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    Hello all you July ladies. !!

    Here is your list – it’s very small just now but am sure it will grow. ?

    Emma – 13th July



    Hi guys , this post seems to be the most recent posted so can I ask advice here I’m 4, months past my op , ful c s cation type , no problems at all , I’ve got back into exercise and dieting , but my tummy is still numb on the lower parts , I’m a good bit overweight so my lower tummy hung over but it seems worse now , I did a few trampolining class but started getting twinges , and tummy feels just realy heavy and v Roy wobbly , any advice on what I can do do minimise the heaviness ect , I’m going to doc soon anyway , thanks


    Hi Emma,

    Nice to talk to you. I’m Bev – I have my operation on the 4th July.



    I’m Jacqueline I’m new to the forum. I’m due to have a radical hysterectomy on 22nd July to say I’m worried is an understatement x



    Good afternoon July ladies!

    Welcome to the new ladies as I update the list.

    Have a look through the previous couple of months to get an idea of the preparation / recovery. Remember that waiting is the worst part!

    Bev – 4th July
    Emma 13th July
    Michelle – 14th July
    Jacqueline – 22nd July

    Fiona x


    Bev – 4th July op.

    I’m due to have a TVH on this date -including tubes. I have complex hyperplasia with atypia – which is a pre-cancerous conditon. They normally remove the ovaries at my age (54) but I’ve asked to retain them I have a strong family history of osteoporosis. They’ve agreed to this at the moment but said this type of hyperplasia may already have cancerous cell in the womb. If this is the case they’ll probably have to go back in and take the ovaries as well and perhaps some lymph nodes.

    To say I’m scared beyond belief is an understatement – not really for myself but I’m a single mum of a 17 year son who has epilepsy and we are both estranged from his father. I just pertrified about what happens to my son if anything happens to me but I guess these sort of fear are what everyone goes through.


    Emma Sayer

    Thanks for setting up the July list Fiona. Hi Bev, Jacqueline & Michelle.

    I’m not really sure of the forum abbreviations yet but am having a total hysterectomy plus ovaries & cervix after lots of problems with a big fibroid & adenomyosis which consultant described as endometriosis’ evil twin sister!

    Yes, it seems to get scarier as the date gets closer I guess & Bev I can only imagine what it must be like trying to get ready and worrying about your son. Is there anyone local who you can share your concerns with who may be able to help?

    I have found it v helpful reading posts from the May & April monthly forums. But nice to talk to you guys as we go through it at the same time.

    Take care, Emma xx


    Hi Emma,

    Thanks for your kindness. I will keep in touch with you and all the other ladies. Some people don’t have alot of support – so these forums are so important for many of us. At the moment it looks like I’ve got the earliest op in July on here at the moment. I’ll have a look at the other forums in April/May. Stay in touch. I have the support of my sister for a couple of weeks. She’s coming to stay from Norfolk but my son and I live in Surrey at the moment so it’s all a bit difficult.



    Emma Sayer

    Hi Bev,

    Just to say I’m so glad your sister can come for a while – think it’s really hard to talk to friends about as ‘gynae’ stuff still has this taboo. We moved to Wiltshire a few months ago & it was hard to lose my little support group of other Mums in Derbyshire especially as I am an older Mum anyway (I’m 47). My daughter is only 4 & although she knows I’m going in for an operation I don’t think she understands her normal ‘story spot’ on my lap will be out of bounds for a while! And I won’t be able to lift her up etc. Mind you we couldn’t go on as before as my symptoms were so bad she got really distressed about it all.

    I don’t know if this may help a bit but both my Mum & Dad worked in the NHS all their working lives & they have been very reassuring – as they say the surgeons do literally hundreds of these operations every year & their teams are so experienced too. All the posts in the forums I’ve read so far have been really positive & it’s great that we have so many women who we can ask any questions of – no matter how daft! Like one great big cyberfamily giving us a hug & a lots of tips!

    There’s definitely a packing list for hospital on the June page just in case you haven’t seen it.

    All for now, time for bed!

