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    Hello everyone

    Sarah thank you for such kind words and i’m so glad you are recovering well. Those waves of pre op anxiety were so overwhelming at times weren’t they and could leave you feeling so very alone. it was, and still is, such a great relief to share here.

    Helenj. So lovely to have your update. it sounds like you are doing a great job there. with your steady recovery. Respect to you.

    Mini. ive had 3 white chocolate magnums this last week on my walks out. i,m going to have to break the addiction with a substitute….or go small. he eh.

    Well ive started driving a little as of last Monday after a trip to my GP for a 2 week sick note . 4 weeks is just is not enough recovery. I’m heading in to work tomorrow for a discussion with my manager re a phased return. I think recovery is going really well . The spaghetti feeling in the tummy is receding, and pain and tugs are less frequent. i’m out walking every day and while my total step count is going up each week, i cant walk far or fast in one go. i have to walk in 4-5 trips a day. Too far, too fast or down hill, just brings on the dragging and prolapse feeling which is just awful. it is getting better but sooooo slowly. i know i still have a level of front and back prolapse so maybe im just feeling those properly since the prolapsed and heavy uterus is no longer in the way. its still early days i know but have had a few teary sessions after some walks. Walking round work will be interesting tomorrow!!!

    lilly1008. Gosh i hear your concerns. Can you ask to speak with the anaesthetist before surgery to go through your options in more detail before the op to allay your fears? I found the hospital PALS team really good when i had concerns and questions that i felt were ‘being ignored’ pre op. they acted as a go between between me and the gynae team and we got the issues resolved. also i used the ask three questions as a framework for discussions.
    just some ideas. Yes i remember that doom and gloom feeling as i rattled round gynae for 2 years as well. We got there in the end though and i went into surgery feeling ok. best wishes. x
    Take care everyone.
    Catriona xxxx



    Hi everyone and welcome Newbies,

    I’m 35 days post SAH today. I had my followup last week, and healing well and given the go ahead to drive, which I will start doing in a couple of days.

    Like Catriona, my pain and twinges are easing off. I just have a heavy feeling now and then. I also wasn’t comfortable sitting at the dining table, but that has improved in the last few days.

    I am suppose to go back to my office job on Monday full time, and am dreading having to sit all day. I drive into work, so have considered having a nap in the car if needed (I have done this before!). I’m looking forward to getting my hair done on Thursday in prep for work. I start work at 6:30am and finish for the school pickup run, so I am not looking forward to getting up early!

    I spoke to my Dr about the period like pain I was having and she said it was likely hormone related as I still have my ovaries and will have a cycle. I may even have a min period (shock horror), so have warned Miss 15 I may need supplies back!

    Catriona, you seem to be doing really well. I’ve stopped the ice cream now that I need to be able to fit back into my work clothes.

    Sunnyday, hope you had nice time away with your family, and the change of scenery did you some good.

    Helen, good to hear from you. Sounds like you’re doing well. The note by the jug is a good suggestion.

    This is kind of embarrassing, but I have been feeling horny, which given the tenderness of my tummy, there is no way I want to go there just yet! But hubby and I have been having a bit of a giggle over it. I certainly was not expecting that!

    Take care ladies….. I’m off to finish watching Orange is the New Black with avocado on toast for lunch.




    Hello, I keep popping back to read about all the recoveries and am much calmer about how I’m doing having read what you’ve all written and the advice I’ve been given. I thought I’d be brave and let everyone know how I’m doing, it might help others like you have all helped me.

    I had my op on the 26th July so that makes me on day 10 of recovery, I’m still bleeding but I think it’s getting a little less. I think I was doing a bit too much to start with, the link to a recovery plan that I was given by juleskirk50 really helped so I stepped back a lot and have been resting properly and since then I’ve been seeing the benefits.

    A friend from work recommended c section pants, I was a bit dubious at first and the ones on amazon cost a fortune but I found 2 pair for £25 at Boots and they had a 10% off deal so I bought some, I’ve worn them every day and they really help make me feel a little more stable. They’ve got a smooth patch where my scar is so it doesn’t catch and they’ve got a light compression all over. Don’t regret the cost at all, I bought two packs in the end.

