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    This is the forum for all you ladies having their surgery in March

    At the moment there’s only Marie on the list but I am sure she will soon be joined by others. X

    Marie – 6th March



    Thank you Jules, it will be nice to know I’m not in my own and will have someone to speak to whilst on the done couch x



    Hallo there – no date yet but just been told it’s likely to be March (eek!). Had my pre-op assessment this morning, no issues at all. Don’t know what I was worrying about – probably just the unknown. Also I know they have to tell you of all the risks etc but sometimes the worst case scenario is not what you need to hear!
    Look forward to chats as we go along, it can be quite isolating in this situation.
    Diagnosis – Adenomyosis
    happy with supportive partner, cats and dog
    Head mush due to hormone treatments!



    Hi valybobs. Sorry I thought I’d replied. Have you got a date yet? X



    No nothing firm yet, Marie. Was told likely in March. Thankfully the HRT is helping the emotional low brought on by Zoladex injections. WHile an op is not something I relishg I can’t wait to put this behind me and start healing up! How are you getting on?



    Ahh I’m SO glad you me mentioned that. I knew I was having an injection at the set-up 3 week before the hyst to stop any blood flow to the fibroids to assist the surgeon, but other than that I knew nothing about it. I phoned today to ask and was told it’s a zoladex injection to the stomach. I have no bleeding due to the ablation years ago but I am now worried about the menopause symptoms……. Any advise would be welcome. I’m epileptic so don’t really want to go down a hrt route. Also I’m going to be keeping my ovaries so hopefully should be ok after??!! Lol maybe



    Hi Marie
    How are things with you? I’ve still no date. I was really suffering with low mood due to the Zoladex and now the HRT has kicked in things are much better. I was back to work today and colleagues very nice, I had to tell them I’ll be off again and why. As all females they were very kind and supportive. I am totally wiped out though after one day. I’ve also put on weight as I see it’s a side-effect of both the Zoladex and HRT. Deep joy, now my body image is suffering too!! Never mind, I can’t wait for my date so I can start planning and move on with healing.
    take care for now



    Hi Valybobs. I’m not too bad today. I have a full body pamper, got stones message, facial and eyelash perm booked for 11a m. I had a bad pain week though and I have my preop in Tuesday 13th…. So that’s when I have my zoladex. I’m only having the one as it’s just to shut things down ready. I’m hoping it won’t be long enough to cause issues.

    How are you feeling? I don’t thing the horrible weather can help us all. Lol I’m tired of wind, rain and snow. X



    Hi Ladies.

    How is everyone today? Can you believe we are almost in the 3rd month of the year already? So who is first up so far then? How is everyone feeling? Have you all been busy preparing? If you are anything like me your bag was packed weeks ago haha 😁

    In all seriousness, I know this is a horrid thing to have to go through so I hope everyone is doing okay in the run up, and if not then this is the place to talk through any concerns.

    I am currently sat having a quiet Sunday for once so thought I would pop on here and see if anyone was around that wanted to talk.

    Take Care Ladies



    Hi Ladies,
    I’ve just joined this forum having scared myself silly first on the internet … my op is currently scheduled for next Fri 2nd March (have been told it should be vaginal or laparoscopic/ keeping ovaries) I’ve been trying to glean info from some of the other forum threads .. useful bag packing appears to a theme – but was wondering if anyone can point me to the best summary of useful prep tips – this will be my first time in hospital since an emergency appendectomy aged 10 – 47 now!

    Thanks in advance,




    Good morning and welcome,

    I have added you to the list – Marie will be glad she at last has some company on the couch 😄 – I would suggest you have a good read around the forums and in particular the February forum where an amazing bunch of ladies are sharing their post and pre op experiences they will welcome you with open arms and you can ask any questions about recovery ( or anything else) and someone will have an answer. Xx

    I have also popped on the recovery guide in case you haven’t seen it. It’s fairly accurate. 😉

    You should also have a look at the Michelle Kenway site she is an Australian physio specialising in women’s issues and there is some really useful information on her site. Xx

    Art – 2nd March
    Marie – 6th March



    Thanks Jules! I have read the guide but was slightly entertained by the emphasis on housework ☺️ Which I’m really not that bothered about & am more concerned about how soon I will be able to get back to yoga & riding my bike! I will pop over the Feb forum & say Hi! too.

    Thank you!




    Hi @shellyl & @art it’s nice to have some company. I’m going under on 6th march for TAH I’ve been told it’s open surgery as my fibroids are too big 23rd for the vaginal or laparoscopy so yeay at 47 I’ve got my first scar….I don’t count a teeny sterilisation one under my belly button lol.

    My bags packed ready for OH to bring it on when he visits me the evening of the op. I’ve been told to just being a carrier bag with slippers, dressing gown and sanitary towels in the am, and leave it for him to bring in when I’m on the ward. I’ve reasearched,but opted out of you tubing…I decided I’d scare myself.

    I’m currently uncomfortable and starting to get nervous but I’m busy at work tra I ing up the temp we have got in to cover the 8 weeks off that my boss has put me on for.

    I understand that @art is first… I’ll be joining you after a few days so keep some room for me xxx. I think @valybobs is due in some time this month but no need yet.

    Hope to hear from you all soon

    Marie x



    Hi Ladies. So it sounds like you are all busy preparing. Art, I’d say useless things to prepare beforehand is make sure that somewhere near to where you will be resting during the day that you have access to the things you will want regularly without to much hassle. My mother in law arranged a table at the side of my bed with pockets on it containing remote controls, my magazines, throat sweets (I always have a bad throat after surgery) tissues, wipes, colouring book and pens, my travel cup, bottle of my chosen drink and a basket for my meds. That was an absolute godsend for me on the days I was tired or I had over done it.

