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    Its only noisy when we are on here, Sarah. i reckon more October ladies will be along soon xx



    Just hope our nonsense hasn’t put others off!

    If I was at work I wouldn’t be available so suppose everyone is still busy and then those that have been done are re-couperating.

    Planning to make an iPad pillow today to make it more comfy when I am in bed more, must be feeling better or just totally bored!

    Sarah xx



    Sounds great. Whats the fabric like? I have brought a smallish travel memory foam pillow today from TK maxx (as we are talking of pillows) It is for use across my stomach solely. I will use it downstairs and in the car afterwards. What prompted it was one of my chihuahua’s jumped on my stomach last night and hurt it. So it is already constantly a fixture. Sigh. I have brought a U, a V and now a memory foam pillow now (plus bean bag) for this kerfuffle. Bring on the 8th!! xx



    Never got to it, what with talking to youngest and made a cake (disaster) and tried to watch a film, waiting now for lasagne and garlic bread to be done and cake rescued. Worn out , done too much!
    Thought you were spelling a word out there with your pillows
    YMCA LOL. You have to laugh. X


    Blue Spinnaker

    Hi, I am pencilled in for 4th October for a total hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy with vertical incision for a big fibroid. Looking forward to keeping in touch with how you are all getting on




    Hi Blue Spinnaker – I am having the same as you, but for different reasons. (dermoid cyst and adenomyosis) Welcome to the group. It is great on here. xx



    Eeek! It looks like I will be the first October girl. They have booked me for 1 October! Suddenly all seems very real …… lots of planning to do. Have been told arnica is very helpful when recovering from any surgery …. has anyone else heard this?



    Welcome Louise,
    Yes, I have bought little arnica tablets from Holland and Barrett, also Aloe Vera capsules for internal healing. I am not going to put anything on the skin though. I am 8th October (cancelled from 17th September) so pretty desperate 🙁 Angela xx



    Good morning ladies,

    Welcome Louise and blue spinnaker you are both now on the list and hope you find the support helpful. Any questions just ask as there’s usually always someone who can help.
    The waiting really is the worst part and I’m sure everyone will agree with that 😟 xx

    Louise – 1st October
    SarahtT – 2nd October
    Blue spinnaker – 4th October
    Ethmet – 8th October
    Wisteria2 – 8th October
    Kirsti – 9th October



    How is everyone doing? I do pre op tomorrow and now having op on Monday 8th. Sarah first and then the rest of us.



    Hi Wisteria – are you the same day as me now?? Fancy that? I still can’t get over being delayed, I should have bounced back by now but i haven’t. Trying to throw myself into other things as a distraction but often i can’t concentrate. I only get about 4 hours sleep a night too. still 21 days to wait. its going to be a long 21 xx



    Hi all, really hope waiting and wondering is the worst. I am still under the weather with sort of cold/flu symptoms but also feels like an allergic reaction with my tongue and eyes/ ears being sore and itchy. Back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off being unwell, then pre-op Tuesday when I expect to be told they won’t do it until coughing etc cleared and also worried about blood pressure. My fibroid is uncomfortable but wonder if peri-menopause is causing all the problems.

    Getting organised though in my head and will put it into practice soon. Made a firm stand today and told my brother I didn’t want him to visit while I was in hospital.

    Good luck everyone. Xx



    Yes same day. Had pre op today and felt wiped after a load of blood was taken and so in bed. I’m struggling with the wait too. I’m getting myself in a weird head space about the post surgery emotions, pain etc. I’ll pm you if you fancy a chat about things xx

    Just info for others
    My pre op involved MRSA test as I work in healthcare, bloods to check kidney function etc and check my blood group to ensure supplies are on site if needed. Height, weight, more paperwork, ECG and a load of bumf to read. Pretty straight forward.



    Yes, PM me please. I am in a weird headspace too. Lets see if they match.

    I hope you feel a little better after your rest. Take it easy. I have different symptoms on different days, its so weird. But each symptom is getting worse and more frequent since about 4 weeks ago.

