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Forums Forums The Monthly Clubs January Hi, I’m new to this! Op on the 12th Jan 2019, feeling emotional.

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    Hi there.
    I have never joined a forum before, but after reading all your stories and helpful hints,I thought it would be helpful.
    I am 44 and having TAH and BSO with excision of endometriosis and bowel adhesions on the 12th Jan. I think I have been blanking it from my mind but looking at this website I’m feeling really emotional and tearful.i also work in the health service and more knowledge really isn’t a good thing! I’m having my pre op appt on the 8th and it’s just starting sink in. I’ve been running and swimming and eating really well in preparation and trying to think positively .
    Don’t know if I expect a reply, just wanted to say hi and break my forum virginity!😂

    Clare x



    Hi Clare, I was also a complete newbie to forums until about three weeks ago and only found this lovely website after my op. Not sure I would have been able to deal with reading all about things before the op so you’re braver than me! Ignorance was definitely my way of dealing with the run up to the op and, at the end of the day, each person’s experience will be unique and you will be able to deal with whatever happens. But hints and tips on here are definitely reassuring and helpful.
    Right now I find myself using the site a lot to feel like there are people out there who know a little of what I’m going through.
    If you add a message in to the January 2019 group there will be people in exactly the same timeframe as you ? All I can say is I’m 6 weeks post-op, it’s been a really really tough time but things are definitely getting a little bit better every day now and even though I’ve still got a long way to go, I’m glad I’ve had it done.
    The prep you are doing will all help and I think at a certain point you just have to put yourself in the hands of the experts and go with the flow….
    Wishing you lots of luck x



    Hello Clare and welcome to the forums,

    If you pop over to the January 2019 group you will be able to chat with everyone having their ops around the same time as you and can compare notes and get support from them as you wait and during your recovery. Good luck and I’ll go and add you to the January list now xx 😀



    Thankyou Louise! Good luck with the rest of your recovery xx and Thank you juleskirk. Just figuring out getting to the January list! I am hopeless!😂



    HI there – so good to have joined! My op is on 15th Jan so very close in time to yours. Good luck @cjn75 I am sure all will go well.
    I’m having total hysterectomy as have a fibroid size 8cms and had severe bleeding problems for a year…. hopefully now fibroid has shrunk a bit as had 2 x prostap injections. I’m amazed like one of the other comments that no contact with the consultant until 730am the day of op. Anyway – look forward to sharing experiences after and getting any tips. i have just ordered peppermint oil capsules for after op and have also bought a pair of BIG PANTS thanks to the list of stuff to get ready from this site.



    Hi I had my op on 2nd jan 2018 so I’m a year in. Feeling great, no hrt I’m on menopace the highest strength one and soya capsules.I have a few night sweats but no hot flushes during the day.I have emotional days still now and again but I feel free after years of pain and heavy bleeding and two close cancer calls which were both benign, you take a step forward and two back at first, don’t rush to get better as you will impede the recovery process.Im sending you best wishes for your recovery and I’m here to support you as we all are .

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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