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    My friend txt me this joke thought you could do with a laugh.


    HA HA

    Love Alicexx 😉



    Hi again ladies,

    You’re gonna think I’m such a wimp, but I still haven’t been to my GP about the rectocele 😥 I don’t know why, I guess I’m nervous about bringing up another problem, and I don’t want anything to get in the way of my TAH/BSO. I am stil ltrying to consider if I should email my gynae and tell him I have this problem, but the thing is, I have to have TAH rather than vaginal due to me having endo and adhesions, he prefers to do abdominal to give him a good view to enable him to ensure he removes all visible endometriosis. So, I don’t think he would repair the rectocele at the same sitting. So, my way of thinking is, to carry on as I am for now, have my TAH/BSO and then bring up the rectocele at a later date.
    I know how daft I sound sying it, but I really don’t want anything to affect me having this hyst, I so desperately need it to get my life back on track. I probably should mention it to my GP to tell him it’s getting a lot worse, I can feel it when I’m sitting it down, feels heavy and althoug it’s not protruding 100% of the time when it does “bulge” into my vagina it’s so very uncomfortable. 😳

    Hmmm, will try adn get to the point, what should I do, do you think if I tel my cons that he will decide to change my surgery or will he decide to leave the rectocele to another date? I just don’t know what to do. It’s not painful at all but I know I should get it sorted out. Aaaagh what to do. It’s gonna be hard enough writing my thesis while recovering from my TAH/BSO, it’s just one thing after another. Mybladder is getting worse now too, I have been self catheterising since December as my bladder goes into retention and I can’t pee, but now, I cant even feel when I’m full/. I noticed this yesterday when I realised I hadn’t been to the loo all day (from waking up at 9am to about 8pm lasst night) so I catheterised myself and lets just say, it was very very full. So now, I’m haveing to regularly empty my bladder in case it is full as I know this can have dire consequences on my kidneys. I am just so fed up, I want to be like other normal 27 year olds, but what is normal? I have never known normal, ever since I hit my teens and started my periods, I have never know what it’s like to have no pain etc…..I think suddenly being normal after my surgery (period wise) is gonna be a very strange experience for me.

    OK am seriously rambling now lol, if you got this far well done, you deserve a medal 8)


    Kaz C

    Thanks shellyB and Alice, good to know i am not the only that has this problem. Shelly it does feel like it’s dragging on the up side when i did check last night it is no way as bad as prolapse has been in the past. I knew the risks of having the hysterectomy on vault prolapse but gyne said it would be fine for between 5 – 10 years!!!!!! Its only been 7 months ahhhhh. Cried on the phone to my mum this morning and have felt a lot better since going to make appointment tomorrow with Gyne.

    Cat i think you should mention the prolapse to the consultant you never know hopefully they will fix all of it at once and although recovery may be harder better to have one op than 2. Feel for you though it sounds like you have been to hell and back.

    take care all




    Hi Everyone

    Welcome Kaz seems you and i have similar histories with VH for uterine prolapse, recovery with little discomfort and then further vault prolapse a few months later, i am currently waiting date for repair.

    Alice hope you feeling better and recovered from your bug and managed to lose a few pounds as well!

    Jay thanks for your good wishes.

    Aj hope you hanging in there;)

    Oslass think you really need to tell your gynae whats happening with you so that he can have a full picture and decide on the most appropriate treatment for you with all the facts so be brave and make that call, we are all here for you and understand how stressful it can be, so ramble and moan away.

    Good luck with appt on 5th will be thinking of you, but glad to hear the hubby is giving you the support you deserve!

    We should all meet in the chat room to compare notes anyone fancy a get together for a chat i will bring the wine.



    Silver Swan

    Hi Oslass:

    I join the others in urging you to inform your GYN of this prolapse you have discovered. He/she needs to know about that ahead of time so that the best solutions can be found. Better to do that now instead of putting it off and then being sorry the surgeon didn’t know about it ahead of time. Please let us know how things are going.

