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    Helen J


    I have had 6x laparoscopic surgeries for endometriosis and before each I had to take picolax and not eat anything solid for a couple of days before op. Is it going to be the same for abdominal hysterectomy? I found I was really dehydrated each time (my veins collapsed and they couldn’t get fluids into me, it was very frustrating to get to feel so ill even before the surgery even begun). I’m really nervous about this one as I’ve never had open surgery.

    Thank you




    Hi Helen j. I’m 3 week post op from abdominal surgery. I was told to eat breakfast the day before then just clear foods, soup jelly etc. I could drink fluids 6 hours before op then stop. I was also given some drinks. Can’t remember name to drink before the surgery again up to 6 hours before. I live in wales. Seems to be different in different parts of the country? Hope all goes well

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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