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    Hi Ladies
    l have not posted on this site for sometime since various op’s for prolapse.

    l have been having other issues which have diagnosed an autoimmune disorder (type to be confirmed still, although not liver). One of the blood tests l had showed that my vitamin D level was really low and l have to take supplements now.

    However whilst doing my research online l have discovered that lack of Vit D can cause havoc with our pelvic floor muscles. l had never heard of this before.

    l have posted a couple of links but there are many more out there.




    Thanks Tina. Interesting links. I think that there must be loads of people out there with vitamin D deficiency due to us being almost scared to go out into the sunshine without sunscreen on. My own level was low so my doc advised supplements for me too. Not sure whether it’s helping with the pelvic floor but I certainly have less aches and pains. I hope you find out which autoimmune disorder you have. Let us know!!

    Sissy x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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