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    Seeing as how Part 2 has been closed … I thought I’d start part 3, rather than walk away!!

    Good morning everyone! The sun is shining here, it’s a lovely (Cloudless!) day and I’ve just pushed my daily walk to 20 minutes. Slowly and steadily of course, but it feels good to be out and as Duncaf said earlier, I also find it a positive step. Walking is my thing (from power walking for fitness to gentle rambling holidays with friends) – so I thought I ought to make the most of a glorious day as the weather is due to turn! 🙁

    So pleased to hear you’re home Fizzer. I hope you had a comfortable night and that all your meds etc. help get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

    Good luck u3akaye for tomorrow. Enjoy today and you’ll be on the couch quicker than you know it.




    Cloudless well done, obviously your walk has had a great feel good effect.

    U3akaye wishing you all the best for 2moro, looking forward to seeing you on the couch.

    I’m having a delicate day 2day. Now my wound is uncovered I’m finding it sore and a little uncomfortable. Been given strict orders not to go out on my own but I’ve managed to clean the lawn after my dog, freshen up the rabbit and do some washing up, all the best jobs!😣Hopefully it will still be Cloudless when my other half gets home from work and I can have a walk.



    Hi Cloudless
    So glad you’ve managed to get out and enjoy the glorious weather. I’ve made a point of doing the same today, knowing that it’ll be a while before I can manage a long weekend walk with my husband and the dogs.
    On the countdown now but feeling fairly organised. Trying not to think about Thursday yet.
    Best of luck for tomorrow u3akaye. I hope all runs smoothly for you.
    Sending very best wishes to all those who are recovering too.




    Nutkeyblue – 1st November – On Done Couch
    Jojo – 2nd November – On Done Couch
    Taff – 5th November – On Done Couch
    Duncaf31 – 7th November – On Done Couch
    Kerry – 7th November – On Done Couch
    Bronblis – 10th November – On Done Couch
    Cloudless – 13th November – On Done Couch
    Fizzer – 14th November – On Done Couch
    MrsN -15th November – On Done Couch
    Melly – 19th November ? Still TBC 🙂
    U3akaye – 19th November – On Done Couch
    Rubycat – 20th November
    Bella – 22nd November
    Talkingdrum – 22nd November
    Novelette – 24th November
    Lovenun – 30th November

    Hello ladies and apologies for not noticing the topic had closed down – I’ve been looking after my hubby who decided to break his arm a few days ago 😮 and is not the best patient 😡😄

    Good luck for tomorrow u3akaye I hope you land nice and gently onto the done couch – try to have a relaxing evening If you can – we are all thinking of you and wish you well xx



    Just a quick one to say good luck to u3akaye for tomorrow. Hope your day has been ok and you’re not worrying too much. I’ve managed to keep busy over the weekend but nerves creeping in a bit.

    Ruby x



    Thank you Rubycat.

    Despite feeling very scared this morning, I’ve had a very busy day without time to dwell on what’s to come and am now strangely calm.

    Hoping all goes well for you on Tuesday- will be thinking of you



    2 weeks post op today! Feeling a lot better than I thought I would beforehand. Yesterday had two 20 minute walks outside and felt good. Went out and did same route this morning and really struggled!! I will listen to my body and not bother with the second walk later. Very frustrating!



    Don’t be too hard on yourself Taff.
    2 weeks post op and feeling better than you thought is great. I think we are all realising that we have up and down days. Just take it easy on the down days and don’t forget it’s Monday!

    Good luck to Rubycat for 2moro. Hope everything goes well for you and look forward to seeing you on the couch.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok?



    rubycat good luck for tomorrow I hope you’re having a relaxing evening and all goes well tomorrow – this time tomorrow the waiting will be over and you’ll be sitting comfortably on the done couch xx



    You’re right Bronblis…. I’m sure that recovery for all of us will be a mixture of good days and less good days. And some of us just have to remind ourselves that we’re not superwoman! I did a small load of washing today. I live in a tall narrow house…. washing machine at the bottom, hang up to dry (in winter) at the top! Getting it out was interesting….. I split it into 4 light-ish handfuls, 42 steps up and 42 steps down, repeat, repeat, repeat…. tomorrow will be a day of rest!

    So please don’t anyone get frustrated, we’re all going in the right direction…. it’s just that the path is a little wonky in places!