    I’m still taking the pain killers , I’ve got so many weird pains, twinges, period like pains, general soreness, the sloshing about has subsided a bit thankfully and thanks to LouiseD1 for your reassuring words. I get tired a lot, have frequent naps and accept more help from my partner and family than I am used to. That’s the hard bit, I’m fiercely independent but I’ve had to accept I just can’t do things at the moment and if I rest now I’ll benefit later. I’m lucky that I’ve got help and support and make sure people know how grateful I am.

    I think that’s about it, I’m ready for good and bad days ahead and popping back here will continue to be part of my routine. Thanks everyone and wishing you all the best for your recovery x



    Hi Everyone,

    Today marks 2 weeks since my abdominal hysterectomy with additional treatment for a ureter stone. When I reflect on this time I’m constantly amazed by how much of my time and energy is taken up by the actual recovery from this surgery, it’s like a full time job ! I really had no idea it would be so all consuming and it’s only now I’m starting to understand why it takes so long to physically and emotionally recover from it.

    I had my first trip out of the house on Saturday as my best friend took me out for lunch. It was lovely to see her and enjoy some good food but I’ve got to say, it really took it out of me. The exhaustion and hike in my pain levels felt overwhelming so the subsequent couple of days were spent resting more in order to regain some strength. It’s hard to describe but I felt very exposed/vulnerable being out in public and was very self conscious about walking so slowly and being so protective of my tummy in case someone bumped into me.

    Despite my best intentions to tough out the physical pain, I’ve had to speak to my GP about the pain being beyond my threshold and so I’m back on a low dose of Oxycodone in order to be able to move around a little and manage short walks around my neighbourhood. This feels like defeat in a way but the pain is very real and so I’m trying not to beat myself up too much about it. One thing which didn’t help was my cat taking a leap and running across my pelvis. I almost always have a pillow across this area but I’d just got into bed and was distracted by chatting with my mum. The pain actually took my breath away but I’ve learned a valuable lesson – always use my pillow when the cats are nearby !

    I have a question for anyone who might be able to help. I kept one ovary and over the last couple of days have been experiencing PMS symptoms such as very tender breasts, low mood and sore back. Is it possible that I’m still having a cycle ? I thought all this would disappear post op but now I’m not sure.

    Hi Meig, welcome to the forum. You mentioned having bad headaches and wanted to suggest peppermint essential oil as I’ve found it extremely effective for headaches that painkillers just won’t shift. Get a tissue and put a couple of drops in the centre of it, fold it over so the oil isn’t in direct contact with your skin and inhale deeply. Breathe in for 5, hold for 2 and exhale to the count of 7. I’ve recommended this to other people and it seems to help. Just though it would be worth a try ?

    Helen, I’m delighted to read your update and think littletracey’s suggestion about the note beside the kettle is perfect – it makes an important point in a gentle and gracious way.

    Catriona, please let us know about your request for a phased return as I think it’s important for your long term wellbeing that you don’t take on too much too soon. Good luck with your return to work (hug).

    Well ladies, that’s all for now. I love reading everyone’s thoughts and wish you all the best in your journey towards recovery.

    Sarah x



    Hi Sarah,
    I’m guessing you didn’t see my posts….



    Hi Mini,

    I did read through your posts and knew you had kept both your ovaries yet I was still unsure if my one ovary would be enough to initiate PMS. Admittedly my biology knowledge isn’t comprehensive and also at no point prior to my surgery was I told that retaining an ovary would mean I’d still have to put up with PMS. I don’t know if I’m being naive or just ill informed but I was under the impression that my surgery would end all period related symptoms which is why it was such a shock to feel the PMS creeping up on me. I’ve always had a very difficult time with it both physically and emotionally which I made clear to my surgeon and so part of me is thinking I should’ve asked for both to be removed even if it meant the possibility of a surgical menopause. At least there are options, ie HRT etc .. to manage menopausal symptoms, after much trial and error I’ve never found anything which eased the awful experience I have with PMS.

    It’s certainly food for thought, particularly as I didn’t think it would occur with just one ovary and everything else gone. Thanks for sharing your experiences, through participating in this forum I’m learning so much which until my surgery, hadn’t really crossed my mind.

