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    Hi Ellis

    That’s really awful and such an emotional roller coaster. Like you say, there must be a lady that is either an emergency case or has needed the extra night in hospital so I guess it’s difficult to be too cross. but it is still upsetting.

    Yes, I agree with Louise, treat yourself to something lovely today or have something naughty but nice for dinner now that you aren’t fasting! You might be an end of Marcher like me then we can do it together.

    Gillybobs – how are you today? I hope you are managing to get some rest. The catheter will soon be out.

    I love that we have a lady from Austria! Welcome Mimi and “tits up” 🙂

    I’m Derbyshire btw.

    I hope you are all comfortable and recovering well. I’m frantically cleaning at the mo, I’m hoping the drugs make me completely oblivious to all dust and mess otherwise it will totally do my head in!!

    Have a lovely day snuggled up out of this horrid weather xx



    I’ve just cleaned my bathroom for the last time for at least a month! Always look on the bright side of Life!



    I’m still trying to ignore the fact that my husband must think we usually have bathroom pixies 🙈🙊. He cleans every other room!



    Hi Ellis, so sorry your operation was cancelled. I know exactly how you feel, as mine was also cancelled on the day (I was actually in the hospital, all gowned-up and ready). I’d recommend you call your consultant’s secretary on Monday morning and make it clear that this has been really traumatic for you. I was actually transferred to a different consultant who had a free slot earlier than my own consultant. It was then a bit weird, as I was then operated on by someone I just met briefly that morning! But then it all went through smoothly from that point on. I’ve never contacted PALS but it can’t hurt? Unfortunately these things do happen, and at the moment you’ll feel dreadful, but you’ll get through it. Sending you hugs x



    There was a question on here a couple of days ago about vertical incisions? I had my op on February 7th, and my incision was vertical. Mine starts about a cm below my belly button, and runs right down well below my bikini line. It’s quite straight and is healing pretty well. This was to remove a fibroid the size of a football. I woke up with quite a lot of bruising on either side. Since then various patches of bruises have come and gone.

    You might want to ask at your pre-op whether you will have staples or stitches? I had both!



    Funny enough so have I. I’m in nesting mode lol. Cleaning through. I’ve moved things around I’m bedroom so easier to get to etc and sorted out clothes to wear after. Think being practical is stopping me actually thinking about op😂



    Oh Ellis that must have been so disappointing for you – I hope you’re feeling ok this evening and that you get a new date soon – I know it’s not much comfort but everything happens for a reason xx

    Jan – 1st March – On Done Couch
    Lol45 – 3rd March – On Done Couch
    Pinkjuls – 4th March – On Done Couch
    Jeanetteh – 6th March – On Done Couch
    Aimee – 6th March – On Done Couch
    Gillybobs – 12th March – On Done Couch
    Ellis04 – 16th March – Cancelled 😟 new date TBC
    Little T – 18th March
    Mimi73 – 18th March
    Violet bloom – 18th March
    Bunny200 – 21st March
    Edna – 21st March
    Cjenkins – 25th March
    Bobs – 26th March



    Hi All,

    Found this site post-op (I’m a big believer in ignorance in bliss until after!). Had my total hysterectomy (vaginal) on March 6th.

    Just wandering how other people are doing with their recovery?

    Mine op all went well, I was in theatre at 1:30pm on Wednesday 6th and left for home at 1:30pm on Friday 8th – a nice surprise as I was due to stay in until Saturday. I was up and about on Thursday and managed to have a shower in the morning and get some fresh PJs on which was just bliss!

    My tummy was very bloated for the first week but it is starting to ‘deflate’ which is more comfortable. I’m moving about OK but I have been resting up a lot though and even with that I do still feel very tired during the day – anyone else?

    I also find that when I eat I’m getting full a lot quicker than before – this is no bad thing really (!) but just wanted to see if anyone else had noticed this and how long it had been going on for?

    I’m hoping that I can begin to go swimming in the next week or so, just ease myself into something, I hear Yoga is also worthwhile so I may give that a go. I’ve got 2 months off work to fully recover which is great.

    The difference already just over a week into recovery is brilliant. Had to have the op as I’ve had issues with really heavy (very random) periods for the last 10 years and I bled to some degree almost every day for the last 3 years – it was just getting so inconvenient to plan my days as I never knew when it would happen and how badly.

