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    Hi anyone that can either relate or give advise on Prolapses. A few years ago whilst having a Smear test at my local Doctors, the Nurse asked me if my Prolapse was giving me any problems. Well I hadn’t realised that I had a Prolapse at that time, so was quite taken aback, I was told by a Midwife years ago , that I would very likely have a Prolapse in my later years. I am now in my 63rd year, and have had 5 children all Normal delivery, I am over weight so the odds against me getting a Prolapse was 100%. The Nurse advised that if I had any problems , to ring her up at the Surgery and she would refer me to the Doctor, who would in turn make arrangement for a clinic appointment to have a Pessary Ring fitted. I did a great deal of research about the Pessary Ring, and spoke to a friend of mine that had had a ring fitted. She told me such a scary tale about her experience on having one fitted including Infections, Pain , sleepless nights etc. that I didn’t take any further actions regarding my situation. Needless to say my condition has now got worse, but seems not just a Prolapse of the Womb, but everything, Bladder, Rectum you name it , it feels like everything is trying to escape. I only feel normal when I am either sitting on my Computer chair or Dining chair really. I cant get comfy on my living room chair so try not to sit there. I wear a Panty Girdle over my underwear and that makes me feel a little safer, and use Panty Liners and Sanitary wear every day changing myself about 6/8 times a day All my research regarding any Operations scare the Heebie Geebies out of me, but I know I cant go on ignoring the situation because its making me very depressed. Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated, many thanks 😳



    Evening jean and welcome,

    I don’t have much experience of your particular condition but I had a prolapsed womb which was diagnosed during a routine smear test – I also had to have pelvic floor repairs – I didn’t really know what was wrong only had a few irritating symptoms but nothing which made me go to the GP so it was a bit of a shock to discover I needed major surgery ! I know a lot of the ladies on this site have had similar to you and am sure they will be along to offer their advice – i too had a pessary ring fitted but after a couple of days it was falling out and making me bleed – the GP removed it and offered to fit another until it was time for my surgery but I declined !! I do know that they can be very helpful in holding everything up though and I would say its certainly worth trying to make things a bit more comfortable for you – ultimately the decision will be yours to go ahead with surgery but I am sure it would help you x



    Many Thanks Juleskirk50, for your advise and personal info , I am at present doing a lot of enquiries regarding my situation, and it helps when other people give their look on the matter. The pressure to actually go to see my Doctor about it is a little scary. I know it cant go on and I will have to do something pretty soon, if its only to improve my day to day life in general because at present it is causing me much anxiety and worry and dare I say shame to get it sorted. The problem is I tend to put others first all the time especially family , and whatever I do it will affect them which ever way I go because of commitments, because they need me to be there in every day to day running of things. Thanks very much for your input its very good of you to get in contact regarding my situation. x


    jilly b

    Hi Mamajean5,I did think
    twice before replying as my situation is still on going some 5yrs down the line so I cant say Ive had a good experience of prolapse repairs as mine keep failing.

    Apparantly my tissue is to weak to hold anything up for very long hence repeat surgeries for entro/cysto/rectocyle surgeries and finally mesh to hold the vault up of which I now seem to have recurring pain discomfort and infections including the bowel wall prolapsed once again,that will be the third time for me.

    I know the discomfort of it all is horrible and you cant do things like you want to if mine doesn’t improve which I cant see it doing,Think I will end up with surgery to take out the mesh which they seem reluctant to do and further repairs on the bowel wall.

    If you can get referred to the John Radcliffe Pelvic Floor Centre They seem to be a specialist hospital for prolapse issues, its taken me along time to find this out and you need a urogynecologist for this type of repair.

    I hope some of this is of help to you if you get it right first time I’m sure you stand a much better chance of success, I know of others that have had no further prolapses after surgery,I have just been unfortunate.

    Wishing you all the very best, love Jilly b xxx



    Hi Jilly b, Thank you so much for your reply to my situation, I’m sorry to hear that you have had problems yourself , and hope you will soon be feeling 100%. I am very grateful that you did get in contact , as any information I do receive hands on , so to speak, is very informative. I will do research via the J.R. Pelvic Floor Centre as you mentioned, on reading your comments regarding Weak Tissue, that sounds very much like I was told years ago during my last pregnancy ( 26 years ago ) during an examination. So maybe my situation would also result in the same way, if only I had a Crystal Ball, lol, however your input has been very informative to me and important, and once again I am really grateful . Best wishes and good Health for the future Jilly, and thank you x



    Hi I had op on the 1st June hysterectomy and repairs I didn’t realise the recovery would be this bad I had all done at once. How long till pains ease?

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