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    Silver Swan


    I meant to say there was NO PAIN connected with the slight discharge I had after my vaginal hysterectomy. Sorry about that. I just re read my posting and saw that typo. No Edit function on this board, so could not correct that very bad mistake. 😥

    Shirley H.


    Silver Swan

    Hi oslass and aja:

    Glad you got a chuckle out of the alliterative description. Maybe one reason I can be a little light hearted about the protruding stuff is that as a widow of almost 2 years now, I don’t have anyone in any position to observe this abnormality! It is just kitty and I, and she said she doesn’t care. 😉

    Shirley H.


    Silver Swan

    Hi amjo:

    I sure didn’t have twins, but I did have what sounds like a difficult birth of my just one chick, a daughter. This was back in the days when they seemed to do routine episiotomies – and also, my daughter’s birth was assisted by forceps. I understand that these days not as many episiotomies are done. I mentioned both these procedures to my woman GYN and she seemed to think that the forceps caused more damage than the cut. (By the way, these cuts sure hurt when one urinates in the days after the birth.) My daughter is now 52 and she has one child, a daughter, who is 25.

    Shirley H.



    well Ive definately got something going on down there that isnt right… after having 2 years of painful intercourse I am now 8 weeks post op TVH and anterior repair and have been sexually active since week six, tried this morning and I felt like I was going to poo (tmi) sorry, Im pretty upset now, went through all that to try and get right to have something else mess up my body



    Im having bad days more this week, i think its because the D Day is looming, im so scared i keep thinking about cancelling the op, im getting quite down through the nerves 🙁



    Hope you all ok 😀 😀 😀

    Thanks for all the support,have calmed down a bit,not at work today,got really bad pains where my kidneys are,did’nt no where to put myself last night,so having a rest,everytime i try and do something,feels like someone is trying to push me into the ground by my head!!!!

    how are you jayne? i no exactly how you are feeling,i remember when i was going for my hyst,i cancelled my first op because i was so nervous,but had to go in the end,then my op was cancelled by them,but i have to say(from coward) of the year!!! the waiting is the worst part,i went through every possible senario,most of them bazzar,but it was nothing like id imagined,i was up the next day,in the shower,and the staff were lovely,they will really take care of you,try not to worry,.

    just come on here and have a good off load,works wonders!!!

    Time for mote tea and biccies i think could get used to this 😆

    Love Alicexx 😉



    Hiya shellyB from the Jezebel’s.

    Glad we have a little club going as I too have a prolapse.
    I had a TAH/BSO on July 7th 2008.

    Noticed I had a lump “Down below” in October so went GP who said it was just a weakened area of Vagina due to childbirth years ago.Didn’t offer me any solution apart form to go back if it got worse.
    I went back in December and GP said he would refer me to another Doctor and also for some Physiotherapy.
    I waited until the 21st January as I hadn’t heard anything and finally spoke to my GP who referred my to the Gynae Consultant originally.She said “Let’s get you back to see him as soon as possible.

    Prolapse is definately worse.This morning my appt came through to see Gynae Consultant next Thursday so I am really pleased it won’t take long and I can sort out where I go from here.

    Although I wouldn’t wish it on any of us ladies it is good to know we can support each other through yet another traumatic event in our lives as women.x.x.x.



    Hi All,
    I had TAH/BSO on July 4th 2008 and am now due for posterior repair on February 10th, I was originally scheduled for Dec 16th but this was cancelled. I am desperately staying away from anyone with coughs and colds (not easy as a teacher) so that I am not cancelled again !!! Last time was due to a large number of emergency cases before Xmas…. I am dreading another major surgery as I felt really awful after last op, but I am looking forward to getting the repairs done and moving on with life !!!! 🙄
    February 10th is now starting to loom large 😕 and no doubt the nerves will start to kick in soon !!! I’m glad to have this site to keep up to date with what everyone is doing and for the support it offers !!
    Take care all of you
    Karen x



    hi everyone – hope you are all feeling good today, despite the rain (again).
    To give you all hope for the future – I am feeling SO much better after having my repairs done at end of November. No lumps down below and I have to say that the good old bm’s seem to be so much better now too. 😳 The lady McKeith would be proud of them! Whether this is due to having the rectocele mended or just that I am obsessive now with eating lots of veg, coleslaw, and drinking lots of water daily, I don’t know, but long may it last.
    I have to use vagifem pessaries (well, tiny tablets inserted with a plastic rod) twice a week to help with the lining of the vagina, which seem to be ok now.
    So take heart everyone – things will get better for you. 🙂

    Have to add that I don’t intend to do any heavy lifting anymore, as I do think I still have weaknesses in that area, and dont want to develop any more prolapses if I can help it.

    Just remember, after your ops, do be really good and spoil yourselves. Rest up, dont do any housework etc etc. and make sure you are really healed up before you get back to your old routines. I read sometimes that people start doing things at 3-4 weeks, and I wonder what goes on inside them – they may feel fine, but who knows what stretching to the stitched area is happening? Sorry, but that’s the way I feel – do the best you can to let your body heal and don’t rush things.

    take care and good luck with your ops and recovery. Look forward to seeing how you all do and hearing about the new women of 2009!

    xx Charmian



    Thanks for your post Charmian. Its really great to hear that you are finally feeling back to normal. You have rreally been an inspiration and confirms that we are all going the right thing by sorting these problems out.