    At my pre-med last Wednesday, I had bloods and MRSA done (dry long cottonbud, dragged along each groin?) also a nose swab (don’t know what for) height and weight. They didn’t ask for a urine sample and i didn’t have an ECG. They told me i had to provide a fresh urine sample, so of course, I was full to pussy’s bow with widdle, all unnecessary!!!!
    However, they told me, that i have to have another set of bloods done no less than 6 days before the op. Of course if they hadn’t changed it, i would have had my op today, so that would have been 5 days before grrrr….. obviously they should have change the pre-op date. I now have one on the Thursday before i go in. I had many many questions for them – they couldn’t answer any of them sigh. Love Angela xx


    Mrs N

    Hello everyone, I wrote previously in the August 2018 forum, I now have a date for my abdominal hysterectomy! 18th October.
    Hope everyone is doing ok xx



    Hi well I’ve finally received my confirmation letter for my operation on the 9th October. I’m getting more and more apprehensive about being on the done couch. I’m pencilled in for laparoscopic day surgery and really worried about coming home the same day. I’ve started my overnight bag in case I need to stay in and am packing a case for my son and I to go and stay with my parents afterwards. I’m hoping I won’t have to stay there too long as I love them very much but we’re not suited to living in the same house.



    Did anyone here have the choice about keeping ovaries and decided to have them removed during this hysterectomy? The reason I am asking is, I am 44, not peri menopausal but have a huge fibroid and possible small ones. I can’t have laparoscopic and I’m having a hysterectomy on the 8th. After discussions with consultant, I decided to allow the ovaries to go on this surgery rather than face further problems down the line.
    I’m now having second thoughts about having my ovaries taken. It seems to me it’s 50/50, taking them now results in instant menopause, HRT etc. I was told that leaving them behind results in diminished blood supply and they will only have a few years shelf life before an early menopause will kick in anyway. This was the reason I made the decision to just go for removal and menopause now.
    Has anyone else found themselves questioning the decision. What made you decide to keep or remove?


    Feeling fab

    Such a difficult decision to make but I was advised by my GP and Gynae nurse to keep them if at all possible, even though my consultant was also recommending removing them because of risk of ovarian cancer about 1%.

    I am not classed as a high risk for ovarian cancer so I decided to keep them and haven’t experienced any menopause symptoms, no hot flushes or feeling emotional and I am 48 so could be nearer menopause than you.
    Even though i kept the ovaries I did have fallopian tubes shortened as recommended by the consultant which also reduces risk of ovarian cancer – think it can often start in the tubes.
    At age 44 I would definitely try to keep them if you can as they can carry on producing oestrogen for up to 5 years after surgery and testosterone for up to 20 years after menopause which helps with libido and mental cognition. It helps so much with the recovery if you are not also dealing with surgical menopause.

    If they had to go I was told I could have ‘oestrogen only’ HRT and small amount of testosterone if needed, but not everyone is so fortunate depending on medical history etc.

    Hope this helps
    This was one of my main worries before surgery oh and whether to keep cervix – which had to go in the end anyway.

    Hope you get some more replies to help you with your decision.



    Thank you feelingfab, that’s useful. I am able to change the decision before the 8th and so doing more research to be sure.
    My mother died aged 34 of breast cancer and I have annual mammograms due to my fibroadenomas stopping me from being able to self exam. I have explored genetic testing but only got as far as the mapping of family, I didn’t get tested. Although we have a lot of cancers in the family map, they don’t map the way mutated genes do (Brca). For this reason, I am convinced I am not at high risk of breast cancer. My annual mammograms should allow an early diagnosis.
    Sooo, HRT doesn’t scare me for its breast cancer risks. You would think it would.
    All of my life my hormones have been an issue causing relationship breakdowns, problems in the workplace etc. I have a love hate relationship with my reproductive system and part of me can’t wait to evict it all and get HRT dosage correct and move on.
    It’s such a massive unknown. I take my hat off to all those woman before me that have made their decisions, whichever way they decided.



    Hi ladies, my operation is booked for 19th October! Total abdominal hysterectomy, due to having a large fibroid and enlarged uterus.
    Had a hysteroscopy in July to reduce the fibroid, but that was unsuccessful due to excess bleeding, so have agreed to the hysterectomy.
    Not sure how I feel about it yet, trying to keep busy so I don’t have to think to much. I work full time but luckily off to Tenerife for a week on 29th September, so only a fortnight to think about it afterwards.
    I live on my own so having to stay with my parents for the first week or two! But have started batch cooking for when I return home!
    All the best to you ladies having your op before mine.

Viewing 20 posts - 41 through 60 (of 186 total)
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