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    Hello ladies you have been chatting so much I’ve had to start another page for you 😀

    Hope you are all sitting comfortably now and have a good weekend with some decent sunshine ☀️ take it nice and easy ladies xx

    Mimi1962 – 6th June – On Done Couch
    Busy bee – 10th June – On Done Couch
    Anne – 10th June – On Done Couch
    Nicola – 12th June – On Done Couch
    Helenj – 12th June – Postponed new date July 24th
    Clare – 12th June – On Done Couch
    Sunny day – 21st June – Cancelled new date TBC
    Andiepandy – 24th June – On Done Couch
    Angela – 25th June – On Done Couch
    jackprep – 28th June – On Done Couch
    Sennagold – 28th June – On Done Couch



    Hi lovely ladies,

    I have just popped over from the April forum to say hi. I had a TAH & BSO on 18th April so 10 weeks post op.

    Your anxiety, Have you started on HRT? Having your ovaries removed = no hormones except for what your adrenal glands produce which is minimal, so this could be your source of anxiety. This was my biggest fear about having the op so am really feeling for you right now. Luckily my surgeon agreed to start HRT straight away, so I have been really lucky.

    Regarding wind and bowel issues. I had a horrible time with this until I discovered Buscopan. So lots of bowel meds is the key. Lactulose to soften, Laxido to help you go, Buscopan for cramping (amazing stuff) and just remember to drink loads. This is a short lived time.

    Ladies be kind to yourself and just take it easy. It is so easy to over do things and then you pay for it the next day. Just know this. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I am now back at work and feeling pretty good. I still get tired and swollen at the end of the day, but things are slowly returning to normal. Hang on in there.

    Love to you all xxxx 😘



    Hi Ladies

    My TAH with Fallopian tubes removed on Friday 28th. Going home this afternoon. Very stiff walking but trying to do a little at a time. Had a horrendous time for 2 hours through the night trying to move my bowels, but got there eventually and now feel a bit more comfortable. Hopefully it will be easier from now on? Getting in and out of bed getting easier too!



    Hi all
    Have had problems logging in 🙁 finally got there with admims help. I seem to have caught something as been sneezing and coughing- with headache, just hope l don’t damage anything,l have been holding stomach .
    I am also feeling sick but not been sick. However have had diareah. Not sure if it’s related or just unlucky .



    Mimi, can you tell me more about making your own kefir. I have this from Waitrose but it’s expensive so I’d like to make my own if poss, thanks x



    Dear all, back home now. 3 days post op.
    TVH all went well on Friday afternoon, sadly I had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic which made me quite sick for a couple of days for this they gave me anti sickness pills, which of course came back up so one of the nurses decided to administer this via my drip which worked. Abdo pain comes and goes but I think the worst part was when they removed the vaginal packing OMG that made my eyes water. So I’m home now resting however still no BM but eating prunes and lots of fruit. I was given lactulose, paracetamol and ibuprofen when discharged from hospital but I’m holding out taking the lactulose in-case it makes me too loose (sorry for TMI). My tummy is even bigger than before and swollen feet, doing suggested exercises and lots of pelvic floor too. Shuffling about at home and getting around very slowly.
    Glad to hear all went well for you Sennagold.



    Hi Jackprep
    Glad to hear you are home. I had a horrendous episode with my first BM post opp yesterday. This morning was much better, just sat on the loo for a while and relaxed and was much better. I am having a glass of prune juice morning and night to help keep things moving. Yes I am shuffling around too, really just to go to the bathroom and back. Tried to make my breakfast this morning and only managed to get my porridge in the microwave then had to sit down, my husband finished it off. My daughter has made me some boxes of salad and fruit for me to pick on throughout the day, which has been fab as I can only stand for a minute or so before I need to sit down again. It is really hard but reading everyone’s stories, we all get there eventually!!!
    Take Care x



    Hi glad to hear all went well for you . Be kind to selves with healing and as everyone says listen to your body . l am three weeks tomorow and still taking small steps . Cough and sneezing seem to have gone 👍. I have had a normal BM after scary accident ( which l think could have just been bowels settling after the endo shave on bowel. ). Back to walking for 10 minutes outside in morning ( after taking 3 days out due to being too tired ) Attempted pm walk last night for 20 minutes as well and found l get dragging , sharp pain near the end of walk'” which telks me thats enough” . Have a good day all xxx



    Hi jackprep
    Pleased you doing okay i took the lactose morning and night and had prunes every morning and a high fibre breakfast every other day ( normal for me) and I absolutely no issues at al with bowels i also seeing a physio and 11 weeks on starting pelvic floor exercise my main issue at the moment is sciatica go and physio think its from the op and laying on my back in bed so now got gentle exercise for that with my pelvic floor exercise i found training my brain to connect with my muscles i have to really concentrate haha xx



    Hi Pippa, thank you for the advice – I’m getting back on track with the BM thank goodness! I’m pottering around at home walking snail pace from the living room -kitchen – garden, then back again but my body soon lets me know when its had enough and time to sit down and rest. Fell asleep last night on my back however woke up at 3am on my side and my tummy felt like it had been through a tumble drier so now using long support pillow to stay in place. Getting quite bored and its only day three of being off work!! Box sets here I come…. good news, my feet are no longer swollen doing lots of little exercises whilst sitting on the sofa. x



    Hi all, I’m a bit late joining the chat having only found out about the website today.

