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    Thought it was time us prolapsy girls had our own club! Very exclusive membership rules …



    Can I apply to be a member lol

    Had a TVH and an anterior (front) repair 26th Nove 2008 and was told my back repair couldnt be done at the same time due to the scar tissue from doing both at the same time.

    Since the TVH my back prolapse has sort of fallen into the hole the front one occupied before. Have asked to see my consultant as I dont get a 6 week appointment.

    Back one was troublesome before now is even worse, causing me backache and a feeling of wanting to go and not being able to



    I know exactly what you mean! its a horrible feeling and the whole bm thing is really getting me down.

    I had a TAH/ BSO on 29th August 2008 and the prolapse happened after that.

    I’ve got an appointment next wednesday with the gynaecologist, so hopefully she will get something done soon. Can’tput up with this!



    Many thanks for setting up this club Aja, much appreciated.
    I’m so glad to know I’m not alone in this and I honestly thought I was, I have been trying to ignore it for 2 years now but it seems to be getting worse now.
    I am pre-hyst, having TAH/BSO on 17th April, and have never mentioned this problem to my gynae. I had a sigmoidoscopy done in 2007 where he mentioned I had a slight prolapse, I never went back to see him as I was so fed up of seeing hospitals, gynaes etc 😳 Guess I should really have gone back to see him then.

    The rectocele I have is becoming more noticeable and more uncomfortable now, I find that when I am trying to have a BM the bulge in my vagina is really very noticeable and I have to push it back in to get the faeces out, it’s so embarassing, everytime Ipush it back it pops out again, its awful, when I stand up it’s so agonising, I have to sort of push it back and stand up at the same time – thank god for locks on bathroom doors lol.

    I am thinking maybe I should go back to my GP and tell him about this, I haven’t told anyone about this until I saw others here were having the same problem, I am just hoping that it doesn’t get any worse after my hyst.

    Anyway, thanks so much, it’s so much better having others to talk to who are in a similar situation.

    Sure I will have more questions to ask as time goes on lol



    hey can i join here to even though i have already had my op’s maybe i can help with advice ect

    Cat pls dont be embaressed to seer your gp about your prolapse and get it sorted, i was doing the same as you and haveing to push my prolapse out the way so i could poop, its not nice and it is painful, my prolapse was noticeable when i was standing and even more so when sat on the toilet x



    Cat, seriously, when it happened to me I was in shock and thought no-one else would be going through what I was but what you have described is EXACTLY what I have to do. I tried to ignore it at first, but then realised I needed to do something about it. I have had lots of support from others on this site who have been through it.

    If I was you, I would talk to your GP and discuss it with your gynae pre-op as it would be better if they did both at the same time if possible (I would think).

    Its no fun being a girl sometimes, is it!

    Amanda x




    Its alice,hope all is well,im post hyst,had tah/bso in dec 06,after years of suffering cos i was a wimp,and discoverd this hanging down thing at christmas,and thought (((((what the ))))),really freeked me out 😥

    was really shocked when gp said i had a prolapse,as i thought there was nothing left to fall out.

    Im not sure what type i have,but have the lumpy cows udder thing that you can push back,and the poo thing,when i cant have a decent poo,with out pushing the lump TMI sorry,.

    have gyne app on 11th feb,really scared,before hyst chewed everyones ear off.

    does anyone one no whether heavy lifting can make it worse,as my job does involve quite a bit!!!!!

    nice to be able to talk to people in the same boat

    Love Alicexx 😉



    Hi ladies,

    I know some of you will understand so thought I’d post here. Am struggling so much and the pain is awful, I got my usual endo/adhesion pains but also having problems with my bladder and bowel. I kee getting really awful bladder spasms (despite mybladder being empty) and I’m not sure if this is caused by me self catheterising, or if there is something else going on, I’m going to drop a sample by the GP’s tomorrow so the can rule out a UTI, bt the problem is also with my right kidney, it has been throbbing ever since the spasming started, very ouch 😈
    The other problem is my bowel, I am bunged up at the moment due to starting MST (I take Oramorph regularly and now take MST twice a day too) and even though I’m using my movicol I’m getting bunged up. As a result a BM today was very excruciatingly painful, am noticing the prolapse (rectal) even more so now, and in order to do anything had to push it back and hold it, it’s so awful and I feel horrible having to do this at my age, I feel like I’m too yung t be having these problems (am 27), Iknow I’m not alone and I don’t expect a reply, just neede to have a rant.
    Am going to make an appt to see my GP about the rectocele as he isn’t aware that I am having problems with it, and I am also going to email my gynae about it to see if he can do anything about it at the same time as my hyst, as he is 2.5 hours away from me just hoping he doesn’t want to examine it before the op. Although I have to go there 3 weeks before op for my pre-op assessment, wil let you know when I get a reply. I just hope that something can be done now so I don;t have to have something done at a later date.

