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    Good luck tomorrow Michelle. The worst part (waiting) is almost over.
    Hopefully Emma has landed gently on the done couch.

    Bev – 4th July – On Done Couch
    Sandie – 10th July – On Done Couch
    Louise – 10th July – On Done Couch
    Emma 13th July – On Done Couch
    Michelle – 14th July
    Jacqueline – 22nd July

    Fiona x


    Emma Sayer

    Hi ladies.

    Am on the done couch! Came back onto the Ward at 8pm and all fine and dandy. Michelle, I had anti-emetic pill as well as ibuprofen and paracetamol approx one hour beforehand and no issues. Wearing inflatable ankle / calf cuffs so a bit noisy but will be fine with ear plugs. Asked for peppermint tea in a beaker when I got back to the Ward and nibbling on a ginger biscuit. Husband says I look much better than he thought I would. No IV drip in any more and no drain, just catheter until tomorrow morning. So best of luck for tomorrow Michelle, I will be thinking of you. Hope everyone else is OK and enjoying life on the couch and relatively pain-free from wind etc.

    Emma xxx



    Yahhhh Emma welcome back, glad all went well, Christ this wind is a killer tonight ?



    Hi Louby, yes I’m sleeping in bed, I’m more uncomfortable sitting for too long, very swollen and bloated. I pulled my belly today trying to get up. Its hard to know what to do for the best, pain is ok though. I’ve struggled more with being light-headed today, think my blood pressure has dropped again. I hope you’re ok and comfortable and also Bev and Emma. just had pain relief, what you taking and how frequent?

    Thinking of you tomorrow Michelle, good luck. Xx


    Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I’m sure I’m not worried because you have all put me at ease.
    Did everyone have a drain put in? Was it painful when they took it out?
    I’m going to have something to eat soon as I’m not getting up before 6am to eat anything ?
    Emma did the hospital give you those pills before you went down?
    I’d rather have the pain than the sickness but don’t suppose I will get a choice on that lol.
    Will hopefully be back on line at some point tmrw ?
    Bye for now. Michelle x



    I have just come up to bed, watch this space!!!! I pulled earlier found a rather comfortable spot on the sofa, but then couldn’t get back up from it ?, I am taking 500ml of paracetamol x2 four times a day, just wished it helped with the wind, laying here now I can hear it gurgling over the fan we have on.

    Hope we all get a decent nights sleep and see you all tomorrow.

    Once again all my best Michelle.

    P.s. Where are we all from? I am Coventry xxx


    Emma Sayer

    Hello All,

    Just to say for pain relief I have set alarm every 4 hours to make sure pain control is topped up – tip from one of May ladies I think.

    Michelle, could eat till 0800 so had bowl of pasta & meat sauce at 0730 plus crumpet. Helped stop my tummy rumbling as not eaten more than couple of ginger nuts since.

    Am drinking lots of peppermint tea & water to try to flush anthaethic from body as soon as I can. No real wind yet but did get visit before surgery from women health physiology who suggested very gentle single knee drop an help eliminate it plus to keep head higher than bottom in bed to stop shoulder pain. This has really helped. Just bend knees to bring heels towards bottom – only as much as is comfy then very gingerly allow one knee to drop out to side – stop if feeling any pulling.

    Hope this helps. Also discussed what anti- sickness in offer with nude anaesthetist – he prescribed the pill before, gave some via drip during & pill after as needed…

    Sorry for early post but thought I might catch you…

    Emma xxx


    Emma Sayer

    Sorry meant women’s health physiotherapist!

    Louise, hope wind pain eased are you taking Windeze peppermint capsules at all? May & June girls misty swore by them. I’m drinking tons of peppermint tea (even a bit tepid rather than hot) from a kids beaker & so far not too bad on wind front. Btw, I’m from Marlborough in Wiltshire but only moved here in Feb we were in Ashbourne, Derbyshire before that!

    Drug round just been & taken ibuprofen, 2 x small codeine tablets, 2 x paracetamol plus I x antibiotic for tooth infection I had before I came in.. felt good not to have to take the Esmaya & norethisthone for fibroid & bleeding!!

    Had odd dream about wearing WHITE cut off pedal pushers on a Cornish beach – I don’t even own a pair dye to fear factor of hideous flooding so am taking that as sign from my subconscious that it approves..or I may be losing the plot!