    Good luck with your return to work on Monday, it will be a big adjustment and I hope it all goes well for you. Take care, sending a big hug,

    Sarah x



    Hi Sarah,

    Like you I also wasn’t aware that I could go through my cycle and get all the PMS symptoms. My Dr/Surgeon didn’t tell me either, and nor had I read about it. I don’t think you were naive, we were both ill informed.

    I had very bad pain one weekend that were different to all my other op pains, it was hubby who actually asked me if it was close to my period time and if it was due to my cycle (how a male accountant figured that out I don’t know!). So I did some reading online and it confirmed it. On Thursday my Dr/Surgeon then also confirmed that I’d go through my normal cycle. And because she kept my cervix and the way she finished it off so to speak ( I am a bit squeamish so didn’t really recall what she said)….. I’d also have a mini period. I also thought I’d rid be of periods forever! 😭

    If it’s any consolation, our ovaries could die off earlier now that we’ve had a hysterectomy.

    Considering you have raised your PMS concerns with your surgeon, that’s frustrating that they didn’t mention this. Perhaps a chat to your Dr may clarify the cycle business for you. You could also have a look at information on the internet.

    Have a lovely evening. Big hugs to you too.



    Hi Everyone. its my five week anniversary today.

    Crikey there is so much to know and understand isn’t there? On reflection, hysterectomy seems to be considered so common and low risk these days that the surgeons are quite flippant at times and detailed conversation is lacking. I was concerned at the time that possible change in sexual response was not on my consent form , let alone PMS and small periods post op (although i think i’m ok with no cervix???). I had anticipated a cycle as i kept my ovaries, but lucky for me, i haven’t suffered too badly with PMS. My motivation for keeping my ovaries even at 51 is to get all that oestrogen left to help prop up the pelvic floor. Your right they are likely to fail quickly due to poor blood supply post op.

    Well my recovery is going well. I have moments now where I forget as i feel good, until i twist too quickly or pick up something too heavy. driving short journeys is fine. managing more and more each day. re bleeding i had a little frank blood in the first 4 days then it stopped, then i had a little old blood discharge for week 3-4 and now that,s stopped.

    I went into work on Monday to discuss my return. I work part time, full days on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. I can have 2 weeks of phased return so I grabbed that. i hadn’t thought i would need this initially, ill just go slow, but the GP i saw who gave me a 2 week extension on my sick note was really insistent i did really consider this and he was right. Walking round work was ok but im still slow, maybe a tortoise now not snail. We agreed i’m starting back on Wednesday the 14th August (six weeks post op) and working half a day. i’m then working three half days the week beginning Monday 19th, but instead of working Tuesday i’m working Friday to have rest days. I’m then off on leave for a week as agreed months ago. I’m back to full speed on Monday 2nd September. So that’s only 4 half days until September which all sounds doable. I have my clinic follow up on the 27th August (plonk in the middle of leave…ah well)
    While my manager was lovely, the present i knew was coming was that as i will have had over 4 weeks sick leave, i will be on a level one attendance warning!!!!! No exceptions its the same for everyone regardless of the reason. It does feel like a kick in the very fragile guts and really fractures my loyalty to my organisation. I am going to speak to my union rep but the policy is short and blunt and clear!!!!

    i hope everyone is recovering well.

    Mini good luck for work on Monday. Take it easy where you can. I have also given up the magnums, it was nice while it lasted. Woo hoo to feeling frisky, your road to recovery is well on its way, roll on some normality.

    Sarah i hope all goes well with your recovery and its sad those details were not discussed with you after you clearly raised it. We don’t know what we don’t know and so therefore we can’t ask can we and we assume we have been heard and understood? We are rushed through this process i think. All the best with further discussions and Take care. I’m seeing a GP on Monday re HRT. ill let you know any update.

    Take care everyone.
    All the best



    Hi catriona i am four months post op today! Seems to have gone by very fast i had 3 months off given by my consultant and i needed it i then had a phase back to work on non physical work my work is quite physical at times I still get very tired if i do too much and i do stop and rest as needed if I have been on the go all day my belly swells and feels heavy so i think just be kind to yourself and if you can try not to over do things many of my friends who have had a hysterectomy of various types have said it takes 12 months to feel yourself again so i try not to worry to much now about what i can and cant do the company I work for are absolutely brilliant and have supported me all the way hope your job will to be as understanding much love to you all pippa x




    Hope everyone is well.