    You can do it, girl! 🙂

    Shirley H.



    Hi Cat

    I would agree with the girls also that you should tell your consultant as then he will be able to plan your surgery accordingly. He may wish to do things differently if he knows the full extent of whats needed.

    Good luck and its not too bad – I had to go back and tell them about my rectocele. My op was then changed accordingly.

    anything you want to ask – go ahead or pm me.

    Love Jay xx



    can i ask a very awkward question of you???
    how do you know when you have a prolapse??




    Hi Lou

    If you go to page 1 on this thread aja has posted a link to a really good site giving details of the different types of prolapses and symptoms. There seems to be five types that I know of:
    rectocele – rectum prolapse, cystocele – bladder prolapse, entrocele (sp?) small bowel prolapse, vaginal vault prolapse and lastly uterus prolapse. All have there different symptoms/problems.

    Please anyone feel free to correct me if any of the above are wrong.

    Im still learning too 🙄

    Jay xx



    Hi Girls, I am a member of the 2008 May flowers. I had a TVH And repair of a large bowel prolapse and moderate bladder prolapse. It took me ages to recover from that – at least 8 weeks before I could sit on a hard chair! I did go back to work at the end of July, but since then I have felt that something isn’t right. Finally went to the G/P today and she said I have a large bladder prolapse and a small bowel prolapse, and more worringly I am bleeding from somewhere, but she couldn’t see where. I have an appointment to see gynae Consultant on the 17th, which may well get brought forward when she gets the letter from G/P as she felt I should be seen urgently. I am trying not to worry about it, but I am a nurse which Just makes things worse! Anyway, I thought that I may join you if thats ok as I got so much support from the girls on this site when I had my previous surgery.



    Hello All,

    been away for the weekend so thought I’d just check in and let you know I’m okay.

    Cat, seriously, let the consultant know before the op. I don’t think it’ll prevent him doing it, but he needs to be fully informed. I know its scary and you want your hyst over and done with but you need to make sure its done properly.

    Kaz, so sorry to hear how you are feeling. The support on these pages is just fantastic so you are amongst friends here.

    Shelly, hope you get some good news when you go this week. Glad things are a bit better between you and hubby.

    Take care, ladies.



    alig:Try not to panic I know that’s easier said than done.I have to see Gynae Consultant on Thursday to find out what is going to happen and more importantly what type of prolapse I have.

    My GP says it’s a vaginal vault prolapse but I will no more on Thursday.
    I feel fed up coz I was just beginning to feel like I had never had the Hysterectomy but this has happened and I don’t why.

    I can only assume it has happened because of childbirth years ago.
    We are all in this boat together so we can support each other try not to worry chuck and if you need to push to be seen sooner.

    aja:Yes we are trying to work things out I feel much happier now.He has realised what he stood to lose.Had a lovely weekend felt 18 again well almost 😀


    Silver Swan

    Dear Lou:

    I don’t know how the other girls/women knew they had a prolapse, but with me, I could feel it at the end of my vagina – it would come out further when I strained, and when I sat down on a chair or the bed or something, I could feel this bulge going back up into my vagina a little way.

    One poster here described her prolapse as feeling like a cow’s udder and that is exactly how mine have felt.

    There are varying degrees of prolapse, and some might be further up in the vagina. My uterus prolapsed to the opening of my vagina and was removed in a vaginal hysterectomy a couple of years ago.
    I had a slight prolapse of my bladder which was repaired at the same time as the hysterectomy.

    Now I have an enterocele – which is also at the end of my vagina. It comes out a little further during a bowel movement and I also can feel it going back up a little when I sit down on a chair or the bed. Very annoying.

    No pain was involved in my prolapses.

    I should add that I am a widow and so cannot speak to the experiences of women having intercourse with prolapse/s. I imagine that might cause some pain or difficulty but I really don’t know. Maybe other women here can speak to that.