    Love Jay xx



    Hello. Saw gynae today and she confirmed that I have a severe posterior prolapse and a minor anterior one. She is going to operate on the posterior but leave the anterior one. She said that if she does both I will end up with no vagina!

    She is going to do it as soon as possible but definitely in the net 2 months.

    Feel very relieved now but soooo tired. Its like a massive anti-climax.

    Take care, ladies. xxx



    Hello everyone

    Had my urodynamics test today and have some moderte bladder damage on top of a vault prolapse and some further prolapseing of the already repaired anterior wall, really fed up and down. 😥
    Saw consultant after test and he says best to address the vault and bladder together which can be done combined abdominally, leave six months and then have other repair done vaginally if needed 😥
    so am on the waiting list for a Sacrocolpopexy with Colposuspension (sounds like torture to me 😳 )
    Anyway off to bed now been a long day, was hoping for better news but heh ho, hope a good nights sleep will sort me out and if not tomorrow going to buy me some of those choccy bikkies Alice likes lol! 😆 Speak soon.
    Kim x



    Hi Aja

    I know I’ve already said this, but am so sorry about the outcome of your appt and that you rae needing to have more surgery. Hopefully will resolve the prolapse and give you some relief.

    Hi Kim,

    So sorry the news wasn’t as good as you were expecting, am so sorry that you are having to have so much surgery done.

    Thinking of you both



    hi all

    ah amjo hunny bunny,sorry you have to go through all that,bet you feel really drained, 🙁 ,like me bet you thought after the hyst,life should be easier,i never imagined id be back agian.

    Them choccie bics work wonders,especially the plain choc ones,trouble is im going to end up like DOLLY DOUGHNUT,

    Think im just going to call the plasterer in,gonna save a lot of hassle 😆 😆

    Aja hope you ok after your appointment,i think its biccies all round.
    got my weight watchers books out today,looked at them,then put them back,still its a start 😆

    Hope everyone else ok

    Love Alicexx 😉



    Hi Alice, You and those choccy bickies 🙄 Been to slimming world tonite and put on half a pound. Was trying to loose sum so I wont look too much like a beached whale on the op table 😳 The stress of waiting is winning at the moment.

    Aja & Kim – sorry to hear your appointments were disappointing. Hope you get your dates soon.

    All other princessess – Hope you are feeling ok this evening.

    Lov Jay xx



    Good evening ladies
    Aja sorry you have …. in your life too 🙁
    Thank you Cat,Alice and Jay for your good wishes feeling a little better today, had a very hectic day at work so have not really had to much time to ponder on it, just as well really as would probably chicken out right now!
    Probably go to bed and have prolapse nightmares lol!
    Anyway big Hugs to all you fellow sufferers out there ((((;)))))
    Speak soon.



    Hi All

    Hope everyone had good day,just getting over my bug,food stayed where its supposed to,still having a poo was much easier!!! 😳

    Only good side i might have lost a few pounds 😀 😀

    so iv decided back counting those points,trouble is i loose count really easily.

    Hope Kim didnt have any nightmares,i drempt the other night i was riding a horse and when i got up it felt like some one had kicked me up the bum,dont no what went on there 😯

    Hope you all have a good night

    Love Alicexx 😉


    Kaz C


    Can i join, feel like crying, Had a cystocle prolapse and repair job done September 2007 then in June 2008 had to have vaginal hysterectomy as uterine prolapse was so bad. Both Gyne and myself were reluctant to do Hysterectomy during first op as was only 35 and had no other medical problems so wanted to see if it would be fixed with repair. Sadly not to be but hey have two gorgeous boys (more than a lot of people and glad that i had that time to get my head around it). Anyway have had backache this week and pulling from the front, finally got the courage to check myself today and felt like crying? Think i know have a vaginal vault prolapse but no idea?

    I know i need to go to Dr’s but the thought of it makes me want to cry had sex about twice in two years ( i think my husbands a saint or having an affair).

    Has anyone had vaginal vault repair and if so how is it now.

    Cannot really understand why this has happened had 2 biggish babies both over 9lb and both complicated,have always been healthy and the v weird thing is i have NO STRESS INCONTINENCE AT ALL. Have the bladder of a camel. And although could do with losing a stone or two am no way massively overweight. N

    On the up side for anyone having a vaginal hysterectomy it was a snap! well for me anyway! Prolapse repair not that bad either.

    Sorry to whinge




    Kaz it’s ok to feel down I think we a re all in the same boat.I too go back and see my Gynae Consultant on Thursday 5th February to find out what is going to happen next regarding this Prolapse.

    Have had a few problems with Marriage i.e Hubby not supporting me through the Hysterectomy but now he sees that I am not out of the woods he has finally come to his senses.

    We have started to get close again and even though the Prolaspe is in the way,resumed intercourse.
    But this is also without it problems as I have started to bleed 🙁 something else to chat to Consultant about now.It never ends 🙁 just hope all this will be sorted and I can forget it.



    Hi All

    Sorry you going through the mill Kaz,its seems you get one thing fixed and heigh ho another takes its place.

    I think that i to have a vaginal vault prolapse have app 11th feb,had TAH/BSO in dec 2006.

    I to have no bladder problems (touch wood) but feel like a cows udder is hanging out down below,is that what its like for you? 😕

    I do getting a dragging feeling,and feel my bum is heavy,i to had 3 big babies,like oven ready turkeys,.

    I to would love to hear from anyone who has had this repaired,keep your chin up.

    You can always come on here we are good listeners 🙂

    Hope everyone else ok.

    Love Alicexx 😉

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