    Catriona, glad you manged to get a phased return to work. I’m so envious! I have 2-3 weeks before I have a annual deadline, so I will need to hit the ground running so to speak. Luckily I have amazing work collegues to support me. My manager has said that we would assess things once I’m back. And I certainly will nap in my car if needed 😂 I have Thursdays off so that will help. I’m in the same situation with my sick leave. I think I’ll end up owing a couple of days. Yes its not fair at all, especially when you have a surgical medical certificate 😟

    Sarah this article explains what my Dr told me: Mini period

    Enjoy your day ladies 😊 I’m off to bed.



    Hello Everyone,

    Two week anniversary today! It’s gone soooooo slow, I’m terrible at resting, have to force myself to do it, but reading about what happens if you don’t as well as how everyone here is doing continues to help. So thank you.

    I agree with you Sarah, about the complex and exhausting recovery! I keep reading the leaflet the hospital gave me and it’s good but it really doesn’t capture what to expect in all the gory and weird detail that I think I need! I’m still bleeding a little, more if I do “too much”, which could be anything from going up and down the stairs too much or twisting a certain way and the other day, lifting my leg to put my knickers on!!! My scar is really hurting at the edges too, and underneath feels all lumpy and bumpy, my mind is racing about what’s going on. I have to sit and think “it’s only two weeks, everything is raw and healing and the stitches won’t have dissolved”. It’s not infected, healing ok I think, bit scabby and blooming itchy!

    Also, weirdly, my hand where the injection thing was didn’t really hurt much, just a normal bruise when it got taken out and then a little sore, the past two days its painful! Has it always been painful and now i’m reducing my pain killers it’s more noticeable or what? Very odd, no bruise, no lump, just ouch.

    As for emotions, well I’ve been ok I think, mostly hot flushes after I eat anything remotely warm in temperature and after piri piri chicken the other day I’m off spicy food too. If I get tired, especially in the evening I get hot, bit grumpy too, other than that I’ve not yet noticed mood changes, I’ve put a bit of grumpiness down to pain and discomfort. It’s early days, we’ll see.

    As for work, I’m a teacher, we are on our summer holidays at the moment. I had to ask my surgeon for a later date than the one he gave me initially in May, my boss is understanding but I wouldn’t have been able to rest, it would have been emails, working on my laptop etc all the time. Reading what you’ve all been saying about phased returns and sickness policies, it’s so unfair. I’ve got a good sickness rating at work, but despite requesting a holiday surgery date, I too will need additional recovery time come September. I will hit Stage One in the policy after two weeks, will be referred to occupational health and be called in for a HR meeting. Knowing this I requested a referral to Occupational Health to explain my situation and secure a phased return and I spoke to our HR team as well so I think I’m covered but still a bit miffed at the thought of all the hassle and stress of it on top of my recovery. So thank you to Catriona and Mini for sharing your experiences and good luck with your return to work.

    It’s interesting what people are saying about the tiredness, I’m still early on in terms of recovery and have 2 or 3 naps daily, proper in bed ones, I don’t count dozing in the chair after a wander to the kitchen. Summer holiday afternoon naps are something we joke about at school, I’m looking forward to a conversation at my HR meeting about phased return to allow for what we call “nanny naps”.

    So thanks again for sharing your thoughts x



    Thank you for the warm welcome. It’s really useful reading all your posts. Currently on my way to hospital for surgery this morning! Hopefully it goes smooth!




    Hope you’re all well.

    Lilly1008, hope your surgery went well.

    I returned back to full time work this week at 6 weeks (-1 day) post SAH. The first drama was working out what to wear so I would be comfortable and I wasn’t sure what clothes I would even fit into given my inactive lifestyle over the past 6 weeks. I am also a heels person so I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage those!

    Anyway, I survived the whole 8 hour day. In saying that my day is spent at my desk and at meetings so I don’t have to walk around much. I did make sure I got up and walked around. I did plan on napping in the car if I need to, but I havent needed too yet. My manager also told me to go home if I needed.