    Emma x



    Bev I can totally relate to your thoughts. Whilst I’m not on my own I still have been thinking what if something goes wrong I won’t see my children grow up. I’ve got 4 girls (23,17,8 and 5) that I don’t want to miss growing up and getting married. I have to try and keep my mind positive and remember that the doctors have done loads of these ops. They are one of the most common ops I believe.

    I’ve got my pre op tomorrow and only 9 days left at work. It’s daft really as the waiting makes you imagine all sorts of problems.

    Good luck for tomorrow Bev hope all goes really well for you. Please remember to come back on and let us know how you are. We will be thinking of you.

    Love Michelle


    Hi Michelle & Emma,

    Thanks for coming back to me. I know rationally that they do 100’s of these operations every year, but your mind plays on all eventualities – it is difficult not too. It’d difficult in other ways as my husband and I separated just over 2 years ago as he was controlling and abusive. They last 18 months have been a relevation as I’ve become extremely independant and have been doing loads of stuff I was told in my marriage not to do or I thought I couldn’t do and I’m a bit upset about that independance being taken away from me – even temporarily.

    I’m running round like a lunatic today trying to get everything done before tomorrow! I am on the morning list (hope it doesn’t get canx) I think I’m a bit in denial about it at the moment – it doesn’t seem real even though I’m petrified. It probably will all only be real as I get to the hospital tomorrow. Once it is done I will update you and hopefully that might give you a bit of reassurance. I’m also on a Facebook group called Hysterectomy Sisters UK which has been really good. I managed to find a lady who’d had her operation at the same hospital with the same consultant so that gave me a little reassurance. Take care and if we don’t speak before I’ll see you when ‘I get back from the other side’ as they say xxx



    Good luck for tomorrow Bev!

    Lou, (from over on the June 17 board)



    Good evening ladies,

    Bev good luck for tomorrow you’re the first July lady and will have the whole done couch to yourself for a while ? I hope all goes well and you find the couch comfy xx



    Good luck tomorrow Bev.
    We look forward to hearing from you once you are on the done couch. The hardest part – waiting- is almost over.

    Fiona x


    Thank you ladies.

    I will let you know how I am from the done couch!



    Emma Sayer

    Good luck for tomorrow, Bev. Will be thinking of you.

    Take care, Emma xx




    I’m Sandie, I’m new to the forum. My SAH is booked for 10/07/2017 – I have a 14cm Fibroid

    I’m trying to be positive about the operation, but I’m not getting very far.

    Sandie x


    Emma Sayer

    Hi Sandie,

    I’m in the same boat on the fibroid front with adenomyosis thrown in for good measure and have been taking Esmaya for 3 months to shrink it and stop the horrendous flooding & try to rebuild my iron levels. Feeling so much better than in Jan-May but know it is only a short fix and for me the operation is really the only answer.

    I am definitely getting more nervous the closer it gets – am booked for the 13th. But have found this site really helpful especially the tips from the girls who are already on the done couch from May & April groups. Also packing list has helped too.

    Is it the op itself or recovery that is getting to you?

    Take care, Emma x



    Hi Emma

    I have been taking Esmya, to shrink it. Started taking it in February, when they diagnosed the fibroid
    I finished the 3 month course in May. It did stop my periods and like you my iron levels were low.

    I think the operation, recovery and the consequences are all bothering me. I had two C-Sections, but they were horizontal incisions this time it is a vertical incision – as soon as I try and get my head around that I then worry about something else, and so it goes on.

    I have got health issues with one of my Kidneys. The fibroid (we have called it Floyd) is causing many UTI’s – I’m a bit concerned about my bladder.

    At the moment I’m just thinking – lets just face one bit at a time – op and pain first. I’m quite calm today but I know come Monday I will not be.

    Thanks for your reply Emma

    Sandie x


    Hi Sandie
    Mine is a fibroid too (she has always been called philipa) I’ve done two lots of the Esmya (3 month courses each time) but it has hardly worked.
    I’m not worried yet about the op as it’s not till next Friday so I can push it to the back of my mind as it doesn’t feel real.
    The down side is I have no pain at all at the moment or complications, I just have a swollen 6 month pregnant belly so I’m going in feeling great and I’m going to come out feeling pants I’m sure.

    I hope Bev feels ok and look forward to hearing an up date from her.

    Michelle x

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 100 total)
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