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    Hi everyone. Ben looking for a UK Forum for a while as I need some advice.

    I’m 31 (32 in a few weeks) and have 2 children, 10 & 3. The birth of my youngest child was quite hard in my body and resulted in a bad labia tear and an apparent bladder prolapse. I went in for repair surgery on 2nd Jan (through bupa) and whilst I was put to sleep the gynecologist noticed that I actually had a bad womb prolapse that a standard repair can’t fix.

    The gynecologist has given me 2 options a vaginal mesh which will hold my womb in place but will film part of the research as not many have been done, plus the side affects of erosion. Or a hysterectomy where I keep my ovaries but everything else will go.

    I really don’t know what to do, I know if I keep my ovaries I won’t go in the menopause straight away but I am scared of it coming early. In addition to this i have the Mirena coil for suspected endometriosis which is really helping to keep my symptoms under control. If I have a hysterectomy I won’t have my coil and I have terrible ovulation pain that I fear will come back if the coil isn’t there. The gynecologist said he will cut away any endometriosis cells he finds which should help. Really cannot decide what is for the best. Any advice would be much appreciated xx



    Hi Liabec10

    Being on the ‘other side’ of hysterectomy, my vote would be to have the hysterectomy if you have finished having children. However, that is only MY personal opinion and my personal circumstances are quite different to yours. I have not heard of this mesh thing, but if it’s new that would make sense. It means I can’t comment on it, of course. There are many younger women who have undergone hysterectomy on this website. Perhaps if you post your question in a couple of the monthly forums where they are more likely to see it? Perhaps Dec 14 and Jan 15 where ladies are still actively involved in posting.



    Hi Liabec10 and welcome to the site.
    What a dilemma!
    I also have bad ovulation pain, but I am planning to keep my ovaries because I personally feel that the benefits of keeping them right now, outway the benefits of removing them, even though I have been having some menopause symptoms for a few years already.
    One of my doctors said I will continue to have the pain though.. Because she will not be removing them if they are healthy, whereas her colleague, my main gynae said that the pains may reduce or go anyway because it could be the fibroids causing the pain and not in fact directly my ovaries!

    Of course your situation is very different and you have to weigh up your own situation, however, endo is a real pain to rid completely. Through family experience I am a firm believer that estrogen feeds endometriosis, and on that basis I would consider removing the ovaries.

    Check out the website menopause matters, it is fab for all info regarding menopause in the UK, also check out
    Have a look at the information FAQ section, it’s very informative.
    Sorry can’t comment on the mesh, but hopefully some one else will come along that can help.
    I hope I haven’t confused you more! I hope you make a decision that you can be happy with. Xx


    jilly b

    Hi Liabec10 Ican only give you my personal experience Iwas 32 and had endrometrios and had hyster and kept my ovaries and my pain dissapeared altogether.At 46 started an early menopause which can happen alot earlier due to the hyster.Now at 63 Ihave had 3 failed prolapse ops the last one being a sacralcolpopexy with mesh which although surgeon says its been successful in August last year I still have problems on walking and everyday activities too.It still being painful 5months on.Im on vagifem pessaries every other night this being oestrogen directly into the vagina ,surgeon saying that these prolapses in older women are a result in lack of oestrogen to the vaginal walls which eventually get so weak and thin that they collapse.
    If you have the hyst and like me go through the meno earlier please consider taking some form of hrt or even the pessaries to prevent any prolapses they never seem to inform you of what can happen years down the line hoping this is of some help to you .Jilly b xxx



    Thank you for all your replies. I guess I have a big decision to make and I honestly don’t know what to do for the best. My mum had a full hysterectomy at 32 because of endometriosis and now has trouble with bone density etc. I guess that wouldn’t be a problem for me as I’ll be keeping my ovaries Xx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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