    In the evening though I did have a sore lower belly and I was very tired, so I spent most of the evening lying on the couch and had a early night. It’s now my 3rd day back, and I’m still OK. But I anticipate to be resting on the couch after work a few weeks yet.

    I don’t have any pain in my belly normally now, but it’s still tender in places. I do tend to get the odd sharp pain when I have moved in a odd way when getting off the bed or from the car (super OUCH!), but it’s more from forgetting that I’ve even had the surgery and not taking the care to move gently. I do get the heavy feeling in my belly towards the evening when I have been doing too much, which others have spoken about.

    I am walking normally now and I just try to take things easy, like taking the elevator even just one floor down. It’s raining here, and I haven’t dared to run yet to get out of the rain. I’m still very careful, especially after hearing one of our hystersisters had a slip on her first day out of the house, and ending up back in the hospital.

    I’m also fine in my heels, it was more a shock to my calves than anything, but again my job involves a lot of sitting.

    Clairbear, hope you’ve managed to sort out your leave.

    Catriona, all the best for your return back to work tomorrow. Hope it all goes well. Just continue to do what you’ve been told to keep doing, that is – listen to your body.

    Take care everyone




    Hello Lovely Ladies
    I had my TAH with ovaries kept on 28th June, so I am now 7 weeks post surgery. The first 2 weeks were tough with pain, having to sleep on my back and not being able to stand too long or walk far. I am work from home making Rosettes, so I never really stopped that, I sat cutting ribbon and glued them together. I had help with the heavier work, bending, standing and lifting. I also work at my local museum in the kitchen where I work 4 hours a day to cover lunchtimes and bake cakes and on a rota 7 days on, 7 days off. I went back there after 4 weeks, which was tough, no pain but very tired. Everyone was very supportive and had help lifting and was able to sit down when I needed to.
    Now at 7 weeks I feel much more normal, I am walking back to my normal speed about 5 miles a day comfortably. As a runner I feel that I am ready to start running again in the next few days, although I did run along the road from the shop the other day when the heavens opened! (need to get a bit of the weight off that I have accumulated from not doing anything pre surgery due to large fibroids and recovery). At the end of the day I do get a bit tired and my belly swells a bit, but getting less each day.
    Looking back, I think my recovery has been ok, I have been lucky not to have any infections or complications and good support at home. From being wheeled out of hospital 2 days after surgery with an 8 inch incision and the very uncomfortable 20 mile journey home to power walking 5 miles a day just 7 weeks later is amazing!!
    Good luck everyone with your recoveries, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Some take longer than others, but we all get there in the end.
    Best wishes xx



    Hi there, good to hear you all seem to be doing so well in recovery, fabulous! Just wondering if anyone has experienced renewed bleeding late on in recovery ? I didn’t have any after day post surgery but from week 8 have quite a bit ( well need to buy towels which never thought I would need again , sometimes fresh blood, sometimes old dark sometimes pale pink). Also have some period type cramps. Had a TAH plus BSO. X


    Helen J

    Hello all

    Hope you are gradually improving and taking it easy.

    Mini, I can’t imagine wearing heals, I would be terrified I’d trip and fall (but I am on the clumsy side plus tall which doesn’t help) 🙂 Hope you carry on being gentle, especially at work. Yes, getting in and out of cars is awful.

    Clairbear, I had another surgery back in 2011 that I took about 10 weeks to recover from and at the time I worked for the NHS and even though I had a pristine record for 3 years previous to that, I was still referred onto an OT and put on a ‘warning’ which made me quite nervous because I basically could not get ill again that year, otherwise they would reduce my hours which I couldn’t afford at the time. It’s completely insane, luckily I was ok.

