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    Hi, i’m a newbie but thought I would share my progress here. I’m glad I found this site because from the info I was sent home from the hospital with I was expecting to be back to normal by 6 weeks!

    Anyway, i’m now approaching 12 weeks post op. I had a robot lap TH (+ tubes & ovaries). The soreness and discomfort in my tummy has largely disappeared but i’m finding my vaginal area sore and uncomfortable at the moment, which i’m assuming relates to the surgery.

    The vaginal opening area has a sore and unpleasant feeling and I think it’s quite swollen (although tbh at this stage i’m struggling to remember what it was like before). I haven’t investigated my vagina itself yet. I don’t have any unpleasant discharge to suggest infection.

    Is this ‘normal’ and is there anything I can be doing to try and get better?

    I am reticent about going to the doctor, partly because i’ve had enough of having people poke around with my bits this last 6 months and partly because the GP has had a change of staff and the last GP I saw didn’t fill me with confidence that they’d do anything to help anyway.

    Thanks x



    Hi Piggymummy
    I’m 4 weeks post op on Monday and have an ache in the right side of my vagina opening. I’m just wondering if you’re ok now? You’re the only person I can find who has problems in that area. I’m wondering if I’ve overdone the pelvic floor exercises.
    Thank you in anticipation.



    Hi I had my total hyst 6 days ago. My vagina has become very dry and getting itchy. I experienced this before as I was getting prostap injections to shut down my ovaries and the menopause started. I’m going to get my hrt patches on Tuesday which should help this problem. In the past I found estriol cream helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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