    Really pleased that I had the op and I’m looking forward to being fully recovered, wearing whatever I feel like in the summer months, enjoying holidays again and being able to go swimming with my 2 boys anytime they want me to (and enjoying the water slides on hols!) – something I’ve had to sit out on the last few hols.

    Wishing everyone else all the best with their ops and recovery 🙂




    Good morning Aimee and welcome to the forum sounds like your recovery is going well – it’s quite normal to feel tired during the first few weeks of your recovery and when you do just rest – your body will tell you what it needs – take it nice and easy drink plenty of water and move around as much as you can during the day even if it’s just short walks around the house but most importantly rest as this is the only way to allow your body to heal strongly.
    Take care xx

    Hello ladies hope you all have a nice day -😃

    little t, mimi and violet bloom try to have a nice relaxing day today 😎



    I’ve been trying to post something since last night and it keeps failing, i was trying to include some links to YouTube videos and they just aren’t appearing so I’ll just tell you about them instead.
    I found a series of yoga videos to help recovery after abdominal surgery, the instructor had surgery herself and although she’s an experienced yogi if I take it slowly I’m sure it will help. I have been doing yoga recently using Yoga with Adrienne videos.
    There are videos covering 3 months worth of recovery, if you search on YouTube for Charli Louise Yoga and then there is a series of videos called Recover and Heal from Abdominal Surgery. There’s 5 different videos. As long as you take it slowly and stay comfortable this should help.
    I just hope this message posts ok!!!



    Hi, just checking if this posts. Nothing has posted for the last couple of days? X



    Just want to say be brave mimi73, little t, violet bloom. You can do this. Honestly be strong and focus. You all will be on the done couch soon. I am 5 days in. Sore and tired . Having little walks but coping well. Good luck will be thinking of you all. Hug.



    Hi aimsbedford, not sure it’s wise to go swimming just yet. Let your body heal a bit more. They say 6 weeks. You take care. Hug.



    Thanks, Gillybobs, glad to hear you’re recovering well. It’s always great to hear positive outcomes.
    Good luck to my fellow March ladies who haven’t had their ops yet xxx



    Thank you so much, Gillybobs.
    All the best to the other ladies.
    Will be checking into the clinic this afternoon, op is Monday morning.
    Don’t forget to breathe.
    Hugs to all x



    Aimsbedford, 2 ladies in my preop physio class specifically asked about yoga and Pilates, which they both did regularly. Guidance was 4-6 weeks before swimming (as long as no discharge ), 6 weeks for low impact classes and stationary cycling (not spin ☹️) and at least 8-10 weeks for yoga or Pilates as they put pressure on abdominal muscles.
    I’m missing my classes but taking a lot of walks instead. I’m 6 weeks post op on Thursday, so I’m looking forward to gently starting back. Did your physio give you abdominal exercises? If not, there are a couple of links on this forum.
    Enjoy your time off – I am!



    Big hug Gillybobs, I hope are okay and able to get comfy.

    Ellis – hopefully you will be an end of Marcher like me and we can do it together!

    Good luck Little T, Mimi, Violet Bloom, I will be thinking of you tomorrow. (I love that we have a lady from Austria, “tits up” :))

    Pudsey – I laughed at your cleaning comment. I’m in the throws of OCD cleaning at the mo and painting the bathroom. I am hoping the meds mean that I am unable to see dirt and dust as it will drive me mad. Hubs also is totally oblivious to these things and also has ‘selective cleaning syndrome’.

    Bunny – thank you so much for the yoga tip. I’m concerned about not being able to stretch my muscles out a bit so I’ll definitely check out those recommendations.

    I hope you are all well xx



    Hi, can I just check please. With the gentle abdominal exercises (pelvic tilts, knee rolls, bridges, knee slides) are these after 6 weeks do you think? X



    You start them as soon as you can. Knee rolls are great to release the dreaded wind 😤. I got a list of which ones to start with, then once you can do those, which to move onto next Here’s the online link. Exercises They look so easy on paper, and they were – before the op! Good to try them preop and get an idea of what to expect.



    That’s great thanks. I’ve been practicing the exercises, it’s the getting in and out of bed that’s ‘interesting’. My bed is quite high so I end up slipping off and can’t lift my bum up high enough to get on. I’ll have to try with a stool I think.

    Do you think we will all look back on this phase in 12 months and laugh! Fingers crossed, I can’t wait to get my life back on track x

Viewing 20 posts - 201 through 220 (of 360 total)
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