    Thanks for listening and thanks so much to everyone who has been so supportive of me already, I hope to make a few friends here, people who I can relate to and completely undetstand how I’m feeling at each step of the process.



    Hi Cat – Sorry you are having such a bad time.

    My Gp wasnt that helpful when I tried to tell her there was something wrong with my bowel and I was still awaiting my pre-op for hyst (and no repair at that time) I rang the hospital and asked if I could see my gyne on the pre-op date. I did see him and he examined me and agreed. He then changed my op from TAH to LAVH so that the repair could be done all under one.

    So my advice is – The gyne is the one who will decide what to do.

    Hope things get a little easier for you soon.

    Love Jay



    hi girls

    Im due in on monday 2nd feb for a TVH, Posterior and anterior repair,
    Im petrified tbh.
    My symptoms were pain down below, i actually thought i had a urine infection, this went on for 10 weeks, after 2 lots of antibiotics, i had a fiddle to see where the pain was and there it was, my 1st gyne recommended physio, as it was a tiny bulge 🙄 when i asked about the pain he told me abruptly to take pain killers, horrible man, even the nurse was disgusted, my examination was painful as well.
    Totally unsatisfied and on the advice of the nurse i asked to see Mr Ducket, a gyne that specialises in prolapses and bladder problems, on my 1st consultation, i was told i would need a VH and a double repair 😯

    I suffer quite a bit of pain, mostly before i am due on, and after passing water, its quite excruciating at some points.

    Heavy lifting is what has caused my prolapse as i am a carer, and i certainly feel the effects if i have had a lot of heavy work to do, ie: lifting or helping to move patients, pushing wheelchairs and using a manual hoist.



    Cat, this is the place to come for a rant. I have had so much support from friends on these pages. I sometimes wonder what I would have done without them (just glad I haven’t had to!). Lots of us are also over on Facebook and there are HA and Hyster Sisters groups on there as well, if you fancy a change from these pages. Linda, who set up this site, posts regularly on there. I’m Amanda Anders. There is never any reason to feel alone or as if you have to go through this on your own.

    It seems to me that, if you have a male GP, you get very little sympathy or support when you have a proplapse. Mine is a woman and she’s been great. My gynae is a woman as well so I’m hoping she is as helpful, she certainly was over my hyst.

    Jayne, its natural to feel scared. What I would say about my hyst was the reality is nowhere near as bad as your imagination. Yes its sore, yes you will feel tired and your recovery will take a while but you will feel so much better afterwards. Apart from this bl***y proplapse I feel wonderful! better than I have for years.

    Take care, ladies. Sleep well.

    Amanda x


    Silver Swan

    Hi girls:

    Just heard today from jaymont about this new forum for us ladies with the bulging bottoms. I am delighted to have it available.

    I read through all your posts so far, and there are too many to comment on individually, but you are all singing my song! I have exactly the same problems, for instance, with bowel movements. However, I can’t help myself with the finger, unlike some of you. Have tried, and it doesn’t work for me. I have what I think is a very long enterocele which comes from high up in my vagina. My woman GYN said I also have some relaxation of the vaginal vault and that is scary to me.

    These prolapses get worse with time. I am to have surgery scheduled soon. My GYN sent me to a male GYN who specializes in this kind of surgery – she doesn’t do it herself. She did my vaginal hysterectomy and is such a good doctor. She is only in her 40s, but said she already has had vaginal repairs. She has two children and one was a 9 pounder. She is quite petite. I had just one child, but that birth was forceps assisted and that can cause problems I understand.

    Right now I am trying very hard to eat as much fibrous food as possible. I hope that after the surgery the poos will come easier for me. Right now they are difficult despite all the fiber I am eating. I think maybe there is just too much “stuff” in there keeping my bowels from functioning properly. I sure hope things will be better after the surgery.

    I do believe that heavy lifting will make a prolapse worse, girls, so don’t be doing that now or ever even after the surgery.

    Thanks again, jaymont for telling me about this forum. I am now a proud Princess.

    Shirley H.


    Silver Swan

    Dear aja:

    Thank you so much for providing this link. This is the most complete and helpful information I have seen about prolapses. I urge all the Prolapse Princesses to read this article. It is excellent! I have stored this link on my Favorites so that I have it for reference.

    Ladies, scroll back to find aja’s posting that contains this prolapse link.

    Shirley H.



    Hi All

    just frightened the life out of myself,iread the thread on prolapses,all that mesh stuff and stitching,and i did’nt realise the reccovery was as long as a hyst 😕

    I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks which is not helpful,and have got myself in a bit of a state,sorry to winge. 😥

    I was saying to my friend the other day that i have been quite calm about it which is un usual for me,i have done a cognitive behavior therapy course so im trying all my coping tips. (they have gone out the window).

    sorry to winge girls,so glad you are all here,im going to hit the shops bit of R&R

    chat soon

    Alicexx 😉


    Silver Swan

    My dear Alice:

    Just read your fears about prolapse repairs. I have a woman GYN who did my vaginal hysterectomy about two years ago. I asked her about the recovery from repair of my enterocele/vaginal vault prolapses, and she said the recovery would be about the same as from the vaginal hysterectomy. I was happy to hear that.