    Fingers crossed all went well for u3akaye today and that you’re comfortably on the couch.

    Good luck tomorrow Rubycat. It’ll be over before you know it. There’s a spot on the couch waiting for you too!




    Thanks all, so looking forward to making it to the couch! Waiting is awful.

    My daughters birthday today though so that’s keeping me occupied- still have to pack and get organised- scared I’ll forget something.

    Hope you’re ok u3akaye

    Ruby x



    Hi all

    Everyone seems to be doing so well and that’s fabulous:)

    Can’t wait to join you all on the done couch. Had my final appt with surgeon yesterday and op date is 30th at 230 pm!

    Getting nervous now. Not sure how I’m going to cope with 4 dogs etc!



    I’ve landed and I’m ok. A bit wobbly and shivery but doing ok with minimum pain at the moment.

    I was really nervous going in and had a bit of morphine to ease things a bit. Also had spinal as well as general, which has been good.

    Looks like I’ll be in for two nights as I live so far away. I know things will be different once the current pain relief wears off but so glad it’s done.

    Good luck Bella!

    Ruby x



    Well done Ruby, glad you had a soft landing on the couch. Keep the pain relief going and I hope you have a peaceful night.



    Hi. Hi Rubycat. Hope you’re feeling ok this morning. If the pain relief is really monitored you shouldn’t hurt and moving around helps everything move so much better. So good luck.

    All the best to Bella who I think is on the table tomorrow? It will be over before you know it.

    Here’s wishing you a very lovely anaesthetist! 😉

    I overdid it this week so I’m pulling back a bit! They knew on hospital that I was likely to do that. I’m ok, but I realise I need to cool it for a few more days or weeks.

    How silly 😛 I am! I had been warned!



    Hi everyone

    I locked myself out of the forum somehow and just got around to getting back in.

    Well I was on the couch on the 1st November and nearly three weeks out I’m honestly starting to feel fabulous!

    For those of you still waiting, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel (not THAT tunnel, the recuperation tunnel). You will feel better I promise, even though at times you will feel very tired.

    I’m now off all painkillers, and have been for a few days. I knocked the morphine on the head around 5 days out from the op, I hated that stuff!

    I’m walking for at least half an hour a day, feel a little tired, but mostly happy in myself.

    It’s a huge op, but it’s doable and recoverable. Good luck guys!!!



    Bella – Good luck for 2moro, hope everything goes well for you. Soon be on the couch.

    It’s good to hear from you Nutkeyblue. I had been wondering about you so glad you are recovering well and talking so positively about your experience.

    Duncaf it’s so easy to get carried away isn’t it? Hope you are ok? 😐I thought I was getting a hernia yesterday, got to keep reminding myself of the dangers/ repercussions if I don’t take it easy. My wound can get a bit uncomfortable. Haven’t really been given any advise on how to look after it🤔

    Ruby and U3akaye hope you are both recovering well and home soon. Take care of yourselves.




    Thanks Julie, Fiona and all,

    Gas pain has hit this morning in my right shoulder- pretty painful, but got out of bed and change into my own PJ’s. First physio session also done- a bit overwhelming.

    Didn’t get a great sleep, an emergency on the ward last night so pretty busy and noisy. Staying today then hopefully home tomorrow.

    Off to drink gallons of peppermint tea.

    Hope all goes well Bella

    Ruby x



    Morning all
    I couldn’t log in in hospital using my phone.
    I had a temp and accompanying UTI which cleared up quickly – I don’t think I’ve ever drunk so much as I was determined this wasn’t going to delay my discharge home.
    I’m back at home now and have been very fortunate. Pelvic floor repair has caused me more discomfort than the LAVH but no worse than having a baby (which is how I got in this mess in the first place). Haven’t needed much in the way of analgesia and hope that continues to be so.

    Rubycat I hope you’re feeeling a little less rough now and are more comfortable.

    Bella, wishing you well for tomorrow.

    K x



    Hi Rubycat

    Don’t worry too much about Physio. I literally got walked around hospital and that was it. At home I’ve moved around loads doing day to day stuff and I feel strong three weeks out. Physios can be a bit kamikaze so just listen to your body, be kind to yourself and just do what you can. One way or another it will all work out fine.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 114 total)
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