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    Hi all, looking for some advice and wondering if anyone has had the same. I’m seven weeks post op from LAVH, and am getting really sore legs. Ripping pain in the muscles and pain all the way down into my feet, but mainly my left leg.

    I was on blood thinners as I’ve had a DVT in the past. My legs aren’t swollen and the pain is worse at night. I’m wondering if it’s a referred pain from internal healing.

    Would be so good to hear if anyone else has had this, but I will make an appt with the GP just in case.

    Thank you, Ruby



    Hi RubyCat
    Ive Just seen your post. I can’t really offer any advice but wondered if your leg pain has improved yet? I’ve not had pain but itchy legs! I had antibiotics for a UTI last week and think it may be from that.
    I’m 8 weeks post op TAH + SO this week and I’m feeling lots stronger but still have a small open sore section on my incision but it’s not infected! I saw my consultant this week and she told me to lie on my stomach when I sleep to help the incision drain! 😳 Seriously, lie on my stomach! I don’t think she had really thought through the logistics for that 😂
    Anyway, hope your feeling better now and are back on the road to recovery.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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