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    Hi I’m new to this site and would love if someone could give me some advice/their experiences. I have just seen a consultant and she has advised I have mild cystocele and moderate rectocele -she has diagnosed a utero-vaginal prolapse.

    She has sent me away to think about having a hysterectomy, anterior and posterior repair. I have so many questions that I would have liked to ask her but hard to think straight whilst being examined and shock of being told I should consider surgery. I have had problems with BM since birth of my third child 6 years ago so guess this was related!

    I feel fine apart from quite uncomfortable, dragging feeling and constipation. What I’m trying to find out is a hysterectomy totally necessary as feel ok but guessing that these problems just get worse. I have tried to do a bit of research but doesn’t appear to be many alternatives – I am 42 and fit and healthy apart from this! More worried about having to take it easy after op as mum of 3! Many thanks just feeling really confused.



    Hi newbie I had the very same op on the 4th march ,I am 76 and on my own so I am sure your children will be a great help to you you will be very tired but as long as you are sensible and do not lift anything to heavy you will be fine ,I am so pleased that after years of a pessary ring I have had it done all the best to you .



    Evening ClaryD. I had the same uncomfortable experience and was also in total shock. The consultant I spoke to explained that it would never improve but would get worse. I had my hysterectomy and both repairs last Nov, had some ups and downs but I am sp pleased I had the ops. I could not find much info but this l lovely site and the other ladies have helped me enormously. Hope you are feeling a bit brighter in yourself, life does get a lot better. If you want any further info please let me know. Best wishes. Brenda xxx.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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