    Take it easy everyone – has anyone heard from Jacqueline? Emma xx



    Good morning ladies,

    Just adding a new lady – Heather – to your list xx

    Bev – 4th July – On Done Couch
    Sandie – 10th July – On Done Couch
    Louise – 10th July – On Done Couch
    Emma 13th July – On Done Couch
    Michelle – 14th July
    Jacqueline – 22nd July
    Heather – 26th July

    Have a good day everyone. And don’t forget to rest. ?Xx


    Hi all
    That’s me all done. What a relief.
    Was first down in the afternoon about 1.30-1.45. The anesthetic room wasn’t my favourite place to be.
    Finally got all my canulars and catheter out Saturday morning (hate all these foreign bodies)
    Need to try the getting out of bed soon and going for a wee. Dreading standing up.
    Pain has been ok so far thank god. I’ve never taken so many pills in one go lol.
    They ended up just taking the uterus and cervix. My fibroids were a large grapefruit size on the top of my uterus and a smaller orange size one on the back of my uterus.
    Relieved I’m done and hoping to get home tomorrow apparently then I can start the proper resting x
    Hope everyone else is doing ok x


    Hi Ladies,
    I just wanted to see how everyone is doing? Resting and being careful I hope? Sandie was asking about pain control now. My LAVH was on 4th July and I haven’t needed any pain control for about a week now. I was also lucky because I didn’t experience a great deal of wind either – well no more than I usually do (as I’ve had IBS for years). The worst part was opening my bowels after 3 days as it was a bit blocked and I was scared to strain too hard! I normally go 2-5 times a day with IBS!

    I can say it is much better now I’m just careful when now when I go.

    I have my follow up appointment on Monday with my consultant to find out if they found any cancer and whether I need further treatment – so I’m getting quite nervous now!

    Take care ladiesxxx


    Wind has now cut in. It’s like labour pains but higher in my tummy. Sucking extra strong mints like mad and taking windeze now x by the way I’m from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire x



    Hi Heather

    Hope everyone is doing well and comfortable, was thinking of Michelle yesterday.

    I stayed in bed yesterday/today, I’m finding it a lot easier getting up/down and overall more comfortable. Drinking loads and doing leg exercises. Husband is outside building his garage so we have walkie talkies on the go. Pain is a lot better than I thought it would be, down to 2 paracetamol every 4 hours. Managing to sleep on my back for a bit to give my sides a rest. Appetite has not really returned yet, but then I didn’t think it would, I’m just eating lots of fibre, veg, fruit ect and lactalose to try and get the BM going (bowel movement). My husband has made me some inner cleansing drinks from the 101 handy hints book.

    Noticed on my waterproof dressing I have some blood from my incision, I have no extra pain so I think this is normal, I’ve got to change it in a couple of days so I’ll get my GP/nurse to check it over to make sure all is ok.

    Have a good weekend everyone

    Sandie from Essex xx


    Heather John

    Hi ladies. I’m new on the list. I’m having a hysterectomy and repair for prolapse on 26th July. Starting to prepare now and get my head round it! A bit anxious about it all. Its great to get all the information and tips to help from this site.



    Hi Michelle

    I found peppermint tea good for the wind and walking around

    Sand xx


    Emma Sayer

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to wish Bev the best of luck for your consultant’s appointment – will be thinking of you.

    Hello Heather – let us know if you have any specific questions – I found so much help in this site I’d like to be able to return the favour if I can.

    As you can tell from time of post I am not very sleepy – been doing too much napping during the day. Was much more tired today than since op on Thursday – and think I may have cut back on painkillers too soon as missed a dose last night and felt it a bit this morning. So have been setting an alarm and writing down what I’ve taken to try to keep track.

    Biggest struggle is getting these antiDVT stockings on! My Mum got herself in such a lather with one today despite trying to use the plastic bag method. Had to give up as the laughing was making my belly hurt! How long has everyone been told to keep wearing them?

    Also started my first HRT patch yesterday – no issues so far so fingers crossed it’ll end up being the right one for me first time round.

    Hope you’ve all been resting and enjoying the tennis? Bit of a treat actually…

    Emma xx



    Hi Everyone – Bev, hope all goes well with your appointment today.

