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    Stephanie Head

    Hi. I’m Steph, 66 yrs young and am new to this website and forum. I am having a hysterectomy on 2nd July and realise how little I know about the operation I will be having. the checklist on questions to ask is really useful and is a good prompt. I am an active person, just got back into running a year ago and it is dawning on me that I can put my running shoes away for a while.
    Not sure how to upload photos on my profile or what to write in it.
    I know that this forum and site will really help me as the date gets nearer. My husband needs some ‘gentle’ education in supporting women who have had the op. Is there a leaflet for partners?



    Hi stephanie head
    I haven’t seen any info for partners i found it hard enough finding information for myself then I found this site and that goodness i did!
    My husband was brilliant he done absolutely everything for the 1st couple of weeks along with my parents i also made a decision not to see any visitors for the 1st 2/3 weeks so i could just be quiet and mend even after that i found once friends/ family had gone even after a short visit i was totally exhausted? So let your husband do as much as he can best wishes for your future op x


    Stephanie Head

    Thanks for this Pippa. Good advice. I will tell my husband. Op has been postponed until 16th July as list was cancelled ( I hear that this is often the case) Had my pre-op assessment yesterday in case there is a cancellation and advised that I could be sent home the same fay of the laparoscopic hysterectomy is performed – not sure I want that. Would prefer to have my first night in hospital.



    Hi Stephanie,

    Not sure if it’ll work 🤞 but I have posted a link to a leaflet which your partner could perhaps read which would tell him a little bit about what is happening..

    I have added you to our list over in the July forum where most of the ladies who have had or are waiting to have their surgery in July.

    Good luck. Xx


    Stephanie Head

    Had my op on 16th . Had keyhole total hysterectomy so no incisions apart from 3 holes where the instruments went in. Very skilled consultant who managed to get everything out this way by jiggling it about! Ovarian Cyst was larger than my uterus. Discharged next day and told by consultant I could drive within a few days if I could do emergency stop and turn head to reverse car. I can so will pop out tomorrow with my husband to see how it feels. I am no superwoman.Self injecting blood thinners and now reduced pain relief as not in much pain. I am totally amazed at the speed of my recovery and am making sure I lie down and don’t do too much. Been for 20 minute walk yesterday and will increase if I feel ok. Waiting to have a ‘ blip’ but so far so good

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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