    I’m 3 weeks post-op now and having a little setback. I was bleeding only for about 3 days after the op and then I was completely ok for two weeks on that front and am bleeding again now and quite a lot of pain. I’ve overdone it. I had a visitor for 3 days (I wasn’t keen, but they persuaded me that it would be good for me to have someone to help). Well, she didn’t help, she just did my head in. I ended up cooking her a dinner because she forgot that I was recovering from surgery so didn’t bring anything. She also seemingly forgot that I am recently bereaved and kept talking incessantly about her boyfriend. It was obvious she fancied a change of scene and to crash somewhere for a few days. She belittled me when I walked around slowly and in pain – thought I should be much fitter after two weeks. Well, she is gone (and never again – unfortunately I’m not completely able to cut her off as she is a family member, one that always enjoyed undermining me – why did I think she would stop at the age of 45, I don’t know). Anyway, rant over, my friends are back to coming around and supporting me while also giving me the space to rest and sleep.
    I’m not actually sure if I am on a mini period or if it’s due to exertion. I called the ward and they are sure it’s the exertion and told me to strictly not to lift, stretch or walk fast for another 4 weeks (luckily the term doesn’t start till 24th September).
    I hope I didn’t do any lasting damage. A friend told me yesterday that I should think about my surgeon and her intricate work that I should protect that if I am not capable to do it for me. That was a skillful thing to say and I am more likely to protect someone else’s efforts than my own body (weird, I know).

    Please keep well, look after yourselves, and do not get bullied by anyone 🙂




    It sounds like everyone is making so much progress. Today was my first day back at work, I only work till 2pm, but still pretty exhausted!
    I was worried, but physically new I was ready. It was the mental side I wasn’t sure I was ready for. I have been pretty emotional and as the boss wasn’t sure I had it in me to deal with the demands, shouldn’t have worried, feeling good. Can’t believe how far we have all come x



    Good evening all and good morning Mini,
    Glad to hear everyone is on the road to recovery and some of us even back at work!!!
    Well I’m now 7 weeks post op and I can finally say things are going ok. I had my 6 week check up yesterday, the consultant was great he asked me how I was feeling – not just a general ‘how are you feeling’ but genuinely concerned and he answered my list of many questions ( when can I swim, drive, why were my boobs feeling tender, will I need HRT, is the slight pain in my abdomen normal and of course am I ok to return to work?) Well here are his answers – yes I can swim, drive, boobs may be phantom period symptoms, no HRT needed, pain in my abdomen is down to a small infection in my internal stiches ( he seen this when he did an internal) oh and I’ve also got a slight prolapse due to my bladder pushing down. Consultant has said still no heavy lifting, no over exerting and still listen to my body and rest when I can. I am still getting a little tired in the afternoon, so having a doze when I can.
    Luckily I work in education so I’ve still got a few weeks left to recover till the new term in September, however I do have an autistic son who doesn’t quite understand why mummy is not as active as she normally is.
    So I’m now on a course of antibiotics for a week and have been referred for physio for my prolapse otherwise they mentioned that I could wear an internal support band (which I don’t really like the sound of) so physio it is!!
    I’ve been doing my pelvic floor exercises constantly – ok maybe not constantly but when I remember LOL so hopefully this will help. I’ve been out and about getting lots of walking in and even managing a bit of retail therapy, which brightened up my day in this rain.
    Wishing all the August ladies good luck with their forthcoming ops and rest, rest, rest!
    Oh I’m reading a great book ‘ This is going to hurt’ by Adam Kay – such a funny read!!!
    Take care all, Jackprep



    Hello ladies since you are all a little further on that me I am looking for your advise!

    I am one week post surgery today full total hysterectomy and removal of fibroid.

    Constipation has been awful, feeling like I need to pop but it’s just wind, in pain and scared to press. I have managed to go with a mixture of laxative and suppositories. Been feeling constipated again today and thought I needed to pass wind I felt something ran to the bathroom thinking i had had an accident but it was clear and water! Should I be worried something is wrong has anyone else had this before?

    I’ve had such an awful week with constipation, feeling sick Any advise ladies xx



    Hi lilly

    I too suffered badly from constipation about a week after my op when I had stopped the laxatives.

    I would say if you are not bleeding then you are probably ok but you can always call the ward for advice. Just keep going with the laxatives, drink plenty of water. I had a bottle with a straw to help me drink more and I could carry it with me if I moved from room to room and whilst on the loo. Peppermint tea helped loads with stomach cramps and wind. Prune juice morning and evening was good aswell if you can stand the taste!! Use a stool or turn a washing up bowl up the other way to put your feet on whilst sitting on the loo this really does help. I was constipated for a few days and was beside myself with pain and spent hours on the loo so do sympathise with you but it does pass and get easier!! Keep a book in the toilet to read 😃

    Hope this helps!

    Take care

    Clair xx

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