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    havent posted for a long time last time i posted i was so sure i was going to have the novasure…………..i didnt go ahead i was just scared i guess of the anesthetic and operation.

    Update is that my periods are all over the place……….i go a few months without one then have a bleed that can last over a month.This time its gone on for five weeks and ive been prescribed northesterine its a prostegen only pill……its stopped the bleeding instantley and ive to take it for 21 days then go see the dr.

    Has anyone else used this pill long term.Im 46 years of age and its obvious my homones are going wrong ive had test and im perimenapausel most of the time i feel great but periods comeing whenever they feel like it and lasting weeks has got me down ……

    Hopeing this pill does the job just happy that the bleeding has finally stopped its worth feeling a little sick to be free of that……..




    I am 45 was bleeding all the time, ended up being admitted to hospital due to losing so much blood. Gyni doctor put me on noresterine to stop the bleeding. Was on it for just over 3 months without a break, only came of it as I had a hysterectomy.
    Wouldn’t have wanted to use it much longer as it made me feel abit strange, but it was nice not to bleed. 😀
    So pleased I had the op

    TAH 05/05/15



    I havent been hospitalized through blood loss but ive been aneamic severley for years due to periods ,theyve always been heavy but since i entered my 40s the flooding and clots and total unpredictability of them is driveing me nuts.Im on 600mg or iron a day and after this last episode i still ended up feeling breathless dizzy and my heart pounding to the point any physical activity i did i was left exhausted and haveing to lie down.Im takeing 5mg of northesterine 3 x a day dont feel weird ………….yet…………just a bit sick after i take one for an hour but that passes and its so great to be not bleeding.The dr told me that it was like a mini pill type of thing and if i took for 21 days then stopped for 7 my period may or may not come but at least id know when it would arrive and by takeing the pills 7 days later id know when it would stop.I guess ill just have to see how it goes.

    I didnt have the novasure because i just thought im not going through an anesthetic and an operation for something that isnt a guaranteed end to my periods,my sister had it done and it didnt touch her shed to go on to have a hysterectomy………….the consutlant said “we dont hand out hysterectomys like sweeties dear”……..and so here i am.Just hopeing that im reaching the final stages of perimenapause and ill soon be menapausel……………..



    I’ve been put on Norethisterone until my surgery basically. I’m not technically allowed it due to my clotting issues but Dr said it was a last resort, there’s nothing else but surgery that will stop my bleeding. So far it’s just made it lighter, it’s not stopped it but it’s worked a Hell of a lot better than anything else we’ve tried.

    Like others I have to take it 3x a day for 21 days then have a break for 5-7 days. Or he said I could just take it continuously… But that makes me nervous as I’m scared of blood clots.

    I hate it. I’m scared to take it, I have horrendous cramps with it and feel sick. Also started getting sweats, but not sure if that’s a side effect or not. I just don’t feel well at all on it. 🙁



    I have just been diagnosed with adenomyosis (not quite sure I have spelt that correctly!) and am on Norethisterone 3 x a day which has stopped the horrendous endless painful bleeding and cramps …I am 57 and had had four years period free – after suffering every single menopause symptom for three years in January I started HRT and then in May the terrible bleeding started – I was wondering if this adenomyosis has developed due to taking oestrogen gel? Apparently the only cure is a hysterectomy so my appointment with the gynaecologist surgeon is 7 January 2019 – anyone with their stories or advice would be most welcome as am feeling a bit lonely and anxious and I do not have the kind of husband that is willing to chat about women’s issues – his subject is cars…..

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