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    Good morning jack prep,

    Here is the list for June – it’s not very big just now but I’m sure other will join soon 🙂

    jackprep – 28th June



    Hi Jules,
    Thank you, it seems such a long way away till June.
    Many thanks,



    Hi there, I have an op scheduled for 12 jun, can I be included in the ‘June list’ please. A way off but want to get prepared, fit, thinner and organised. Have massive fibroids , one extends to just under ribs ( feel bad I hadn’t realised they were so big sooner ) so looking at a TAH with vertical incision and BSO also recommended by gynae. Not so sure on ovaries as that step feels a definite ‘neutering’ and it seems there are benefits to keeping I think even at 53. I could have hrt I think (Hrt however seems to have made the fibroids grow in the first place!). All a bit surreal that this is happening, feels huge thing to have done ….. very daunting. Have a teen family, elderly relatives and busy job ….the usual juggle. Nicola



    Hi NW01. I’m 21 day post op. Had vertical incision. Full hysterectomy. Honestly the run up is far worse than the actual op. I would recommend having an epidural if offered as well as general as I had no pain for two days! Don’t really have pain just uncomfortable.
    I’m preparation, from my experience. I would accept all help, walk as much as you can. I bought a step to get in and out of bath, as my shower over bath. Make sure u eat as much fibre as you can, as the constipation after was worse part for me. Any questions please feel free to ask x



    Hi there
    Many thanks, thanks great advice re: epidural , I will ask about that. Good to hear op not as bad as run up as I am finding thIs tricky although being so uncomfortable at the mo in a way is handy. How long did you stay in hospital? Did u use an abdominal binder at all? Saw something about this and wondered if any good. Nx



    nw01. I stayed in hospital 4 nights, only because I could not have a bowel movement or wind! Not heard of s binder? But in hospital they gave me a wrapped up towel to press on tummy to cough etc, which helped. I was on cocodomol in hospital but made me constipated so went into paracetamol. But only took for a week. Everyone’s recovery is different though. Xx



    Hello ladies,
    I currently do not have a date but will be put onto the waiting list in May for a TAH BSO. I have had my last of 6 monthly injections of prostap for severe endometriosis, which was only found 7 months ago whilst having a laparoscopy to remove an ovarian cyst. I found this site a few weeks ago and have been reading the posts that people have left and have found it absolutely fabulous !! It has been so wonderful to hear about all the lovely ladies journeys,
    Good health to you all xx

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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