    Welcome to Marie! Marie having your day to day items available to you will be especially important for you with your scar. You soind like me aswell…bag packed ages in advance haha. I don’t like leaving stuff to the last minute!

    Anyway ladies. Any questions let me know



    Hey everyone!

    How lovely to swing back in & get your messages. Thanks for all the tips – I’m feeling distinctly underprepared – as I haven’t packed a thing & the only dressing gown I own is of the slightly short ‘arse skimming’ variety!! 😳 May have to have a quick emergency shop! The hospital haven’t given me any instructions about not bringing overnight stuff when I’m admitted (in at 7.30) so will prepare to have my bag with my chap if necessary.

    Ok – best scoot off and make a proper list. Very glad to have found this lovely friendly support space, thank you 😀




    lol so far I’ve got v shaped pillow, a toddler stool so I can reach the loo (my feet don’t touch floor lol) and I’ve been advised itll help with gravity. I’ve got a hot water bottle with knitted cover, thermos cup, sealed juice cup with built in straw, button up night shirt and cosy bed sox for when I’m home…..

    I’ve got a stool to put my feet up on when everyone is in and there’s not enough room in the sofa. However, we’ve seen in Tesco some kids plastic tables….so I’m thinking one of those too.

    I’ll be checking in on the February ladies for more advice x



    Hello girls
    Lovely to virtually meet you all! @marie I am 47 and scar-less too!! (So far). Also still no date – arg. It would be great to have one and then be able to plan. My hospital is having a much needed upgrade of the Theatre suite and as a result I think the lists are longer than usual… maybe I’ll end up in April and still with pals in the March group…! I am quite minimalist when it comes to packing so I think for me as long as I have the book I’m on at the time, my i-pod and some herbal night time tea bags everything else should be ok…?!



    Definitely make sure you have Night dresses rather than Pyjamas. If you have a catheter pyjamas are just not an option..

    This was my “packing and having immediately to hand at home for whoever will be visiting list”

    * Colouring Books
    * Puzzle Book
    * Pen and Pencils
    * Tablet
    * Mobile and Chargers
    * My WiFi in case Mobile Internet is
    * A whole season of TV Programmes and Films
    * Music and Headphones to help sleep
    * Towels (washed in favourite fabric conditioner & sprayed with favourite febreeze scent)
    * Pillow & Blanket (washed in favourite fabric conditioner & sprayed with favourite febreeze scent)
    * Pyjamas (washed in favourite fabric conditioner & sprayed with favourite febreeze scent)
    * Nightdress (washed in favourite fabric conditioner & sprayed with favourite febreeze scent)
    * Slipper Socks (washed in favourite fabric conditioner & sprayed with favourite febreeze scent)
    * Slippers
    * Dressing Gown (washed in favourite fabric conditioner & sprayed with favourite febreeze scent)
    * Lavendar & Camomile Sleep mist,
    * Eye Mask
    * Dry Shampoo
    * Lip Balm
    * Hand and Face Wipes
    * Favourite Cordial
    * Prune Juice
    * Handheld Fan
    * Gas X for bloating etc post op
    * Senna Tablets for Bowel Prep & post op Bowel issues
    * Dulcolax Laxatives for Post Op
    * Aqua Ban – For Water Retention Pre & Post Op
    * Well Woman Vitamin Supplements
    * A Moisturiser to combat intimate Dryness
    * Abdominal Binder
    * Bio Oil for the skin around my incision to try to care for the skin a little
    * Sanitary Towels
    * Femine Wipes
    * Toilet Wipes
    * Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush
    * Jogging Bottoms / Top / Jumper-
    * Bra
    * Large Panties
    * Hairbrush
    * Shower Gel
    * Body Moisturiser
    * Prescription Tablets
    * Hard Sweets
    * Throat Spray
    * Tissues
    * Hot and Cold Compress



    Good news everyone! Have just done an emergency shop & now own a nightdress… well actually it’s just a long shirt but I think it will do. Just need to check through the rest of @shellyl ‘s comprehensive list now.

    Thanks again for all the tips!




    Hello March ladies!
    I’m the only one of the February ladies that has had my op cancelled ☹️ Hello @art, I have snuck over here as you suggested!
    I had to see a haematologist back in May last year as I had a very high red blood count. This could be for a harmless reason or possibly more sinister reasons. Tests have been inconclusive so far, but apparently a very rare reasons could be connected to fibroids. I have known I had fibroids for about 30 years, and was told I probably would not have successful pregnancies. Well I had two and my daughters are 27 and 23 this year.
    The fibroids shrank down and were very quiet until about 9 years ago when I suffered very heavy bleeding. It did not appear to actually be caused by the fibroids so I was offered a Mirena coil as a last resort before hysterectomy. I wish I had discovered it years ago as I have not had ANY bleeding since. Again no problems until last year, I think the oestrogen in the HRT caused the fibroids to grow so much I now look 5 months pregnant!
    Eventually I got to see my gynaecologist who decided a total abdominal hysterectomy was the way to go.
    I’ve never had an op and never had a general anaesthetic, so I’m obviously facing this with some trepidation!
    I thought I was all ready, and finished work at lunchtime last Thursday,ready for op last Friday. Within 5 minutes of getting home, the hospital rang to say due to lack of beds, all non urgent surgery had been cancelled! The list manager is supposed to ring me this week, so at the moment I have no date ☹️
    Anyway, I’m back at work (full time in Personnel dept of large supermarket) trying to keep myself busy. I’m going to keep in touch with the February ladies as they all recover (do pop over, they are lovely ladies with lots of tips and hints), but I’ll be here to keep company with you all too!

    Love to all

    Penny x

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