    It is good that you asked this question. The women here are willing to give frank answers to all questions.

    Shirley H.



    Thanks ShellyB for your reassurance. I think like you I feel reasonably well at the moment, apart from this feeling of a bulge especially when sitting. When I have been on my feet for a long time it can get really painful. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this PV bleeding with a bladder prolapse before. My mum had a vaginal vault prolapse 25 years after her hysterectomy, had her repair 2 years ago at the age of 73 and made a quick and speedy recovery. Hope you get on OK on Thursday.



    Hi All
    Hope all well,and battling the snow.

    cat im with everyone else on here,id be the same wont mention it,but it might save you extra hassle later.

    good luck shelly with appointment,hope everything goes well,glad you getting along better,wish i felt 18 and know what i know now 😆 😆

    Hope you had a nice weekend aja,sometimes a break is what you need.

    hi Lou welcome to the princesses,sorry to hear you are having a lot of trouble,feel free to off load as much as you like.

    well went to work in the snow,plants buried,so decided to turn my hand to wood work,got drill,screws,saw,could have chewed it quicker with my teeth,sawed through the table as well as my wood,screws spun off with me still wizzing round with the drill,so if any one wants a kitchen built
    im available 😆

    tomorrow putting in the water features,will probably end up with the electic shock hair look!!!!

    still took advise from you,and not lifting trees at the mo,got appontment next wed,so am getting nervous now.,(panic attacks)

    Hope you all well

    Love Alicexx 😉



    Hi girls, had my surgery on monday to repair my front and back prolapse, im a bit sore but ok, consultant said the tissue looked fine until he cut it to repair when a load of pus came away, i had some sort of abcess behind my front wall, the size of a tangerine 😯
    he said he has never seen anything like it 😯
    Anyway the decision to leave the womb was taken because it is secure and not prolapsing at all, and it would have been hard to get to it vaginally to get it out.
    Consultant said the pain i was complaining of was probably caused by the abcess.
    Im just hoping that my pain has gone forever now, and the pain free weeing continues,

    After all my stressing, the surgery was worth it and i agree now im the other side of the fence that the waiting is really the bug bear 😀



    Hey girls, just been reading about prolapses and wonder if ive got one 😕 Some days i have this funny feeling in my vagina it feels like something is stuck there. When my hubby and i had sex it was strange and a bit tender-sore!! Really confused as im also constipated can you give me any advice?? thanks…. Tanya xxxxx



    Jayne so glad you are feeling okay although the abcess sounds horrible! I’m sure you will start to feel better quickly with that gone.

    Tanya, the link on page one of this group describes the different types of prolapse. I have a rectocele (back wall of the vagina which causes my rectum to bulge into my vagina) and I do suffer with constipation. Its the worst possible thing because it puts even more strain on the pelvic organs so its really important to avoid it!



    Tanya it’s shellyB from the Jezebels.I found my prolapse just by touch.It started as a feeling of pressure then I examined myself and found a fleshy lump inside vagina.

    I have been referred back to the Gynae Cons and I see him tomorrow in fact 5th February.
    It looks like I will have to have a repair done but I am sure he will advise me.
    I too am sore after intercourse and I actually had some bleeding but we may have just overdone it.

    If I were you chuck I would get it checked out as leaving it will only make the problem worse.
    I’m afraid I rely just a little too much on lactulose as I am afraid to strain when I have my bowels open too.



    Thanks shelly and aja, i will ring for an appointment with my gp in the morning. I read the info on page one but was still a litlle confused. Will let you know how i get on.
    lots of love Tanya xxxxx



    Hi Jayne

    Glad you are ok,abcess sounds horrid,no wonder you was in pain,remember one in my tooth.

    been in a lot of pain today,think mine is a vaginal vault,has any one experienced more pain to one side,and actual pain in lower abdomen, and in their back.

    Love Alicexx 😉

Viewing 20 posts - 41 through 60 (of 3,183 total)
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