    The nurse in the hospital said I should wear them for Six weeks, she put a clean pair on me and gave me another pair when I got discharged. They are a nightmare to get on aren’t they, the bag method is brilliant. My husband makes a note of pain relief times, because we keep forgetting, then before you know it – pain. I’m not taking them every four hours now though, in fact not in much pain really.

    I had a bad night Saturday – sorry to give to much info. I had trouble with BM. I thought I’d be ok as the hospital gave me suppositories on Wednesday and all was ok and I’ve been sticking to a good diet. I didn’t account for the codeine blocking me up, ended up at the out of hours doctor at the hospital early hours Sunday – they gave me more suppositories. I don’t think it helped with the fact I was concerned about pushing. In the end the suppositories worked enough for my body to do the job without me pushing. Wasn’t the best experience.

    Finger crossed with the HRT – hope all goes ok.

    It been a week for me, movement is so much better and walking easier, I had my first walk up the road this morning, only for 10 mins. I’ve just been walking around the house and up and down the stairs – a lot more confident on my own, although husband looks on a bit concerned. Going to have another walk later.

    I was thinking this morning, one of the best things I’ve bought for this operation was a set of travel bottles for shampoo etc – I know if sounds silly but I was working on advice I’ve read about keeping your toiletries light – anyway, I was in boots and they’ve got three small bottles you can squeeze and have a suction on them so they can stick on the wall of the shower – so good when you can’t lift anything heavy or bend.

    Hope everyone is comfortable and enjoying the lovely weather today xx



    Morning all x

    Dressing changed yesterday, felt like going in the Tyson!

    Had a bit of a melt down this morning, I think I have pooped a stitch getting up to go to the loo, some blood on dressing but not a lot, panic set in and was a complete mess, Hosp said call doc, doc said nothing they can do, cheers! Just spoken to 111 and they have said to wait till dressing change on Thurs, not really much blood just oozing, but I wanted some reassurance and no one can give it.

    Feels a little sore in that spot now, but it has been pulling for a couple of days.

    Other than that ? Everything else seems ok, pain has really eased off, bm is a lot easier now and not as painful.

    Pain relief is down to 2x paracetamol 3 times a day.

    How did Hosp go Bev? How is everyone else?

    Sandier what part of Essex? I moved to Coventry 2 years ago after living in Essex for 39 years



    Hi Louby

    Know what you mean about worrying about the blood on the dressing. I think I pulled too much last week – just like you getting up and down. I ended up at the out of hours doctor at the hospital Saturday night because of BM, and asked him if he could change my dressing and check all was ok – as I was there. He said no he couldn’t, Doctors don’t do that ?I would have to go to A&E – I was in too much pain with the situation in hand and he was actually very helpful and sympathetic so I just said ok, I didn’t go to A&E – thought I’d see the nurse this week.

    I couldn’t get an appointment yesterday so had to have one for today, I did feel a bit let down but felt I’ve waited all weekend – one more day will not hurt.

    Just come back from seeing the nurse, we took a slow walk there and back – dressing has been changed and although they can see where it was bleeding from, they said all is ok and clean, no sign of infection she said it has all knitted together ok, even the bit that was bleeding. The nurse cleaned it and re-dressed it and I’ve got to see her again on Friday. They even got the doctor to check a bruise on my leg that had a lump on it – just thinking of blood clots. Got the all clear and felt a whole lot better. They definitely looked after me. One of the nurses there had a hysterectomy years ago so understood all of my concerns.

    Just keep an eye on it – its hard when you want reassurance and they don’t find it that as important as you. Hope you feel better on Thursday.

    Sandie xx


    Hi ladies,

    I hope everyone who has had their operations are resting and slowly starting to feel better?

    Yesterday 14 days po and I went back to see my consultant for my histology results as I’d been diagnosed with complex hyperplasia with atypia. Although it could have been much worse it wasn’t the news I was hoping to hear. They found a small patch of cancer but they think they got it all but I need to now have my ovaries removed and see the oncologist to discuss a course of radiotherapy. I’ve been allocated my own MacMillan specialist for support which is really helpful but just a bit of a shock as I’m still trying to take it all in….

Viewing 20 posts - 61 through 80 (of 100 total)
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