seen GP. Now referred to colorectal to check if its the piles…. blooming things have been bleeding as well. Honestly there’s always something 🙁 Moan over… xxx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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