    I’m two weeks post op following a total laproscopic hysterectomy on 20th June. I had a couple of added surgical issues as well as the gynae ones following a misdiagnosed appendicitis last year which left me with sepsis damage and scar tissue. My bladder and ovary were fused together and were separated during this surgery, and I had a catheter for a week.

    Catheter was removed last Friday, I had an infection within days, but as of today, no infection and no medication.

    It’s only now I realised I haven’t a clue what happens next? I don’t know what to expect? I’m not on HRT and ended up online for advice about surgical menopause and other than finding this website, I almost wish I hadn’t! I do have a review in about six weeks to see how I’m managing.

    I hope my message finds you all well and would be grateful for any assistance or advice and happy to be a listening ear for anyone who needs it xx



    With regards to pain coughing or sneezing, roll up a towel longways, hold it across the lower abdomen, with or without arms folded to support it and go!

    Do some deep breathing a couple of times a day and it helps to keep the lungs clear. Physio taught me this last year when I couldn’t sit up myself to cough. Hope it helps xx



    Hi Deonaid.
    Welcome. Wow Catheter for a week – l had it for 24 hours and couldn’t wait to lose it .Hope you are feeling well now . Thank you for tip on sneezing as l have not stopped dor past week ( l’m 3 weeks post op) – Just hoping my internal stitches will hold out.



    Hi lovely ladies

    Just popped in from the July group. Had op done on Wednesday but kept my ovaries in the end so no menopause for me for now. Recovery was difficult and think it was more shock but went back to ward after an hour and pain was managed. Didn’t sleep noisy ward and my heart rate was racing but was ok. Had company in the same room and she was lovely. So apart from feeling v tired and incredibly hot I was doing ok. I drank loads and loads through the night which was a big help with my mobility in the morning and my catheter was emptied twice. Getting up in the morning wasnt as bad as I was expecting but think that helped with the amount of fluids I drank and I was doing little movements in the bed so I wasn’t stuck in one position. After catheter was removed I did 2 big wees and had the golden ticket to go home.

    Drive home was not good and as I expected and now I’m just shuffling round the house at a v slow pace but doing ok. Just trying to adapt to getting on and off sofa and in and out of bed getting comfy but doing ok.

    First night sleep was lovely but last night was more challenging. Drinking the prune juice (yuk) and taking laxatives but no movement yet but do have wind.

    Hope you are all doing ok. Xx



    Hi. I’m a bit late joining. I had sub total hysterectomy leaving cervix as it was adhered to my bladder. Was supposed to be laparoscopic but ended up having to be abdominal bikini line incision.
    So, nearly 4 weeks after I’m still trying to be good and not do too much, but still finding the swollen tummy and internal soreness is a constant reminder. The wound is healing nicely on the outside, but I have small tender lumps around the line of the scar. Does anyone else have these or have had these?



    Hi there,

    I too have some tender spots/lumps around some of the incision and think they are scar tissue but seeing the gynae Monday so will ask him. I have had an infection on the wound for the past weeks (now looking ok after 3 lines of antibiotics!) so think my wound is perhaps not very typical. Still have a stitch top and bottom so wonder if that’s slowed healing. Like many of you I have been surprised by how fatigue can suddenly hit, did too much yesterday I think and ended up with what felt like period pain which was most bizarre but sorted with codeine. Have been building up walking and today walked a mile with my husband so feel chuffed as nearly at 4 week point. So it seems it’s all very up and down, you push yourself a bit then that’s too much then pull back a bit but think there is general improvement. I think the infection has probably made things more tiring.




    Thanks Nic.
    Sorry to hear of your infection. Glad to hear it’s getting better.
    I did ask the nurse and she said it’s just tissue, but there’s nothing like hearing someone else has or has had the same to reassure.
    I have no follow up appointments, but they said to go to the docs if unsure about anything. I’m not sure which is best to be honest, but I think I would feel better perhaps with a follow up. I don’t know about you, but although I’m told I spoke to the Consultant in recovery, I can’t remember a thing about it!
    Good luck tomorrow



    Good luck to all the July ladies this coming week with your operations. Well here I am one week down and I think my hubby is getting a little fed up with my polite demands – I think the reality has hit him how much I actually do at home and work full time. My recovery is going very slowly, lots of pulling in my tummy and a slight pink leakage from my nether regions – which have also been a little itchy and sore (slight burning feeling) could this be thrush??? No problems peeing or with BM now apart that I’ve notice my bladder releases so much more faster than before the op! Taking lots of peppermint tea for wind, which works a treat. Have a good week everyone!



    That’s good to hear you are doing so well and with support too . Just be kind to your body and listen to it . I will be four weeks po on wednesday and now on second relapse ( back in bed) Felt good and was doing really well so thought l could up my daily walk a bit more (20 minutes more ) . Now paying price with pelvis discomfort. My best advice so far would be to go with Londa Parkinson Hardman recovery stages as ot seems to be spot on . Any one suffer nausea / sickness ? If so do you know WHY ?



    Hi Clare

    I have also felt v nauseous over past 24 h, thought I had perhaps picked up a bug or something. Don’t know why. We Are both at a similar stAge post op. I looked on another site and saw a comment on nausea which said maybe hormonal or post anaesthesia. I Am taking oestrogen gel which has stopped hot flushes etc successfully so not sure hormonal or related to low oestrogen at least but maybe it is the hrt. I also pushed myself walking in past few days which was good in one way as proved I could do it but in another bad as the pelvic pain after was not nice. Hard to get a balance I think. I think just a case of keeping going and thinking back to how much better I am than in the first week.


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