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    I had an total abdominal hysterectomy in 2002 aged 36. I kept my ovaries and the only thing I was told was that I would start the menopause in 5 to 10 years. I was lucky as symptoms only started last year at the aged of 52 and confirmed with a blood test.

    My GP said he could prescribe me HRT or anti-depressants. I wanted neither so was sent on my way.

    The thing is, the symptoms are horrendous. I cannot even have a duvet on the bed, I’m sleeping under a very, very thin bedspread which is usually thrown off in the night (even through this harsh winter).

    As well as the sweats, I ache from head to foot, am constantly tired and have no energy. Although I don’t appear to have lost weight (I’m only 6 st 8lbs), I do appear to have lost condition.

    I had my appendix out in 2016 and gallbladder out in 2017 and since then suffered pain under the ribs, around my shoulder and in my pelvis – although scans have ruled out any problems.

    Anti-depressants are still a no go area for me. I just cannot contemplate them at all. However as I’m a full time carer now for my mum, I really need to get ‘my mojo’ back!

    Reading online, it appears to me that I should have been advised to take HRT from the moment I had my hysterectomy until I came to the ‘average’ menopausal’ age (which is now) to prevent any problems.

    Do you think it’s too late to start on the patches? Would they now do me any good or is it too late and I should ‘put up and shut up’…. Really appreciate any help.



    Hi Deb I am no expert on HRT but have read up about it recently as in the past 12 months I feel my menopause symptoms have become severe enough to require me to do something about it.

    I don’t think it too late to start taking HRT. I would recommend you look at the menopause doctor website run by a fabulous well informed Doctor Louise Newsome, and menopause matters. Both have a wealth of information. Liz Earle has also written a book about menopause and has some interesting podcasts. These resources will hopefully help you make a more informed decision. GP’s appear to be poor at providing treatment so go fully armed with knowledge and you will be able to Ask for what you want. The menopause doctor also has a good Instagram account.
    Best of luck x



    Hi deb,
    I agree with Jan, j wouldn’t have thought it was too late. I would definately recommend the menopause matters website and forum. You can email a doctor for a fee of £30 to ask any question, which I have found very helpful.
    I take turmeric and omega 3 which I find helps with joint pain and I would also recommend menopace vitamins. I’ve fortunately never suffered from night sweats or hot flushes but a friend if mine does and after taken these vitamins she said she noticed a reduction. May be worth a try. If you look on the Holland and Barrett website the reviews are very good.
    All the best
    Clare x



    Many thanks Ladies for your replies. I do have an appointment with the GP on the 22nd May so this gives me lots of time to research your suggestions and plan my questions.



    You’re welcome! Good luck with your appt x



    Hi Deb

    I’m 52 and I had a TAH & BSO in November. I managed to hang on until two weeks ago but my night sweats (and daytime too) were just getting unbearable. I started low dose hrt tablets and within 72 hours my flushes had diminished considerably. My doctor up the dose and I haven’t had a flush or sweat since! What a relief!
    I hope you get some relief soon
    All the best x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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