    The vaginal hysterectomy was a very easy recovery for me. I did not have any bad after effects such as excessive bleeding, for instance. I think I used panty liners for about 8 weeks and it was very slight but I wanted to save the looks of my white cotton panties (knickers to you there in the UK!). There was pain connected with this slight discharge and it wasn’t red!

    I did need, for a few months, to take a rest every afternoon and found that I was inclined to quick tears in my eyes at the slightest emotions – but neither of those did I consider a big problem. And I think any surgery might make one rather emotionally volatile.

    I was careful not to tire myself and did not lift heavy items .

    Girls who have abdominal hysterectomies have a longer recovery period than do those who like me, have vaginal hysterectomies.

    Maybe the other girls who read this forum can chime in here and tell of their recovery experiences?

    Please don’t worry so much, Alice. 😀


    Shirley H.



    Hi, Shirley your comment about bulging bottoms really made me laugh! I thought the link was useful as well (sorry it freaked you out Alice!). It was factual and straightforward.

    So happy to have my appointment through for Wednesday, just hoping omething happen quickly after that.




    Bulging bottoms 😆 😛 😆

    Love it lol, that comment has really made me laugh, it’s just so correct and such a light-hearted way of looking at it, so to speak tehe

    How is everyone tonight? Hope you are all ok, am really really really fed up tonight, am having a low day and been close to tears most of the day, don’t know why, guess it’s something to do with the waiting for the surgery, anticipation about how I’m going to feel after and anticipation about speaking to someone about the rectocele 🙁

    Aja – good luck for your appt on Wednesday, let us know how you get on, will be thinking of you

    Anyway, hope you’re all ok, thinking of you all xx



    Cat, sorry you are feeling so low. When I went to see my Gp she said that people don’t realise the emotional impact of something like this. She felt that that side of it was more distressing than the physical symptoms. I feel like my body doesn’t work properly any more and its been a real shock. I’ve always taken my health for granted in lots of ways (hyst was following abnormal smear, so I didn’t have years of symptoms like some people).

    I think its natural for us to go through these highs and lows right now. At least we’ve got each other to talk to on here. Its so nice to feel that other people can understand and offer support.

    A big hug to you!!! It was nice to meet you on facebook.




    Hi Everyone

    Just read your posts about prolapse after hysterectomy, I have been told too that i am going to need further surgery, i had my hysterectomy in September 2006 for a prolapse of my womb(remember you Alice and Silver Swan from the forums back then!)
    Which started after the difficult birth of my twins 19 years ago, had physio after the birth and was not to bad until i started to go through the menopause in my mid forties and then things started to deteriorate until i could ignore it no longer resulting in the hysterectomy for a uterine prolapse.

    Everything went OK, recovered from the operation very quickly and maybe did more than i should of done, as i felt so well, who knows, but three or four months after hyster went back to see consultant as i was worried and he said had another prolapse, spoke to him asking about repair with mesh as he had already told me muscles were weak, he refered me to a new doctor who specilaises in these sort of repairs.
    New doc examined me and wanted to do exploratary op to see exactly what needed to be done which i had in September 08 and on Wednesday going for urodynamics test, from this he will decide what is the best course of action!
    But one things for sure bet it will involve more surgery for me
    We should all meet up in chat room to compare notes lol!
    love kim x



    Hi everyone
    Just thought I’d drop in as I had both an anterior and posterior repair for grade 3 rectocele and cystocele in April last year (and a TVT and perineum repair) Didn’t have a hysterectomy in the end as my uterus was about the only thing that had stayed put 😳
    I was told from the beginning that the recovery time was the same as that of a hysterectomy 6-12 weeks and no lifting etc and I think that was realistic. I was in Hospital 5 days, had the catheter, packing, morphine etc and was treated much the same as the women in with me having hysterectomies.

    My main advice to you would be to make sure you go into hospital with an empty bowel. have lots of fruit, fibre, and even lactulose if necessary beforehand. I unfortunatley went in constipated (was pretty sure they’d give me something to clear me out beforehand, but didn’t) So my early days were pretty uncomfortable mainly coz I was so constipated 😳

    Anyway things are so much more comfortable now, no poking around, heavy dragging feelings, no lumps or bumps where they shouldn’t be 😯 In fact everything feels ‘normal’ now.

    Good luck to all of you, just make sure you look after yourselves and get help just like after your hysterectomies, rest, don’t lift anything heavy and let others do the running around for you 😉

    Love Sally x

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